Is Obama Literally Hitler? – Use of Hyperbole in Politics

Obama mocked
as Black ‘Hitler’
The way commentators get their panties in a twist whenever Obama is compared to Hitler, you would think that no one has ever used hyperbole to make a point before. Wikipedia gives the following definition of “hyperbole.”

Hyperbole is the use of exaggeration as a rhetorical device or figure of speech. It may be used to evoke strong feelings or to create a strong impression, but is not meant to be taken literally.

Hitler is an iconic historical figure and Americans use hyperbolic comparisons to Hitler/Nazism every day to make a point, as Hank William’s Jr. did and as many others have done for this or other reasons, such as comedy. (See Jerry Seinfeld’s hilarious “Soup Nazi” skit.)

The comparison is used to mean that someone is extremely strict, inflexible or without empathy for others. Normally, people don’t get upset with this common usage, but somehow they they do become very upset when it is applied to Obama. The issue is not whether Obama is literally “Hitler,” but that there are some parallels to Nazism as a belief system in his background. It may be hyperbole, but it is hyperbole with a valid point. We hope that he does not become another Hitler.

The question is why do people think this commonly-used rhetorical device is okay to use everyday, but is way out of bounds when applied to Obama? It seems that many are so upset, when Obama is compared to Hitler, because they may have to recognize that there is a kernel of truth to the comparison and it makes them extremely uncomfortable to think that the President may somehow be Nazi-like in character.

In Obama’s case, there is more than just a speck of truth to the comparison. He has shown a willingness to use totalitarian methods, trampling on the Constitution and usurping the powers of other branches of Government.

There have always been two branches to the black liberation movement. Obama is not from the non-violent branch represented by Martin Luther King, Jr. and Booker T. Washington. Obama is from the much more racially militant Black Nationalist tradition of Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan. After Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, the more absolutist Black Nationalist branch moved to the fore.

The founder of the black nationalist mass movement in the late 1910’s was Marcus Garvey. Garvey met with the KKK in the 1920’s and began cooperation with them. He mandated that black nationalist groups should emulate white nationalist groups, such as the KKK and the Nazis and wrote that some day the black race would have their own black “Hitler.” (See “Selected Writings of Marcus Garvey,” edited by Bob Blaisdell, Dover Publication, Inc., Mineola, New York (2004), preface viii-x and pages 74-82 entitled “Hon. Marcus Garvey Tells of Interview with the Klu Klux Klan.”)

Since that time there has been a history of meetings and cooperation between black and white nationalists. In a reverse sense, the racial concept of Black Liberation Theology has some striking parallels to the racial concept of Nazism. You can learn more about this history at this link.

Obama and the Black Nazi Movement

Obama may not be responsible for the death of 40-50 million people, but the hyperbolic comparison of Obama to Hitler does have some truth to it. The public needs to be educated about the fact that there are real parallels to Nazism in Obama’s religious background of Black Liberation Theology and Black Nationalism.

That some become angry when this comparison is made is just evidence that use of this so-called rhetorical device is effective. The comparison should be used more until people can no longer deny that there is truth to it. There should be no apologies made for speaking the truth.

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  1. You don’t need to prove the unprovable. You can’t read his mind. It is already unacceptable that a president has a black form of Nazi-like belief in his background. It would be like having David Duke as president.

  2. And that is what you are good at Roger. I am still learning how to approach this differently than I have all the rest of my life. I was raised a Christian. I heard the word of God when I was in my mothers womb. I have spent all of my life studying the contents w/wonderment. At this particular time in my life I am walking very close to the lord spiritually, while living what the Bible classifies as an obedient life. As a result of this, I have committed myself to an ample amount of specific prayer. The Bible teaches to ask to receive, seek to find, & knock and the door shall be opened. In doing this, I am experiencing information feeds to my brain of extraordinary proportions. I am asking the Lord God for specific answers, and it is that not long afterwards the doors of information are opened up & i receive my request. While i am a sinner, I am made righteous through Jesus Christ death, which makes it possible to live a life so walking in a spiritual manner, where we become righteous. The apostle Paul taught us that the effective prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. If our prayer is in line with Gods plans, they will be answered in the affirmative. I seek the Lord about these events, all day long, and into the night. I ask the Lord to reveal to me what is happening, what has been happening, and what is going to happen. The overall answers are found in the prophetic word, but like a few men who have lived before me, I am not satisfied with the norm. My desire to follow the Lord is strong, and this has influence on what i do in all areas of my life. Roger, Obama is an antichrist & all antichrist’s will if given the opportunity destroy the Christian, because we stand in his way of success in deceiving the world. To succeed, we must be silenced. Obama is in the early stages of doing this very thing. I don’t have to read his mind. I have a relationship with the Lord, who knows the hidden secrets of his heart. Because the Lord is pleased with the direction my live is traveling, he warns me of impending danger. This time in my life is so wonderful, as the tests that I pass through are increasing my faith like never before. Roger these things being done are being done, because God is allowing them. This is due to our having disobeyed the Lord to the point of him not being able to stand what we have become. You can get a glimpse of Gods promise of his blessings through obedience, and his promise of a curse if we do not obey by reading Deuteronomy Chapter 28, while it wouldn’t hurt you to read the whole book. I believe the non-Arab cuacasian is a descendent of lost tribes of Israel. We here in America, are not Jews, but Israel who has accepted the true messiah. We are also subject to Gods promises, as Jesus has been placed in charge of all things, & while doing so he carries out the fathers will, not his own. You’re doing a fine job of exposing this antichrist work Roger. You are being diligent in your efforts, so please keep it up. It is you Roger who has done more than any one person to carry this torch. If i am right you will suffer just as Bonhoffer ? did. Are you working for the Lord too???

    1. Joe, there is a long history of occultists having a tactic of provoking a religious hysteria among their opponents, in order to discredit them among a lot of people, who do not have such strong beliefs. People should keep that in mind. If you remember the satanic panic of the 1980’s, the McMartin School affair, Ted Gunderson and ritual child abuse, that became such a hysteria. People need to keep their feet on the ground. I believe Obama does this often by hinting at his occult beliefs and in the hope that conservative Christians will launch themselves into the ozone. If people do that, they lose.

  3. …but I in fact believe that the same demon that was in Hitler, is now in the Kenyan aka ‘Obama’. Not the same body, but the same evil being.

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