Anarchist/BLM Terrorist Attack On San Diego Overview

This is an overview of the domestic terrorist attack by antifa anarchists and the associated Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in La Mesa and San Diego. A riot is spontaneous and unplanned. These attacks are funded, planned, organized and coordinated via cell phones.

Language is important. It is sad, if Americans have become to politically-correct can not even acknowledge a planned, nationwide attack on them, any longer. In that case, we are just going to have a lot more problems in the future. The Black Lives Matter movement is a part of these attacks, even if they are not carried out directly by the BLM organizers. BLM serves as inspiration for the fire-bombers and as a recruiting front for the anarchist fire-bombers.


Two banks and a building owned by an Architectural business were burned to the ground on Saturday, May 30, 2020. A number of business were broken into and robbed by crowds of people. Vehicles were set on fire. I don’t call it rioting and looting, because it is not spontaneous.

Chase Bank

The photos below are high resolution panoramas. You can right click on the photo, open in a new screen and expand to see more detail.

Union Bank
Randall Lamb Associates Building
La Mesa Children’s Posters
La Mesa Children’s Posters

This is a very good video of the overall firebombing and plundering of La Mesa.


This is video mainly of the plundering of the CVS Pharmacy on Broadway on Sunday, May 31, 2020, one day after the attack in La Mesa. Other than the CVS the damage was mainly grafitti and broken windows all over downtown. No buildings were set on fire that I know about. One officer said a Ross clothing store was looted. I did not see evidence of that. However, there were probably a number of other stores and businesses that were robbed by mobs that I didn’t see. There was a massive number of policemen on duty that night.

This store was tagged with the symbol of Baphomet, another name for “Satan”. I have seen satanic symbols and references to satanism in the past at Occupy encampments. Some Anarchists see similarity between their extreme libertarian ideology and satanism, in their complete, uncontrolled freedom and their rejection of any restraint by social conventions.


On June 4, two Mexicans flying the Mexican flag pointed a gun from a moving vehicle at a group of patriots. See the link below to see the video and learn more detail.
Pro-Black-Lives-Matter Mexicans Point Gun At Patriots


La Mesa is a suburb of San Diego. La Mesa was chosen as a target because a black man, 23-year-old Amaurie Johnson, was arrested at a trolley station and police brutality was alleged. You can see the video on YouTube taken by the police officers body-cam. Loitering at some trolley stations is prohibited.

You cannot see it too well, but at the beginning of the video the black man appears to approach the officer in an aggressive way and the officer says he “smacked him”. This was not police brutality at all, not that that would justify firebombing and plundering the town of La Mesa. You could argue that the officer over reacted, but that does not justify anything, either.

If the black man had just remained clam and had spoken politely, most likely none of this would have happened. It’s not popular to say these days, but people have an obligation to respect the law and law enforcement officers. They have to obey lawful orders. If you think it’s not a lawful order you still have to accept arrest and go through the legal process, with maybe some rare exceptions.

If you verbally assault the officers and tell them, to “Suck my dick, niggah”, make racial remarks(2:52) and threaten “I’ll beat yo asses” (3:04), you have to expect you are going to end up in a lot more trouble and inconvenience than you would otherwise.

Body-Cam Footage Of Arrest At Trolley Station

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