Patriots Ambushed: Fake Hate Crime Ploy By CAIR / Cenk Uygur

At a congressional candidates forum Cenk Uygur and CAIR appear to have set Trump supporters up in the audience to be potentially charged with a hate crime. Some of these people are known to often be contentious at meetings and it seems that CAIR and Cenk Uygur were trying to provoke them into doing something that could be used to charge some of them with a “hate crime”.  I have thought for a while that progressives and Muslims sometimes collude to entrap traditional Americans and unfairly pin felony hates crimes on them for the most minor incidents.  This seems to be a glaring example of such an attempt.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is a candidate for Congress in the the 25th district in California. Uygur is a progressive and a Muslim and was one of the candidates at a public forum in Palmdale on Saturday, February 1. Cenk incited the audience by insulting Trump and his wife, Melania. He also loudly and repeatedly berating Trump supporters in the audience s “bigots” in a harsh and aggressive tone of voice. He yelled angrily that when he is in Congress he will “kick Trump’s ass”.

When a couple of relatively mild anti-Muslim statements were made in response, the CAIR representatives started yelling “hate crime”. Free speech is not a hate crime and there was no physical crime to warrant a hate crime and-on charge. Watch the videos here and decide for yourself.

In the video below you will see that Cenk Uygur baits the crowd and starts the altercation. It seems they were hoping to get something on the Trump supporters at this forum. Up until this point the patriots in the crowd were quite passive and they were not disrupting the meeting at all. The full meeting video is shown at the bottom.  When the sheriff’s deputies show up, Cenk portrays himself as Mr. Reasonable.

No one tried to take the hijabs off of any Muslim women as the CAIR representative claims. One woman, Genevieve Peters, said Islamic values are not American values. She also pointed at one Muslim women and said she should take off her hijab and be an American. This is thought to be the basis of the false claim that one person tried to take off a woman’s hijab. Physically, Peters never touched the woman and never came within 10 feet of the woman.

Another man, Arthur M., pointed out that death is mandated in Islam for Muslims who convert to Christianity. These statements, though true, may offend fundamentalist Muslims and offend their America-hating, progressive allies even more, but such free speech is not a hate crime.

Cenk Uygur Goes on Hateful Tirade, Calls Audience “Bigots”

The next video is the press conference that CAIR had on Friday, February the 7th. At about 12:00 in this video a representative of the Sheriff’s Department speaks and states that they have not have found any evidence of a hate crime having occurred.

CAIR Press Conference

The local media broadcast the false narrative that CAIR was promoting. They did not give the patriot’s side of the altercation a fair representation at all.

The media did not mention that Cenk Uygur had provoked the response from the Trump supporters. Before Cenk started calling Trump supporters “bigots”, there were no disruption of the meeting. If the candidate can not be civil to the audience, how can they expect the audience to remain civil?

Typical News Report

This the full video by the American Islamic Institute of Antelope Valley. You can watch the entire video and see that it was Cenk Uygur who provoked the incident. Before Cenk started insulting and berating the audience there was no no problem. Cenk begins his hateful tirade at about 19:00.

Full Video of Meeting


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CAIR Subpoenaed in Lawsuit over Sharia in San Diego Schools

This is the latest update on the lawsuit against the radical, corrupt, Marxist San Diego School Board against their attempt to implement the basic concepts of Sharia in San Diego Schools. Sharia includes, among other things, the everyday religious obligations of Muslims and that non-Muslims give preference to Muslims. This is what the San Diego School Board is trying to do. Non-Muslims will be punished, for example for tugging on a hijab, as if it were a mini hate crime. Students will be indoctrinated and brainwashed into a positive view of Islam. Islamic religious practices will be given preference over other religions. Non-Muslims will have to learn to respect Islam more than would be required in other situations. Make no mistake, these are basic Sharia concepts, which will be forced upon our young, impressionable students.

FCDF Issues Subpoenas to Council on American-Islamic Relations in “Anti-Islamophobia Initiative” Lawsuit

The School Board announced earlier that they ended their partnership with CAIR, but they continue to have connections to CAIR and accept input from CAIR. In other words, not much has changed.

