See RINO Slate for Republican Central Committee in San Diego

There’s a robocall going about San Diego County asking folks to vote for these candidates for the Republican Central Committee. Whoever paid for the robo call withheld his identifying information. The law requires the sponsor of political robocalls to be identified, click here for more information on the law. In this sense this kind of anonymous robocall is an illegal, dirty trick. You can file a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission. The more complaints the better.

It’s believed, though, that these candidates are the ones favored by the clique of RINO’s that now dominates the Republican Central Committee in San Diego. RINO means Republican In Name Only. I think, we can assume this call was made to support the current leadership. It doesn’t mean everyone on this list is a RINO, but that the RINO leadership prefers these candidates and probably feels like they can work with them.

Please consider voting for incumbents on the committee that are not endorsed by the RINO leadership and therefore DO NOT appear on this list. You can see the list of incumbents now serving on the Central Committee by clicking on the link below,

You can vote for up to six candidates in your district. If you have votes left over, also consider voting for someone new, who is not yet on the committee and not on this list and maybe not yet controlled by the RINOS. The Republican Central Committee needs less RINO’s, more patriots and more new blood.

You can hear the original, illegal, anonymous, RINO robocall here.

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