Border Fence Skips Reservation On Colorado River

A five-mile border fence is being constructed on the Colorado River, where the gap is actually about twelve miles wide. More than six of the miles where there will be no pedestrian fence would be on an Indian reservation and another mile will be to the north of Morelos Dam where the river can be waded with ease.

This section of the border is easily accessible via Mexican highway 2 that runs parallel to the border in this area. It is also near populated areas, Yuma on the US side and the Mexican towns of San Luis Rio Colorado and Los Algodones, making it a convenient place for illegal border crossing. This particular section has historically had a high rate of illegal crossing.

The US Customs and Border Protection spokesman for public affairs for the Yuma sector, Vincent Dulesky, said there is no funding for the seven-mile gap that will remain and and a fence is not being considered for these gaps in the border fence at this time.

Arizona Republic Article – Second Border Wall Project in Yuma

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