Every Illegal And His Dog Crossing Border In San Diego

Illegals crossing on the beach as seen from Mexican side

The video below combines a couple of videos that were posted on Mexican news outlets. They are reused here to show illegal crossers at the beach in San Diego. According to reports, about 100 illegals per day are crossing the border at this place.

The section of a few hundred yards was not finished during the Trump term and is being finished now under Biden. I do not think Biden wanted to do it, but a judge ruled that he could not reprogram the money that had been reserved for it by Trump. So, he has to let it go forward and finish the part of the Trump Wall that has already been funded, apparently. Note the dog crossing near the end of the video. Reportedly, the dog was immediately repatriated to Mexico, but probably not the humans.

View of construction from the US side

They are building an 18-foot primary fence, bordering Mexico and a 30-foot secondary fence behind it. The secondary fence has been completed first. It will take many more months for the primary fence to be finished and presumably for that time, it will continue to be relatively easy to cross here at the beach.

View of Border to the west from US side

The silver color of the new fence is due to an anti-corrosive coating of some kind applied to the normally rust-colored, steel bollards. The brown fence in the distance was completed during Trump’s term in office.

View of the Border to the east from US side

Other Notorious illegal crossing places in San Diego Co.

When this construction is done, of course, you should not expect the unprecedented mass illegal crossing of millions to stop, at least not while Biden is in office. Here are some other places that they cross regularly. Of course, crossing in all of these places is controlled by the local cartel coyote and illegal crossers have to pay, about $8-9K in the San Diego area to cross from what I have heard.

  • Tijuana river border crossing – Just to the west of the San Ysidro border crossing, behind the Las Americas Premium Outlets there is a 350-yard gap here where there is no border barrier at all to stop fake refugees from walking into US territory to fraudulently claim asylum and be released.

  • Near the South Bay Water Reclamation Plant – At this location just off Monument Road, the cartel coyotes put fake refugees over the primary fence. They camp out there until the Border Patrol comes to pick them up with a shuttle bus. Progressive hypocrites provide food, water and other supplies through the secondary fence here. They claim it is a “humanitarian relief project”, but it is really about progressive (neo-Marxist) politics and cheap labor for big business. Click on these coordinates (32.540046, -117.068154) for a map to the location.

  • Marron Valley – Between Otay Mountain and Tecate Peak, there is no border barrier at all for about 6-7 miles of relatively flat land. The Tijuana river meanders across the border at this place, but it is dry most of the year and can be easily walked across. The Border Patrol has a shuttle bus stop here where they go regularly to fetch the new arrivals, most to be quickly released into the US. The Border Patrol discourages the public from driving all the way to the border in Marron Valley, because it is a hot spot for drug smuggling. Click on these coordinates (32.578056, -116.763056) for a map to the location. The Border Patrol warns that you NOT go past the gate in the road at this point.

  • Campo Creek – where the creek and an old railroad track crosses the border there is several hundred yards where there is no border barrier at all. It is easy to walk across the border here. To drive there you have to use the border road starting from Tecate or from Campo.

  • Jacumba Hot Springs. Near Jacumba there is a single low fence, built during the Bush era, where they climb over. In places the fake refugees can walk around the fence. Reportedly a number of camps are there of fake refugees. The Border Patrol also provides a regular shuttle service for them to the station.

This should be considered criminal endangerment of a child, as well as untold hundreds of other such cases occurring every week. Our government’s policy encourages it, as well other serious criminal behavior.

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