Second Terrorist BLM ‘Protest’ Scheduled For La Mesa

Black Lives Matter terrorists are organizing a second so-called “protest” for La Mesa, after firebombing the town last May 30th. BLM is a radical, mostly-white, revolutionary group. Curiously, not that many black people seem to be actually involved in it. Apparently, the plan is to meet at the Rite Aid address at 12 noon a couple miles away and then converge on the La Mesa Police station at 1:00 PM.

The presumed organizer, Tasha Williamson posted these images on on her Facebook Page. Williamson has posted an invitation on her Facebook page to motorcycle gangs, which kind of gives you an idea what her intentions are, to terrorize the residents and police of La Mesa once again. Tasha Williamson is a racist maniac.

Given what happened last time, the La Mesa police should declare this an illegal assembly from the moment that people start arriving. Hire some buses, load them up and bus them all to jail. Terrorist groups of arsonists and plunderers should not be allowed to assemble in La Mesa again under these current circumstances, while the residents are still in terror from the last fire-bombing.

They have already proven what they are about, lawlessness, intimidation and destruction if they do not get what they demand. Appeasing them will just lead to more outrageous demands. Tasha Williamson repeatedly flashes the signal in her public statements that violence, arson and mass robbery are justified in order to get what they want.

The police will know now what to expect and be better prepared for the terrorist fire-bombers, if they come again. So, this one is most probably going to fail in their attempt to intimidate the police and townspeople. A vicious mob, like the one two weeks ago, is only going to go on a rampage when they know the police have been temporarily overwhelmed by the mob. That is not likely to be the case next time. Be vocal in your support of the fine law enforcement agencies that we have in San Diego County.

This is a video of Tasha Williamson, at a recent press conference, ranting against white people, because a reporter dared to suggest that her narrative about the fire-bombing of La Mesa may not be totally truthful.

Black Lives Matter Leader Erupts In Racist Rant

If rabidly racist, demagogic, collective-guilt-mongering anti-Americans, like Tasha Williamson, were to get what they want, the US would be destroyed as a nation. We would end up being another failed, socialist state, like Venezuela, but on a much larger scale.

Tasha Williamson Archive

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