You can donate to the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund here. If they win they should get their legal fees paid by the City, but there is no guarantee they will win and they have other out-of-pocket expenses which will not be covered. Their effort is an expensive one.

This is not just about San Diego. San Diego is the first major beachhead that CAIR is trying to establish in US schools for the acceptance of Sharia in the schools. They intend to spread it everywhere in America. Let’s stop it now in San Diego. Even small donations are helpful. I have no connection to FCDF, just another citizen trying to support their effort.

Help Parents Stop Indoctrination (Contribute)

Learn more by watching videos in this playlist.

Adolf Hitler: Islam Is Religion For World Conquest

This is a clip about what Adolf Hitler thought about Islam. (Hint: He did NOT think it was the religion of peace!) He believed that conversion of the Germans to Islam would have helped him conquer and dominate the world. At the end of the clip this idea is compared to the current radical Progressive / Leftist / Globalist plan to use Islam to help destroy nationalism and bring about their own global dominance and world government. A world government needs a religion that supports global dominance. Presumably, that is why Leftists and Globalists prefer Islam.

View video on Bitchute

Hitler actually admired and praised Islam. He said that if Charles Martel had not defeated the Muslim invasion of Europe in 732 AD that Germany would have become Islamic. He claimed it would have helped Germany conquer the world, because it is a religion that glorifies warriors. Here is the exact quote.

“Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers —already, you see, the world had fallen into the hands of the Jews, so gutless a thing was Christianity !—then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies heroism and which opens the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so.”

This quote comes from the Book Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941-1944. It’s on page 667 in the paperback edition from a talk recorded on the 28th of August, 1942.

Hitler also allied himself with Muslims during the war. He worked with the Grand Mufti of Palestine. The Grand Mufti recruited three predominately Muslim divisions in the Balkans for Hitler’s Waffen-SS.

Globalists see Islam as a tool that can help break down national borders and advance their agenda. Actually, this is similar to Hitler’s original idea that Islam can enable the conquest of the world.

Or, here is a scanned page 667 directly from the paperback version of Hitler’s Table Talk:

Hitler’s Table Talk – scan of page 667

Those who admire Hitler and do not like Islam often claim that “Table Talk” is a fraud or poor translation. However there is also a second, better-authenticated source for Hitler’s praise of Islam. Albert Speer, Hitler’s Architect also wrote about his preference for Islam over Christianity in his book, “Inside the Third Reich”.  He also praises Japan’s warrior religion, Bushido, in the section below.

Go to this link to see a full-page scan from “Inside the Third Reich”.

Inside the Third Reich – scan of page 96

Video: Citizens Speak Out Against Sharia in San Diego Schools

Thanks to those, who contacted the school board (or will contact them). I do believe they are being inundated with questions, complaints and media inquiries about their policy of special treatment for Islam. This policy seems to be a unique, new innovation and a prototype to be expanded to other school districts across America. So, let’s stop it in San Diego, before it spreads.

Eleven citizens, led by a group called, Citizens for Quality Education, spoke at the San Diego Unified School Board against the progressive/Marxist plan to force acceptance of Islam on students under the guise of an anti-bullying program. The School Board is actually the bully here, trying to control the thoughts and speech of the students by intimidation.

The school district denied that they are enforcing Sharia, but they will be accommodating Islamic religious practices in the schools and teaching a (false) positive view of Islam. These religious obligations, such as praying five times a day, eating Halal food and enforcing a deference by non-Muslims to Islam, are requirements of theocratic Islamic religious law, i.e. Sharia. However, Muslims are allowed to forego these religious obligations in a non-Muslim country, when necessary. The San Diego School Board is acting like we already live in a theocratic Muslim society.

Read the CAIR pamphlet, An Educator’s Guide, to learn a few of the things they want to implement in the schools.

Kevin Beisser is the chief advocate of implementing Sharia in the schools. He is the one speaking at the beginning of the video below. Saudi Arabia funds much of the advocacy of Islam in the US. You have to wonder, if he and other board members are getting any of that Saudi gold in exchange for brainwashing our kids with a pro-Islam message. A former board president (Marne Foster) was charged with corruption and removed from this corrupt, union-controlled board just last year.

