Fred’s Recent Overpass Demos / Impeach Obama

Looks like Fred Schneider & friends in the Chicago area are still doing it. Even a relatively small, determined group of protesters can have a big impact on the public.

We really cannot expect as many people to turn out for impeach-Obama protests as for protests against Obamacare, because impeach-Obama protests are a LOT more controversial. However, at the same time, because these protests are so controversial, even a small number of protesters can have a big impact.

In the 1960’s, impeach-Nixon protests were relatively small, also, compared to the massive anti-war protests of that time. Nixon still ended up being put out of office. It can also happen with the Black Nixon, Obama.

The Arab-Spring concept of the American Spring protest was flawed and the event was massively over-hyped, but having 500-2000 energetic protesters show up to support the removal of Obama from office is not a bad result, considering how controversial it always is to remove a president, especially when it is the first (half) black president, even though he is not an African-American in the usual sense.

Many did not support the event, because the concept appeared to call for the ultimate overthrow of the US Government. Future events will hopefully call for constitutional changes in the Government and not for overthrowing it, because America is not a banana republic that can be overthrown on the whim of some ex-Army officer.

If even 10,000 protesters were to show up on the Mall to protest for Obama’s removal that would be groundbreaking and clearly the biggest protest for impeachment in the Nation’s history. People should keep these events in perspective and not over-hype the events so much that they are widely ridiculed afterwards.

To have a meaningful national protests, the organizing of many local groups is necessary first. Thousands of pre-existing local Tea parties supported the huge, early Tea Party rally in DC. They were not just organized on a single Facebook page.

Stop Common Core Indoctrination Overpass

“Anticommunist Provocation” Overpass Lombard, Illinois

American Spring Cherry Hill Overpass near Washington, DC

American Spring Washington, DC 2nd day May 17, 2014

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