Attempt To Disqualify DA In Antifa Conspiracy Due To Her Conservatism (Failed)

A motion has been filed in the first-ever, Antifa conspiracy case to disqualify the San Diego District Attorney, Summer Stephan, from prosecuting the trial because during her campaign she expressed conservative political and pro-law-enforcement views. Her views have been deemed hostile to the violent, anarcho-communist ideology of Antifa. Therefore, she is accused of being unable to fairly prosecute Antifa members, who conspire to commit violent crimes intended to suppress the free speech of others. This motion may be considered at an upcoming hearing on November 17th by Judge Daniel Goldstein. If this concept were accepted widely it would seem that only progressive Democrats could be allowed to try BLM and Antifa defendants.

UPDATE: This motion failed.

Twelve antifa have been charged with conspiracy to riot and other crimes. Seven of them have already pled guilty. One has been sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison. The intention was to disrupt a pro-Trump rally on January 9th, 2021 in Pacific Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego, just three days after the J6 event at the Capitol building.

First of all, pointing the finger at the crimes of someone else does not excuse a person from their own crimes. In the article below by KBPS, the writer summarizes the complaints in the motion to disqualify. He refers to elements that he claims are white supremacists and fascists and crimes that some have supposedly committed. This Leftist conspiracy theory holds that those on the Left are being prosecuted in San Diego, while others on the Right get off free. I can tell you from personal experience that’s not true.

Examples given in the KPBs article below as unpunished crimes the Right has committed are the following. One person giving a Nazi salute, another brandishing a knife and others assaulting Leftists. Giving a Nazi salute is not a crime and you don’t know whether it reflects the person’s own belief or whether he did it in sarcasm because they say Antifa are the real fascists.

Brandishing a knife and minor assaults are misdemeanors. Under current California law, a misdemeanor has to be witnessed directly by the police to be prosecutable, even if there is video. On the other hand, these Antifa defendants are charged with felony conspiracy.

Defense attorney asks judge to remove San Diego District Attorney from antifa conspiracy case – KPBS Article

Why BLM/Antifa Attract Attention Of Law Enforcement

If radical, revolutionary, far-left groups are getting more scrutiny from the DA and the police in San Diego than groups on the Right it may just be because they tried to burn down the La Mesa Police station in San Diego County. Here they chant in front of the San Diego Police Station that all police stations should be burned to the ground. That kind of thing somehow tends to get the attention of the police. Yet, if the DA and police act or even call it a “threat”, somehow they must be incurably “biased”.

Jonah Bigel was among the Antifa rioters on J6 — though he was not charged in the conspiracy. One of his actions on another day was apparently an attempt to burn down a San Diego Police Storefront office.

Antifa traces their roots back to the pre-WWII Antifa street fighters against Nazis and they use similar symbolism. But anyone who knows a little about that history knows that Antifa of that time were not just “anti-fascist”, they were violent, revolutionary communists, not really much different in their violent tactics than Nazis.

Text Of The Frivolous Motion To Disqualify

Below is the 243-page Motion to Disqualify, which is full of misleading information and falsehoods, but in “progressive”, communist-friendly California it may very well succeed.


Previous Disqualification in BLM Case

There is an earlier case, in which a DA was disqualified in the prosecution of BLM organizers. This happened in San Luis Obispo, Ca. In this earlier case 300 BLM protesters shut down a major freeway and vandalized some of the cars as well as put drivers at risk of being injured in accidents. It was claimed that the DA was biased, because of things his wife and other associates said, not him. See quote from the first article below:

The trial court found that a campaign email from Wendy Dow, wife of the DA, which made references to “crazy protest activity” and “the wacky defund the police movement and anarchist groups,” “established a disqualifying conflict of interest on the part of District Attorney Dow and his entire office.”

The court also found that District Attorney Dow had “associated with two media personalities who were critical of BLM and that he had participated in a Facebook group in which some members had posted statements that disparaged BLM.”

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