Brown Beret Chief Arrested in Chicano Park

Alvarez, 22, is arrested and booked with felony interference with a police investigation. This occurred on June 27, 2019. He is the commander of the San Diego Unit of the Brown Berets de Aztlan, a kind of Chicano paramilitary group. The national commander of the Brown Berets, David Rico, is a convicted domestic terrorist and Alvarez is a young guy, trying to earn his wings, so to speak, by confronting the cops.

Aztlan is the Southwestern United States. Militant Chicanos claim that the land is their national homeland and that it was stolen from Mexico. They openly say their goal is to takeover the Southwest. Chicano Park was occupied by Chicano ultra nationalists in 1970. They say that it is the first part of Aztlan to be conquered, while San Diego, state and national governments continues to pay for the park with our tax money.

The police are there in force, because the militants in Barrio Logan and the surrounding area are very aggressive and hostile to police. Chicano Park is a no-go zone for police, as well as for pro-American critics.

One policeman can be seen hitting Alvarez. Alvarez has his hands underneath him and is not allowing them to handcuff him. This is resisting arrest and the police are allowed to use reasonable force in arresting him, including punching, until the person stops resisting and allows himself to be handcuffed.

The neighborhood around Chicano Park can easily raise a potentially violent mob in a relatively short time and the police most probably wanted to resolve the situation quickly before such a mob had time to form. You can hear the person live-streaming this video call several times for people to come to the park.

Note that he yells, “I can’t breath” like George Floyd did at about 3:30. There were complaints of police brutality and the police department did an investigation, but apparently did not find any significant fault with the arrest.

I do not believe that Alvarez was ever charged. I do not find a charge having been filed on the Superior Court website. San Diego government is dominated by progressives and liberals. From my experience, leftists and progressives tend to get off easy in such situations, while they throw the book at patriots, who do much less.


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4 thoughts on “Brown Beret Chief Arrested in Chicano Park”

  1. These foreigners have it wrong, San Diego was first founded by the Spanish not the Mexicans. It was the Spanish that brought the Mexicans into California to work and regretted it! But of course the land was already inhabited by Indians and these Indians were not Mexicans! Liars! Even the Indians laughed when the U.S. gave Mexico 15 million for the southwest. The Indians said that the U.S. gave Mexico million for land that never belonged to them! History lesson for you!

    1. Thank you. Correct, this area was part of Spanish Empire, New Spain, not Mexico. Mexico was one part of the Spanish empire in this region. After the Mexican war of independence, Mexico was trying to become an Empire, themselves, and assert their control over this part of the collapsing Spanish Empire. It is a vast area and there were not more than a few thousand people that may have considered themselves Mexican. Certainly, the hundreds of thousands of Indians didn’t consider themselves to be Mexicans. There are still a lot of people in places like New Mexico, whose families have been there a long time, descendants of the original colonialists, who call themselves “Spanish”, and don’t want to be called Mexican, even though they may be of mixed race, Spanish and Indian.

      It would be somewhat like the 13 colonies claiming Canada after our own War of Independence. The Colonialists did try to annex Canada in 1812, but it was not successful. The British drove them out. Should we still be crying about our “lost” Canadian territories over 200 years later? That’s exactly what some Mexicans are doing.

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