Black Lives Matter Plans More Terror in La Mesa For Aug. 1

Black Lives Matter is scheduled to attempt again to terrorize in La Mesa on Saturday, August 1, 2020. After having vandalized the small city, looted many stores and burned down three major buildings and multiple vehicles, any event they have in La Mesa terrorizes the residents. At first news of it, people start boarding up their businesses again and preparing for a violent riot.

A good number of concerned citizens are expected to show up at this event and to peacefully monitor the event. They do not want lawlessness and rioting to break out again. The concerned citizen response is being coordinated mainly by Defend East County Facebook Group. Please come and participate to help keep this event peaceful. The more citizen observers there are, the calmer it will be.

Black Lives Matter has no significant reason to have another event in La Mesa. Below is the flier that has been posted on the Internet. Venessa Guillen was a soldier at Fort Hood in Texas, who was murdered by another soldier. Her murderer has committed suicide. What would be the point in tormenting he citizens of La Mesa again for this?

Breonna Taylor was killed by police in Kentucky when they were raiding an apartment, they thought was involved in drug dealing. Whether this police shooting was justified or not has nothing to do with La Mesa and there is no need to upset local La Mesa residents again.

Note the provocative slogon on the flier, “Stand up, fight back” and also the expressed support for Portland, where violent terroristic attacks have been occurring nightly for the last two months. Fight against whom or what? This would just suggest they are considering violent action, because no one is threatening them with violence. Everyone just wants it to be a peaceful event.

They also had an event last Sunday on the 25th of July. Dozens of concerned citizens showed up to monitor it. It was completely peaceful on both sides. With one exception, no one was even yelling at each other. It was not aggressive at all. I’m not sure it could be called even a counter protest, just many people watching.

Only about twenty participants for Black Lives Matter appeared. It is thought that the presence of concerned citizens reduced the attendance and helped keep the Black Lives Matter event calm, peaceful and lawful. See the video below. The turnout of local citizens is expected to be even larger this time.

This same strategy of having a large number of concerned citizens to monitor the “protests” is said to have worked in May and June in Santee and helped to keep the Black Lives Matter events largely peaceful there. They want to employ the same strategy in La Mesa in order to show support for the police and to avoid more such future terroristic attacks on the City. Please support and help this effort.


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2 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Plans More Terror in La Mesa For Aug. 1”

  1. I don’t support violence but what I heard from several of the protests on may 31 was the reason they started getting crazy was because the police shot leslie furcron for nothing more than expressing her freedom of speech. No one wants violence but if the police try to “disperse” peaceful protests with tear gas and rubber bullets real patriots would not let them trample our rights.

    1. Peaceful protest? Don’t make me laugh. Leslie Furcron said on her own livestream that she was there to see them burn down the police station and to cheer them on. She had just thrown a soda can at the police when they shot her. The police from a distance thought it was a rock, because the mob was throwing a barrage of rocks at them at the time. Leslie Furcron has no one to blame, but herself. The police would have been justified in shooting back with live ammunition, because rocks are deadly weapons.

      They started using tear gas, because the crowd had swarmed around the police station, was spraying graffiti on the building, throwing rocks and and breaking windows. If the police had not used tear gas they most probably would have taken over and burned down the station as they already had burned one in Minneapolis and taken over another one in Seattle. It’s all in the videos at this link:

      Livestream: Granny Shot In Head With Bean Bag At BLM Riot

      Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist movement, which has camouflaged itself as a protest movement. They use violence and threats to further their anti-American, political agenda.

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