From previous board meeting on April 4, 2017.

CAIR: San Diego To Have Most Sharia-Compliant Schools In America

It is not too late to let them know how you feel. Please, no physical threats or extreme profanity which could be used to discredit the cause.

San Diego Unified School Board Contact Information:

Cindy Marten, superintendent, (619) 725-5506
Richard Barrera, president, (619) 725-5550
Kevin Beiser, vice-president, (619) 725-5550
John Lee Evans, trustee, (619) 725-5550
Michael McQuary, trustee, (619) 725-5550
Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, trustee, (619) 725-5550

Video: San Diego Schools to Implement Aspects of Sharia

The Board of the San Diego Unified School District voted on April 4th to implement in cooperation with the Council on American-Islam Relations (CAIR) some basic aspects of Sharia law in the schools. This brainwashing will be done under the guise of an anti-bullying program for Muslims. This project appears to be a prototype designed by CAIR to be rolled out to other cities in California and across the Nation. This may be coming soon to a school near you.

An estimated 50,000 Muslim refugees and their families have been resettled in recent years or have moved to San Diego from other parts of the country. So, San Diego has become a good testing ground for their effort.

This is video of the statement by the executive director of the San Diego office of CAIR.
(3 minutes).

CAIR: San Diego To Have Most Sharia-Compliant Schools In America

Hanif Mohebi, executive director of the San Diego office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations , proclaims that anti-bullying program just approved by the Board of the San Diego Unified School District will make SDUSD the most Islam-Friendly school district in America (if done right).

Mohebi is associated with the Islamic Center of San Diego, where the staff aided the two 9/11 terrorists, who flew the jet liner into the Pentagon. Of course, it’s often pointed out that CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror trial. The United Arab Emirates has also designated CAIR as a terrorist organization.

This presentation was given during the board meeting.

Positive School Environment, Climate and Culture

In this CAIR press release that the CAIR bullying report and a “guide for educators” is discussed.

CAIR-CA Survey: Almost Half of Calif. Muslim Students Report Bullying

This the actual report on bullying, cited by the board (PDF format).

California Muslim youth experiences with bullying

CAIR has a large number of such booklets. It is expected that this kind of material will be used in the anti-bullying program, either to develop material for SDUSD or to be handed out directly to the students. It has propaganda aspects to it. For example they want teachers to tell the children that Muslims and Christians really worship the same God. Teachers should also not interrupt the prayers of Muslim students during the day, unless there is a real emergency, such as the building is on fire.

An educators guide to Islamic religious practices

Here is an article by the San Diego Union/Tribune.

San Diego Unified to fight Islamophobia, bullying

If you want to see the entire proceeding, this is a video of the entire section of the board meeting, dealing with the issue (42 minutes).

Video: Marxist School Board Promotes Islam To Kids In San Diego

Whether they call themselves Marxist or not, the Board of the San Diego Unified School District is dominated by those who have a cultural Marxist mentality. On April 4, 2017 they voted to blatantly promote Islam in the public schools. These anti-bullying projects are just an excuse to indoctrinate the kids into a pro-Islam, anti-American ideology.

Bishop, Progressive Organizers and Islamists to Resist Trump Enforcement of Immigration Law

Bishop McElroy qoute from progressive
“World Meeting of Popular Movements”
San Diego’s radical, liberation Bishop McElroy is teaming up with Iman Taha Hassane from the Muslim-Brotherhood linked, 9/11 terrorist mosque (Islamic Center of San Diego) and Marxist/anarchist, Alinsky-ite community organizers (San Diego Organizing Project), as well as other left-wing, social-justice churches. The Islamic Center of San Diego aided two of the 9/11 terrorists, who crashed a plane into the Pentagon, part of a terrorist act that killed more than 3,000 Americans on that day that we will never forget. Alinsky said to “use their own values against them” and that is exactly what they are doing. They will try to hide their love of lawlessness behind a false facade of religious morality.

