Obama and Romney – Boiling the American Frog

Americans – Ready to Jump?
There is an old saying that in order to boil a live frog you have to turn up the heat slowly. If you turn up the heat too quickly, the frog will jump out to liberty.

In recent decades international financial interests have become a much more important influence on American politics. Because so much money is necessary to win a presidential campaign, such forces drive both parties and they are to a large extent the same people. This does not have to be a tight conspiracy of a few people. It can be a movement of a large number of wealthy people, who have interests that overlap to a large degree.

The American people are outraged by Obama and are about ready to jump. Romney represents a slight reduction in the heat. He is also a lackey of those anti-American forces that would destroy American sovereignty and concentrate power in the hands of a few lapdogs and quislings, who are willing to kow-tow to these special interests. Election of Romney will just guarantee that this process of the destruction of American sovereignty continues, though at a somewhat reduced pace.

Obama has criminal, traitorous intent. He needs to be exposed and imprisoned. Election of Romney will just save Obama from American justice and they will be ready to do this all over again in four years.

Because there are only two easy choices does not mean that one of them has to be a *good* choice. That is a fallacy of logic that Republican zombies and kool-aid drinkers have been promoting regularly. There may not be an good and easy choice as has been the case several times in American history already. Sometimes Americans have had to bite the bullet and do things that are not easy or risk-free in order to keep their liberty.

2 thoughts on “Obama and Romney – Boiling the American Frog”

  1. Your perspective is correct. Our capitalist system has been purchased right out from under our feet, by these of ill intent. I am inclined to think that Obama has hijacked the original intent of these other usurpers who are now controling America through monetary interest’s, but at the same time the Bush’s were also deeply tied to the Saudi royal family & defended their interests. I am however confused about obama on this one issue. I can’t tell if he supports the Saudi interests or Irans. I think that he is trying to be the Muslims prophecied Madi, so that he can unite both the Sunni & Shiites against Israel & all of the west. Right now he is trying to gain the sympathy of Americans by appealing to their forgiving side, and to allow him the chance to right his falsely admitted wrongs. This guy is slicker than Willie. It is obvious that he has been trained in psychological propaganda measures, but i am confident that i see through his measures. I know that this is due to revelation from God himself, because it is just so clear.

  2. Joe, that is about the right approach I believe. A major goal of the occult is to unite the world in a Utopia of their design and under their rule. So, I think Obama is trying to appeal to Iran and Saudi Arabia at the same time. I think he favors the Saudis, though. They will be paying him the most money. President come into office with nothing and leave with hundreds of millions of dollars these days as the Clintons did. They have legal ways of transferring the money and the media ignores it.

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