Americans Last Again – Legal Aid Approved For Illegal Aliens

Our new progressive-dominated San Diego County Board of Supervisors decided to put Americans last, once again, when they voted to give illegal aliens financial aid for their legal defense against deportation. Deportation proceedings is a civil action and American citizens are not eligible to obtain financial aid if they are defendants in a civil lawsuit. The County has allocated five million dollars for this program. It is expected to become a part of the annual budget.

County Boards, with their feelings self-importance, are often not satisfied with the more mundane local tasks, such fixing potholes, catching stray dogs and dealing with homelessness. Sometimes they like to weigh-in on national and even global issues, using our money. Deportation of illegal aliens is a federal issue. Certainly, the County should not be using local taxpayers money to defend non-citizens from deportation in a federal court.

Terra Lawson-Remer is the radical, newly-elected, progressive supervisor who proposed this measure. That she thinks the Constitution guarantees illegal aliens a taxpayer-funded defense just shows how twisted and confused the thinking of progressives can be. One commentator also commented that the fund could also be used to sue landlords for discrimination when they refuse to rent to illegal aliens.


This is the contact info of those who voted “yes” in case you would like to tell them how you feel about it.

Terra Lawson-Remer
Phone: (619) 531-5533
Twitter: Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer

Nora Vargas
Phone: 619.531.5511
Twitter: Supervisor Nora Vargas

Nathan Fletcher
Phone: (619) 531-5544
Fax: (619) 531-6262
Twitter: Supervisor Nathan Fletcher

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How Much Do Coyotes Charge To Cross The US Border?

According to the reports below, it can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 dollars just to cross the actual border, depending on where you want to cross. It can cost $5,000 to $14,000 to have a coyote smuggle a person from Central America or Southern Mexico to the US border.

Cartel Coyotes charge different prices to smuggle people across the southern border with Mexico. It varies widely, depending on where you want to cross, how you want to cross, the coyote that is used and the overall situation. However, here are some recent examples, from Noticias Univision (subtitled). I will add more information to this post as I find it. So, come back to this page for updates.

The great majority of illegal crossers pay a cartel to cross, because it can be very dangerous for an illegal border crosser to transit Mexico or to cross the border without the permission of the local cartel that controls the territory for the purposes of trafficking humans, drugs or whatever contraband is being smuggled. That means when they arrive in the US they virtually all have contacts and are already engaged with the cartels.

The building of 450 miles of 18 and 30-foot-high bollard fence has made it much more difficult to cross in those places where it was built and that has driven up the price of crossing. It is basic supply and demand. Fewer places to cross easily and many people wanting to cross now means the price to cross goes up.


They pay the cost of crossing from their savings, borrowing money from family/friends, selling property, etc. The cartel may loan them up to 50% of the cost. The illegal may be working for the cartel to pay back the loan after they cross, engaged in criminal activity. This helps expand these criminal organizations in our own country.

If you want to see where that can lead, just look at the tens of thousands of murders by the cartels every year in Mexico with assassinations of politicians, journalists and others who do not cooperate. The cartels are a kind of shadow government in Mexico and truth be known they are already exerting significant influence over our own government.

The United Nations Refugee Agency, NGO’s, social-justice churches and nonprofits help “refugees” with their needs on both sides of the border. The UN can coordinate and provide Internet-enabled cell phones with paid service plans for communications and debit cards with an allowance for basic expenses. Other nonprofit groups may provide food, clothes, medical aid, legal advice, etc.

Foundations, corporations and individuals can donate for this specific cause to help traffick people from Latin American and other places into the US. The smuggling cartels, progressive Democrats, nonprofit groups, leftist churches and even some US/Mexican governmental agencies are, in effect, all working in conjunction to traffick these people, thereby growing this criminal network and influence of cartels in the United States.

NEWS REPORTS (English Subtitled)

In the report by Univision below they state at 01:20 that it cost from $8,000 to $14,000 to be smuggled from Central America or Southern Mexico. Once they reach the border, it cost $1,000 to $1,800 more just to cross the river (at 01:40).