If they were worried about salvation of souls, there are plenty of very fine churches in the home countries of those here illegally, especially in Latin America, great Catholic churches. However, it is pretty obvious that they are much more concerned with radical, collective politics and not so much with individual salvation.

Date/Time:  April 19th, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Place:      Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
            1770 Kearney Ave, San Diego, CA

RSVP here:  Faith Not Fear Summit, aka "Assemblies of Peoples"

There will be event on April 19th — under the Marxism-compliant name of “Assembly of Peoples” — as described in this excerpt from a church bulletin (see text below). The object of the event will be to organize an effort to interfere with ICE and protect illegal aliens from enforcement of the immigration law.

Bishop McElroy boasted recently that he has 200k illegal aliens in his San Diego diocese, whom he will not allow to be deported. Aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a felony. In my opinion, ICE ought to raid the event and arrest all of the ring-leaders, including the lawless Bishop and the shameless Iman from the mosque that aided two 9/11 terrorists. We plan to attend this meeting to support enforcement of the immigration law and oppose this unholy alliance of the radical bishop, Islamists and Marxist community organizers. More info to follow as it becomes available.

See the text of the announcement of the event below. Click on the link to see the original bulletin announcement:

Assembly of Peoples Announcement

Announcement Text:

MI Find us on Facebook
follow us on twitter

Pastor’s Column
Rev. Michael Ratajczak 760-758-4100 x100 michaelr@
Faith Not Fear Summit—Standing Together to Protect Our Families
“And I will come near you for judgment; I will be a swift witness, against sorcerers, against adulterers, against perjurers, against those who exploit wage earners and widows and orphans, against those who turn away an alien—because they do not fear Me, says the Lord of Hosts” (Malachi 3:5).

Rooted in faith, our families are ready to stand in solidarity with our most threatened community members and neighbors.

Bishop Robert McElroy, the Roman Catholic Bishop of San Diego, Bishop George McKinney of St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ in San Diego, Bishop Terrell Fletcher of the City of Hope International Church in San Diego, and Imam Taha Hassane, Imam of the Islamic Center of San Diego, and other Faith Leaders from San Diego County are convening an “Assembly of Peoples” on Wednesday, April 19, at 6:30pm, at a site in San Diego yet to be determined.

At this event they are pledging and encouraging others to take united action to protect all families, protect immigrants and refugees, protect everyone’s right to healthcare, and protect our neighborhoods with compassionate policing.

The Vision of this Event: To form a united, mobilized, inspired group of leaders from our local faith communities that will work in partnership to protect each other and secure justice for everyone.

The Purpose of this Event: The main purpose of the event is to obtain commitments from people to encourage them to join in efforts of forming solidarity teams that will respond to ICE raids; stand against instances of hate; and to resist moves to return to “tough on crime” and “stop and frisk” policing policies. Attendees will be commissioned to form teams and receive follow-up training. Congressional delegates and other local elected officials will be invited as well as all local media/ broadcasting outlets.

Watch the bulletin for more information. Also contact Sr. Maureen Brown, CSJ, our Pastoral Associate, who is the liaison to the San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP) who is sponsoring this event. You may contact Sr. Maureen at 760-758-4100 x131 or

In case you forget or have not heard, Alinsky-ite community organizers are the ones whose ‘Bible’ — “Rules for Radicals” — acknowledges Lucifer as their role model, the first revolutionary.

“Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

― Saul D. Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals


Bishop Robert McElroy preaches progressivism

Bishop McElroy, spokesman for the disruptive church

Robert W. McElroy – Wikipedia

SD Bishop Calls on Catholics to Protest Trump: ‘We Must All Become Disrupters’-Breitbart

Video: Three Charged With Fake Hate Crime – Zappy Pizza Incident in San Diego

Little Mogadishu in San Diego
In San Diego, Terry Crow, Scott Peretti and Sean Arevalo have been charged with a felony hate crime against a Somali, Mustafa Sahid. They face at least 3-4 years in prison, if convicted. It’s scary what can happen to people, who offend Muslims, without any intent to break the law.

