Illegal Mob Storms Border At Tijuana River into San Diego

An illegal mob storms the border at the Tijuana River near San Diego. This crowd of illegals is climbing the south levee of the Tijuana River channel. If they turn left at the top and walk/run about half a mile, there are about 350 yards of wide open border with no barrier where the Tijuana River crosses the border just west of the San Ysidro port of entry. They can just run across the border in this location. The Border Patrol is not allowed to stop them, but only escort them. This is most probably not a one-time event, but something that the local cartel controlling this part of the border does regularly. They are coming, of course, because Biden has invited them to come by relaxing the policy on who is allowed to remain in the US.

Even if the Border Patrol detains them, these illegal crossers will likely claim refugee status and be released into the US under Biden’s turbocharged catch-and-release policy. Since illegal border crossing is controlled by the cartels, they were without much doubt put across by cartel smugglers and may have been smuggled across Mexico by a cartel, as well. The point is that it is insane for us to be allowing the Mexican smuggling cartels to choose who immigrates to America. We are growing and empowering the cartels on both sides of the border.

They have a cartel contact when they arrive here. Many borrow money from the cartel to cross. They are then, in effect, indentured to the cartel until the loan is paid off. The quickest and easiest way to make a large sum of money is via illegal activities, which may be working for the cartel in the US.

There has been some talk of building a bollard fence across the river here. However, millions of gallons of sewage and toxic waste flow freely into the US territory at this place. US and Mexican officials are concerned that a fence across the river could cause, during rainy weather, the sewage and toxic wastewater to back up and flood Tijuana.

This video was published by a news outlet in Tijuana in early October of 2023.


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