Pro-Black-Lives-Matter Mexicans Point Gun At Patriots

Black Lives Matter supporters threatened counter protesters with a gun. A small group of American patriots were displaying the American flag and the Gadsden Flag and holding all-lives-matter signs in Santee California at the intersection of Cuyamaca and Mission Gorge. A black Dodge Ram truck drove by waving a Mexican flag and a gun was pointed at them. As they drove by, the Mexican nationalist occupants yelled “Fuck Racists” and “Fuck the Racist Flag”.

Witnesses reported the incident to nearby sheriffs deputies, according to a Fox5 News report. The videographer was some yards down the street from the protesters. For that reason the gun is not seen in this video.

However, the deputies stopped the car and found a semi-automatic pistol with two loaded clips. The occupants were a man, woman and infant. The man drove and the woman pointed the gun. The deputies arrested the man and woman and charged them with brandishing a weapon and child endangerment.

This occurred on June, 2, 2020, just a couple days after anarchists, communists and street thugs burned several buildings and plundered businesses in the nearby cities of La Mesa and San Diego. The so-called protesters used the George Floyd case as an excuse for their violence and thievery.

Far-Left political activists are often let off easy in San Diego by the legal system. If someone can identify these two, I would check to see what happens with the case. You can message me via the “contact” tab.

10 thoughts on “Pro-Black-Lives-Matter Mexicans Point Gun At Patriots”

  1. People abusing gun rights don’t have a concealed carry permit. They need to be charged with illegal possession of a firearm beside brandishing. Also, check their citizenship status and deport if not here legally! Get rid of criminals one way or another.

    1. Yes, I don’t know their names, so I can’t look up what they have been charged with. I mentioned in the article that our authorities often let leftists off easy in such situations, while throwing the book at patriots, if they violate the law.

      1. Doesn’t matter. If it was not secured, so that it can’t be fired, it is still illegal in California to carry in a vehicle. If you brandish it, that is, threaten someone with it, that’s a crime also. You can’t just drive down a street pointing a gun at people on the sidewalk. The people on the street may have guns and shoot back and for that reason it is endangering the child in the vehicle and they could take the child away from the parents. They committed probably three crimes, altogether, and they could lose custody of their child.

    1. I’m not sure it’s *many* cities. The news media often makes it look like an impending catastrophe in order to get more viewers and because the media is dominated by neo-Marxists, too. It’s usually not entirely de-funding them, either, but cutting the budget. A budget cut one year can be added back the next. One purpose of this fake rioting movement is to make Americans feel insecure and lose confidence in the stability of the system. I would not get too worried about it. I would actively support arrest and prosecution of the criminals involved and the breaking up of these domestic terrorist networks. Let’s not worry too much or make them ten feet high, but we should go on the offensive against these people.

  2. La Raza better watch out because this is not their nation! They wanted better lives and sneaked in and had babies now they are destroying the U.S. along with other idiots.

  3. If these people are prosecuted , as they should be, I’ll eat my hat. Generally speaking they are let go. If the situation were reversed the patriots would be prosecuted to the fullest and then some other charges would be drummed up. That’s the usual modus operendi in California that has been run into a Marxist ditch these days by the corrupt legislature and Governor. So sad to see the destruction of the once golden state. God help us with the next election. You can bet fraud will flourish! They had 11 counties with an o recount last time. Yet nothing is done.

    1. Yes, that’s right. If I had the name, I would check on it, but I have tried before with another case and the SDPD would not give me the name or a copy the report. I’m sure it’s the same with the Sheriff’s Department. Unless the media publishes the name or someone knows the people, I am not sure how to get it. The media generally protects people like this too. The courts are closed right now and they have a lot of cases backing up, so that also creates pressure to let them off easy.

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