These are working Americans on a budget and have thirteen children between the three of them. If they go to prison, their families are at risk of becoming homeless. They need help hiring aggressive attorneys to defend them.

This incident took place in the part of town, called “Little Mogadishu” at the Zappy Pizza shop just eight days before the election. The three defendants say that one of them was exercising his free speech in expressing support for America and Donald Trump, while denouncing Islam. One of four Muslims in the restaurant, Mustafa, was offended and used an expletive against Trump. He advanced on one of the Americans in a threatening way. He got in his face, within six inches. Mustafa was punched once in the forehead in self-defense. All three men are now charged with a felony hate crime as accomplices.

The alleged “victim” suffered only minor injury. There were no bleeding wounds or broken bones. The initial police report stated that he had minor abrasions on his forehead and a bruise on the inside of one of his arms. A photo of him after the incident was displayed in court at a hearing.

The news reports were sensational, politically-biased and exaggerated, see the video description for links. They claimed that the victim had been hit over the head with a chair and beaten down with brass knuckles. The witness testimony did not support either of these accusations. The police never recovered any brass knuckles. The victim’s minor wounds were not consistent with the use of brass knuckles, which can cause major flesh damage and fracture bones.

The area is called Little Mogadishu, because about thirty thousand mostly Muslim refugees from East Africa have been resettled in the area. Mustafa happens to be the son of the most influential leader of these refugees, who represents a powerful voting block. His name is Ahmed Sahid, the Founder and CEO of Somali Family Service, whose office is only about a quarter mile from Zappy Pizza.

Because Mustafa’s father is politically influential and the incident occurred in the politically charged atmosphere just before the election, this prosecution is driven by politics. They didn’t go into the shop intending to commit a hate crime, but just to pick up a pizza to take to Sean’s home just around the corner. They didn’t run or hide, because they had not done anything wrong. The police found them in the front yard outside the house. They didn’t realize that Sharia law was in effect in Little Mogadishu, rather than the Bill of Rights.

In order to fit the requirements of a hate crime, there has to be an ordinary, underlying crime, such as assault, battery or vandalism, in this case, which is motivated by hatred or intolerance. In the preliminary hearing evidence against the men was presented by the prosecution. The judge (Valentino) said that he had doubts that this case satisfied the requirements for a hate crime.

One of the dependents said some things, which offended a Muslim, Mustafa. There was some variation in the testimony of the witnesses, but there was agreement that Mustafa rose from a chair and approached the men, getting in the face of one of them. The man punched him in self-defense. A scuffle ensued.

Punching someone, in this case a Muslim, in self defense, because he got upset that Islam had been insulted is not a crime. If there is no underlying crime, it cannot be a hate crime. It is just free speech.

The judge in the preliminary hearing also said that he did not think the defendants planned this. He just thought they went in to the restaurant to pick of a pizza and this is what happened.

There was only a preliminary trial, when only the prosecutor called witnesses. The attorney’s of the defendants could cross examine, but no defense was presented as is usunally the case in preliminary trials.


The three defendants ended up taking a plea bargain, because they did not want to take the risk of being convicted of a felony. This is also commonly the case, I believe. When someone is accused of a hate crime, they generally do not end up presenting a defense due to the risk of going to trial. Just being accused of a hate crime, may tend to prejudice the jury against the defendent. People are not generally aware how easy it is to be charged with a hate crime, if they say the wrong thing and get into a minor altercation with a member of a so-called protected class.

Oscar Garcia, Deputy District Attorney of Hate Crimes

Oscar Garcia is the assistant district attorney in charge of the hate crimes section in San Diego. Hate crimes are often treated in a political way. Hate crimes are a neo-Marxist innovation and a deputy district attorney is a natural ally of leftist political groups. For this reason there these should be no section dedicated to hate crimes. The public and juries are often biased against those accused of hate crimes, assuming if they are charged, they must be guilty.

As long as it’s the law, it should be handled like any other crime. Hate crime laws should not exist, because they are often not applied fairly. By definition, hate crime laws create special protected classes of citizens, based on race, ethnicity, religion, etc. It is a manifestation of Marxist class warfare, giving some classes of people more rights and protection than others. This is contrary to the principles of individual rights on which the United States was founded.