Cartel Coyote Reveals How Human Trafficking Is Done

In this video from April 22, 2021, a woman says at 02:00 that she paid the coyote $9,000 for her and her child to cross. She crossed twice and was expelled twice and says she would not not try it again.

Migrant Pays Cartel Coyote $9,000 to Cross Illegally And Loses Her Money

The woman in this video states at 01:35 that she paid $4,000 to the Coyote and owes $1,500 just to start the trip to the US border. This report is from March 17, 2021.

Coyote Plans To Traffick Woman / Children To US

In this report (from March 31, 2021) early on in the wave that came after Biden was inaugurated, they state at 00:35 that crossing cost only $500, a real bargain at that time to have someone paddle you across the Rio Grande.

Cartels Tag Illegal Crossers With Payment-Status Bracelets


A person who claimed to be knowledgeable said in April, 2021 that to cross the border in San Diego, it cost $7,500 for Latin Americans and $10,000 for Chinese. He told me this at the refugee camp in Tijuana at El Chaparral border crossing. The Trump fence has been largely completed, for now, in San Diego and is quite formidable and there are a lot of Border Patrol Agents in the area.

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Tijuana Refugee Camp Update And Background Info

These are images (from 4/26/2021) of the refugee camp at El Chaparral pedestrian crossing in Tijuana, also called PEDWEST on the US side. It had been about three weeks since I last took video. Every week it grows a little, but may be starting to stabilize a bit by now, at least until Biden lifts the Covid restrictions and a new wave comes.

One thing that stands out is the lack of nonprofit groups here on this day. No one is serving food or handing out clothes. No information tables. There was, however, a small medical truck nearby. The demand may have just overwhelmed these local groups. You can see in the video that some of the refugees are feeding themselves.

My understanding is that these are new arrivals that have not applied for asylum, yet or crossed the border and been deported. There is another group about the same size, if not larger, in the hills a couple of miles southeast of here at the Ambassadors of Jesus Church in a place called Little Haiti or Scorpion Canyon. People go there who crossed illegally and have been immediately expelled due to Covid restrictions.

These people brought the children because they thought Biden was going to start catch-and-release again, which is based on a Supreme Court agreement from the 1990’s that requires those with children to be released from detainment within 20 days. This Flores Agreement has been weaponized by the progressives, since about 2016. They exploit it as a giant loophole that allows massive numbers of illegal immigrants to gain entry to the US and just disappear by defrauding the asylum process.

Biden eliminated Trump’s rational, remain-in-Mexico policy and started releasing into the US every day hundreds of the 25k asylum seekers to disappear that were sent back to Mexico by Trump to wait for a court ruling. During the Trump term, Title 42, the Public Health and Welfare Law, was put into effect due to Covid, which requires the immediate expulsion of illegal border crossers. Biden has also made exceptions to Title 42 that allows pregnant women and minors, many with Covid, to be released immediately into the US. Biden may lift the Covid restrictions within the next few weeks and reinstate catch-and-release, which should cause another even much bigger rush to the border.

These children are being exploited as human shields, just so the adults can obtain easy access into the US, most to live illegally. This amounts to a form of child trafficking. It’s using children as a commodity in order to obtain some personal benefit, entry into the US, access to better paying jobs and social benefits, or even for criminal profit. The Cartels are also trafficking the adults for the money. Though they claim to be morally superior, progressives and liberals promote this very large trafficking industry, because they believe it benefits them politically and there is a financial benefit for some their organizations. For these reasons they are actively complicit in this human trafficking.

The migrants pay a cartel to transport them here. They may use all their savings, sell their property, borrow from family and friends to get here with some back home thinking they will, in turn, help them come later, or at least send money. The cartel may loan them a part of their charges, too. If the money is not paid back, the person’s family at home could be at serious risk. The borrower may have to do criminal acts to pay back the money.

