Black Lives Matter, Anarchist Flash Mobs Attack San Diego

This is NOT spontaneous rioting and looting, but organized attacks and robbery by flash mobs, planned, coordinated and financed by leftist, anarchist, political interests. Many are, no doubt, getting fat unemployment checks right now, due to Covid-19. They do not have to work so they have more time for mayhem. Participants were being instructed by organizers via cell phone. Terrorism is the use of violence to produce political change. Therefore, this can rightly be called “domestic terrorism”.

A security guard came out (2:00) and tried to stop them from robbing a CVS pharmacy. He yelled at them to “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!”. It is not clear, whether that’s a real gun in his hand or a stun gun. The terrorists started throwing full, glass liquor bottles at him, which could have seriously injured or killed him, if it had hit him in the right place.

There were hundreds of people scattered around downtown San Diego on this night. When the police would show up the crowd would disperse and a new location would be broadcast via cell phone. So, they were playing a cat-and-mouse game with the police. The police seem to be mainly just trying to limit the destruction of property. They did arrest dozens of the hoodlums, though.

During the day there are some people who may be considered legitimate protesters, but the anarchists are using this as a cover for their terrorist attacks. The ones that want to peacefully protest need to denounce and separate themselves from the terrorist anarchists. Otherwise, it seems they are all in it together.

The hard core look like they may be gang members, some possibly from Los Angeles. Then, there are anti-fa style anarchists. Also, there are many younger liberals and progressives, who look like they think it is fun to pretend to be a revolutionary for a day or two.

It seems that the authorities could shut down these criminal rampages by declaring a curfew and/or maybe shutting down the local cell towers, so that they could not coordinate the flash mobs. One police supervisor said that declaration of an emergency would be necessary to do that and they would not want to cut off emergency calls. However, I suspect that the telephone companies could cut off commercial calls and leave emergency lines open. But maybe the situation does not yet rise to that level.

The sensational media makes this sound like the second Civil War. There could be an analogy to the Covid-19 panic, in that the media and some political leaders generate a panic which may make the public willing to give up their rights. In San Diego these criminal attacks are bad enough, but not really a catastrophe like real riots would be.

The damage is limited and the city is not being destroyed as it may appear on the news. I saw a number of broken windows, but only one CVS pharmacy that was being actively ransacked to a great extent, as far as I saw. A police officer said that a nearby Ross store was also being looted, but I did not see evidence of that. Graffiti was sprayed all over downtown and many windows broken.

A Baphomet symbol was seen on the CVS pharmacy that was being plundered. I have seen this goat’s head symbol, also, along with an inverted cross, at the Occupy encampment in Los Angeles some years ago. There seems to be some conscious recognition that they are the spawn of Satan. LoL. Probably they want to use this symbolism, also, to promote satanic panic.

Fuck 12 and FTP, scrawled everywhere, both mean “fuck the police”.

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