Below is a clip of Oscar Garcia at a far-left, political media conference. There is a crowd of leftist politicians and left-wing, special-interest groups standing right behind him. Far-left, La Raza racial nationalists and politically-radical Islamists use words like “hater,” “xenophobe”, Islamophobe and “racist” as euphemisms for their perceived political and ideological enemies, i.e. conservatives, Republicans, patriots, traditional Christians, etc.

Garcia at press conference with far-left and Islamic groups

Here is another clip of Oscar Garcia giving an interview with Edgar Hopida,spokesman for The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is special-interest group for Islamic fundamentalism, which has connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, is associated with a terrorist organization (Hamas) and was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Foundation trial.

The “hate crime” they are talking about here turned out to be a murder of a Muslim woman by her Muslim husband in El Cajon, Ca. It wasn’t a hate crime at all. It was actually the Muslim husband of the murdered woman terrorizing the community.

Deputy DA Oscar Garcia in interview with CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood)

Oscar trains local police to keep files on people who have not committed any crimes, but have just done or said something that leftists may consider to be politically incorrect. In this video at about 2:50, he is training police to file unnecessary reports on politically incorrect people, who have not committed a hate crime at all, just to build up Gestapo-like dossiers on targeted classes of people, mostly Anglo-Americans or traditional patriotic Americans of whatever race or ethnicity.

Garcia teaches police to encourage and accept false hate-crime complaints

Oscar also encourages the public to file complaints against people, who haven’t committed any crime at all. He calls them “hate reported incidents.” The case of the San Diego student has been dropped after she stopped cooperating with police and there was not evidence that a hate crime had occurred other than her own statements. She said her car was stolen by Muslim-hating, Trump supporters, but six weeks later said she just forgot where she had parked!! She wasted six weeks of investigators’ time, with no apparent consequences for filing a false complaint, which is a crime in itself.

Hate crimes encourage politically-motivated false charges and many time is may be against a real person, not an non-existent person that the police cannot find. A false hate-crime complaint against someone can ruin that persons reputation and life with not much chance to successfully defend against it.

Garcia promoting and pursuing two fake hate crimes

Garcia uses his office for political purposes and preys on the weak and defenseless. Hate crimes are often charges as a felony to force defendants to accept a plea bargain without going to trial. So, the defendants often do not get a chance to defend themselves in court because it is too risky to let the case go to trial and potentially be sentenced to several years in prison for what may have been a very minor incident or even a false charge.

There really should not be a Deputy DA dedicated the hate crimes. Such a DDA will have too much self-interest in inflating charges against citizens and racking up more such convictions.

Oscar Garcia

Trump Supporters Charged With Fake Hate Crime By Refugee in San Diego

zappypizzaThree San Diego men, Sean Arevalo, Terrance Crow, and Scott Peretti, are accused of having “beat down” a young Somalian refugee with a chair and brass knuckles in the “Zappy Pizza” take-out shop at 5971 University Ave in San Diego. The three Americans were charged with battery and assault with a deadly weapon (brass knuckles) with a hate crime add-on. The penalty could be several years in prison. This allegedly occurred on October 30, 2016, just a week before the election. This harsh prosecution is motivated by politics. We have an Assistant DA with a far-left, La Raza mentality, who was looking to nail someone on a frivolous hate-crime charge, so it can be used for political propaganda purposes. Many Trump opponents were eagerly looking for hate crimes among Trump supporters at that time, which they could trumpet just before the election.

San Diego Deplorable Three Defense Fund
(See amount collected at the bottom of this page.)

Note: The trial has been set for the following date. More details will be forthcoming.

San Diego Superior Court
September 5, 2017
County Courthouse
330 W Broadway
San Diego, Ca

San Diego media outlets have already convicted them, conducting a shameless media lynching. The story was syndicated by the Associated Press and has been published by other media outlets all around the nation, with very little effort by the media to learn the other side of the story. Here are some of the slanderous, early media reports.

