Biden Has Outsourced Our Immigration System To Cartels

Biden is outsourcing a large part of our immigration to the smuggling Cartels, who control human trafficking in Mexico and Central America. They murder about 30,000 people per year in Mexico. It is the Cartels who decide who can be trafficked across Mexico without the proper documents and those they smuggle will probably be here in the U.S. for the rest of their lives. Those who pay for the cartels to come are likely to continue working with them in the future after they arrive. This is obviously not the way we ought to be doing immigration. WE should choose who can come.

We are helping the cartels enormously to expand their presence in the US. We could eventually being controlled by them. The cartels are most probably already paying off our some of our politicians. Once they feel secure enough to start blatantly murdering tens of thousands of us every year for opposing them, hanging bodies from overpasses as a warning to others, as they do in Mexico, the end will be near for America as we have known it. Every American should be very concerned about the subversive measures that Biden is implementing, which enable organized criminal organizations under the guise of helping poor, suffering immigrants.

The Cartels control who illegally immigrates via our southern border.

The cartels franchise the entire border to their associates for a share of the money generated from the smuggling. There may be a few that cross without the cartel’s permission and get away with it, but it would be a very dangerous thing to do regularly in significant volume. These people pleading poverty have usually paid the cartels many thousands of dollars to be smuggled across Mexico and across our own border to their destination. The cartels already have their tentacles spread all across the US.

The Santa Muerte cult is a folk religion in Mexico, based on the pagan, Aztec goddess of death and queen of the underworld. The tattoo is not exclusively a cartel tattoo. Prostitutes, petty criminals and common people can also be followers of Santa Muerte, because they do not feel that they fit into the regular, traditional church.

But the implication that this woman is helping to traffic people may well be correct and she may be paid by the cartel. She may be acting as cartel coyote, herself, working on a daily basis in a US airport.

This local newscast by KUSI in San Diego also discusses Cartel influence in the current, record wave of illegal border crossing.

Border Patrol Co-Opted By Cartels, Gagged By Biden

This all needs to come out in the open. There should be a congressional investigation, but Congress is probably already intimidated by the cartels, or worse, some actually support what the cartels are doing, because they think it helps further their anti-American, political agenda.

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