Reconquista Protesters Burn Trump In Effigy In Tijuana

Searching for news about the Devil’s caravan, I came across this article about protesters burning Trump in effigy at the border while demanding the return of the “lost territories”. At least, these protesters are telling the truth for a change about what illegal immigration is really about. Ironically, this occurred at “Friendship Park” or right next to it on the beach.

By the way the Devil’s Caravan never amounted to much as a mass caravan. There are still small groups of fake refugees sneaking across the southern border of Mexico separately, though, and heading north to our border.

Burning Trump in effigy at Friendship Park
Trump effigy engulfed in flames at Friendship Park

The signs below read from left to right:

“Rise Mexican, Let us reclaim the territories that they robbed from us.
“Trump, Half the territory of the US is ours.”
“Trump, Let the Mexicans enter the US to work in the territories that you robbed from us in 1848.”
“Trump, We are not paying for your wall.”

The signs that the protesters are holding also have similar statements on them about the return of the territories that have been robbed from them.

Reconquista signs at protest in Tijuana.

The article translation follows, below.

Trump pinata burned at border wall

They protest in Tijuana against the anti-immigrant policies of the US president.

About 50 people protested this Sunday in Tijuana, on the border wall that divides this city in Baja California from San Diego in the US, over the anti-immigrant policies of the administration of President Donald Trump and burned a piñata of him in effigy.

‘Trump, let Mexicans enter the United States to work in the territories that they robbed from us in 1848,’ said a banner placed on the dividing wall, referring to the treaty by which Mexico ceded almost half of its territory to the United States, after a war between the two countries.

A migrant climbed the fence that divides the two countries and placed a Mexican flag while another held a sign that said ‘Trump, we will not pay for your wall.’

Protesters burned a Donald Trump piñata in effigy because of the way in which the US president expresses himself regarding Mexicans, said the president of the migrant organization Ángeles Sin Fronteras (Angles without Borders), Sergio Tamai.

During his first presidential campaign, Trump said Mexican immigrants were ‘rapists’ who bring ‘drugs’ and ‘crime’ to the United States.

‘One proof of that lie is that of the Mexicans who are in the United States, last year they sent us more than 35 billion dollars,’ Tamai said, referring to the remittance flows sent by Mexicans working in the United States. .

‘What would become of Mexico if it weren’t for those remittances?’, said the activist. ‘It is the irrefutable proof that those who cross are working people, they are not criminals and if they were, they would not send us so many millions of dollars.’

Tamai demanded that the Mexican government rethink the USMCA trade agreement (between the two countries and Canada) because the immigration situation was not discussed with respect to legalizing those already living in the United States.

‘We were reminding Trump that Mexican labor is what made the United States what it is,’ said Lourdes Lizardi, representative of the Tijuana Migrant Alliance.

Migration has been a vital issue between Mexico and the United States since Trump launched the presidency and threatened to place a wall between the two countries paid by Mexicans.

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