Obama’s Psychopathic Narcissism / Megalomania

This is a short overview of Narcissism and why some say Obama is an extreme Narcissist or pathological Narcissist, also called an egomaniac or a megalomaniac.

The Black Liberation doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years under Jeremiah Wright is a cult religious doctrine, which holds that the black race is God and that a Messiah will arise from the black race to destroy America.

Obama declared in his Nobel Prize lecture that we have a spark of divinity within us. That man has a spark of divinity that he can develop into god-hood is a basic concept of occult religions.

At the ten-year 9/11 memorial, Obama reads a carefully-selected Psalm that allows him to hint in public that he is God.

Farrakhan declares in 2008 that Obama is the “Messiah.” Black Liberation Theology was inspired by Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. Both cult doctrines teach that the black man is the manifestation of God on Earth.

An Obama Cult?

In this week’s analysis behind the news video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses: the expensive inauguration of President Obama; disturbing references to Obama as a messiah; the definition of an assault weapon; a good Wall Street Journal article by John Lott entitled, “The Facts About Assault Weapons and Crime”; a quote from Patrick Henry regarding how the Constitution is an instrument for the People to restrain the government; and whether the Arab Spring in Egypt has produced a hater of Jews.


Sign portrays Obama as Hitler (Indiana)

KENDALLVILLE β€” A large video sign on U.S. 6 in Kendallville Monday portrayed Barack Obama with a Hitler-style mustache and called for impeaching the U.S. president.

The sign’s owner said it is a paid advertisement not affiliated with the businesses in Cornerstone Plaza where the sign is located.

That the sign’s rotation also includes a “Welcome to Kendallville” message prompted Kendallville Mayor Suzanne Handshoe to say it was inappropriate, regardless of what anyone may think of the president, and doesn’t reflect a message the city would want to send.


Reaction to Impeach Obama Overpass Protests in Alabama

It does not need to be pointed out that some people really do not like what we are doing. Of course, it is always safer to have a larger group. Depending on your area and situation, it may be better advised to have fewer events and try to attract more people. If you have too many events, they may compete with each other for participants. An overpass with some constant cross traffic is safer than an isolated overpass.


Hundreds Gather To Protest President Obama in Florida

Hundreds gathered at the World Famous “Sopotnick’s Cabbage Patch” In Samsula, FL, to hold a political rally to persuade people to impeach Obama, and speak their minds. Our camera’s were rolling while speakers from the organization “overpasses.org” gave speeches for their cause. “People are sick of it” says Joe Kilinsky, the groups Florida Admin.

This clip was produced by a 12-year old cub reporter. He may have exaggerated a little, but not as much as some others, lately. Excellent work, better than most of our professional reports. We need him to come out and cover our next event near San Diego.


Historical Note: The first protest on June 8th in Carlsbad, Ca was actually carried out by a group called Stop Obama Now – San Diego. Inspired by that event, which received wide exposure on the Internet, James Neighbors in Oklahoma started “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” about a week afterward and took the idea national.

Stop Obama Now – San Diego has existed since 2009 and has been organizing anti-Obama protests from the beginning (July 2009) and Impeach Obama Protests starting in August of 2010, including several Impeach Obama sky-banner flights around the country.

That James Neighbors took the ball and ran with it was fine. Not that he needed it, but he had our blessing before he did it. That is exactly what we have been trying to motivate people to do for nearly five long years without much support. We would like, though, for people to know about our prior work leading up to it. We have been doing Anti-Obama protests since it was mostly fingers and very few honks.

The overpasses demos did not just arise spontaneously out of nowhere. Read more on the early history at this link.

Impeach Obama Overpass Demos – How They Started

Jim Jones Cult & Similarities To The Obama Movement

There are theological similarities between the Jimmy Jones cult and Obama’s Black Liberation Theology. Both are based on self-worship, anti-Christianity and creation of a man-made utopian kingdom on earth. There is also a connection between Jim Jones and Frank Marshall Davis, via the communist sympathizer, Paul Robeson, who was the vice presidential candidate in 1948 for the Progressive Party with Henry Wallace as presidential candidate. Wallace’s presidential bid ended and the Progressive Party dissolved after a scandal which connected Henry Wallace to an occult mystical, guru in the Soviet Union. It was absorbed into the other two political parties, mainly the Democratic Party.

People forget that Jim Jones was to many a well-respected community leader with much political influence right up until the time of the mass suicide. If Obama were thrown out of office, due to his abuse of power and outright crimes, would it surprise anyone, if there were a cataclysm of some kind even much greater than Jonestown. It does not necessarily have to be mass suicide, but an outbreak of violence.


“Jonestown, Its Portent Has Arrived” by David Conn

Jim Jones

False 911 Call made in Texas to disrupt Impeach Obama Overpass Demo

Someone called 911 and reported that these demonstrators were throwing leaflets off the overpass and that a flag fell and hit a car. The police are required to respond, if someone calls 911 and they do not already know about the event. O-bots across the country use this to try to disrupt the demos. Cops are often irritated about being called out and may blame the protesters.

If you let the police know about the event in advance, they may not have to respond at all, depending on what the call is about. You should also let them know that such false 911 calls are often being used in an attempt to disrupt these protests to turn their irritation back on the caller. It is illegal to make false 911 calls.

It is best to not do anything that even appears to be unsafe or presents a risk of something falling into traffic, so that the police know that there was no basis at all for a 911 call.

Texas Demo False 911 Call

Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Protest in Lima, Ohio 10-12-2013

Just some interviews of Great Americans that were Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Getting Involved during the Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Protest in Lima, Ohio this last weekend 10-12-2013. Share, Share, Share…. Pass the word, and let’s Unite, in Taking Our Country Back. IMPEACH OBAMA, CHARGE HIM, AND EVERYONE AROUND HIM WITH TREASON!! Hold all, Republicans, and Democrats Accountable…. and Become American Once Again!!!