Police call attack on Somali man a hate crime by San Diego Union-Tribune

3 Arrested in Attack on Muslim Man at San Diego Restaurant by NBC7 San Diego

This is an audio recording that this blogger made of an eye witness two days after the incident. This witness said that the news reports were “nonsense.”

Click here for a transcript of the above noisy audio file.

There were no brass knuckles used nor any other “deadly weapon” and the Somali was not hit over the head with a chair as the media slanderously portrayed the incident from only one side. An independent witness was not difficult to find. The incident started when two of the accused, Scott Peretti and Terrance Crow, were ordering take-out pizza at the counter. Crow declared “VOTE TRUMP” The Somali refugee took offense at that and replied “FUCK TRUMP” In return, Crow said “FUCK ISLAM” Then, a mutual altercation started, a minor scuffle.

One Somalian moved on Peretti in an threatening way, their faces only inches apart. After having warned not to come close Peretti struck him with his bare fist in self defense, producing a minor bump/abrasion on his forehead. Peretti’s other friend, Terry Crow, did not hit anyone. Sean Arevalo was waiting in the car rushed in to break it up and get his friends out of there. Sean Arevalo had some car keys in his fist. The cloth lanyard attached to the keys wrapped around his fingers was apparently mistaken for brass knuckles. The keys were inside his fist. Even so, it was stated in open court recently that Arevalo never hit anyone, whether he had brass knuckles or not. No one is apparently claiming that he threatened anyone with brass knuckles. Only one of the Muslim witnesses claimed that he saw brass knuckles, the younger friend of the alleged “victim.” None of the other 10 witnesses saw the mythical brass knuckles.

The Somali “victim” refused medical attention that night. The police report said his wounds were minor. However, he is the son of a politically influential leader, Ahmed Sahid, in the Somali/East African community, which reportedly numbers around 30K (potential voters) in San Diego. Due to such political influence and a ambitious Deputy DA of Hate Crimes, this minor altercation received so much attention.

According to the manager, there were no video cameras operating in the Pizza shop. The police did not arrive until the incident was over. They arrested the three Americans at another location based on the version of the story of the Somalian. Another Zappy customer, who had just arrived on the scene, followed them to the house around the corner and called 911.

The three men were arraigned on November 7th in Superior Court charged with battery with a felony hate crime add-on. There was no deadly weapon. Showing support for Trump should not be classified as a hate crime. Expressing disapproval of Islam is free speech, protected by the Bill of Rights. Americans have every right to disapprove publicly of a inherently theocratic religion founded by a “prophet,” who was a warlord, bandit, mass murderer, sex-slave monger and child molester. This is according to the Islamic literature, the hadith and the sirah.

They have “multi-cultural policing” in this area of San Diego, where tens of thousands of refugees reside. However, it is not the duty of the police to enforce Sharia law in the area, which is called “Little Mogadishu.” Expressing opposition to Islam should not result in a felony hate crime charge. The charges against these three Americans should be promptly dismissed. They have already suffered too much abuse at the hands of an overzealous, predatory deputy district attorney, politically-correct police and the sensationalist media for their politically-incorrect opinions.

Hate crimes are “thought crimes,” Orwellian in nature, intended to be applied mainly to certain segments of society to punish them for historic events, for which the current generation has no responsibility. But that is beside the point in this case. These three men went into the shop just to pick up pizza, not with the intention of committing a “hate crime.” The scuffle resulted from a mutual verbal altercation that did not start with hate words.

If Muslims want to live in America, they have to learn to accept free speech, even if it may be rude speech, without becoming violently enraged. The overly multi-cultural San Diego police and district attorney ought to uphold their oath of office, which requires them to defend our constitutional rights, not to defend Islam.

The original, defamatory story was blown out of all proportion by the media, and rapidly spread around the country. This was because it was election time and a supposed hate crime committed against a Muslim refugee plays well in the liberal media, who present it as a fact without doing any real journalistic investigation. An independent, disinterested witness to the incident called the media reporting “nonsense” and “irritating” that the media went into a feeding frenzy about something that “didn’t happen,” he said.

San Diego Deplorable Three Defense Fund