Such migrants are those who are willing to work with the cartels and are likely to work with them again on the US side of the border. By encouraging this kind of illegal mass migration we are making the cartels stronger, even on our side of the border. In effect, the cartel is in charge of a large part of our immigration policy. They choose who can immigrate to the US and most likely the progressives will make them citizens in the end

The illegal migrants are often illegally in Mexico, too, and could always decide to turn themselves in to Mexican authorities and be deported back to their homeland. But if they do that they will lose all the money they paid the traffickers to get this far. The danger and hardship that they suffered along the way will have been for nothing. This is an investment for most of them and they are very committed to obtaining the pay-off. To allow it to happen, just encourages more to come. The Trump administration actually demonstrated that it could be stopped with a simple political agreement. In the long run, it is much kinder to stop it than to let it continue like this.


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Live-Streamer Oscar El Blue ‘Outed’ As ‘White Supremacist’ By Progressive Journalists? LoL!

Progressive journalists Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and Jean Guerrero of the Daily Beast attempt to brand several Mexican live-streamers as racist, white nationalists and racial supremacists. LoL! Oscar “El Blue” Ramirez and Anthony Agüero work for Border Network News and Paloma Zuniga” is known as “Paloma for Trump”. They are all “cien por ciento Mexicanos”. Oscar and Paloma both live in Mexico and Anthony lives in the US.

Jean Guerrero accuses Oscar El Blue of slandering Democrats by claiming they are trafficking children. This is actually very true. We should all be shouting it from the rooftops. Progressive Democrats, as well as the United Nations Refugee Agency and various NGO’s are very complicit in the cartel trafficking of children, as well as trafficking of adults from Central America into the U.S. for use as cheap illegal labor and some for illegal activities, such as drug distribution/sales, money laundering and sexual services. It certainly is a kind of invasion, as they accuse him of saying, an invasion promoted by progressive Democrats.

Progressives believe they will benefit politically by fostering a subservient underclass, which is dependent on the Government and eternally loyal to the progressive political agenda. You don’t have to be a Qanon follower to see that progressive Democrats are fostering the trafficking of humans (illegal aliens) for their political and financial benefit. They claim that anyone, who doesn’t accept their anti-American beliefs, is a racist and Qanon conspiracy theorist.

I say “progressive Democrats”, because not all Democrats support the trafficking of illegals into the US. It is not strictly an issue of one political party. Some progressive Republicans also support it, though they tend to be not as outspoken in their support. Both parties ought to purge themselves of those corrupt politicians, who support this terribly inhumane social ill of trafficking illegal aliens, which is destructive to American society and sovereignty.

Border Invasion? Mexican MAGA Influencers Push “Damaging” Conspiracy Theories About Asylum Seekers


Oscar has admitted his conviction for drug smuggling, mentioned in the video, but that was in 2008, more than twelve years ago. He has served his time and paid his debt to society, as we say. He has also said publically that he regrets it. What he live-streams can be judged on its own merits. You can read the original, two-page complaint against him below.

Statement of Facts – PDF File

Oscar El Blue Complaint


As thousands of asylum seekers continue to wait in Mexico for a chance to enter the United States, investigative journalist Jean Guerrero says Mexican social media influencers connected to right-wing U.S. media outlets and political figures are whipping up “hysteria” about the southern border. She says they are spreading false conspiracy theories about an orchestrated “invasion” and “child trafficking” funded by Democrats that are endangering vulnerable people. “It’s been incredibly damaging,” says Guerrero.

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.
AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! The Quarantine Report. I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González.

We look now at how two Mexican social media influencers, who are devoted Trump supporters, have been spreading false conspiracy theories about the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, warning their viewers in the United States of an orchestrated “invasion” and “child trafficking” funded by Democrats. Sound QAnony?

Well, an explosive new report published Monday in The Daily Beast by reporter Jean Guerrero reveals one of the men was deported after serving time in prison for a federal drug-trafficking conviction but was able to reenter the U.S. while Trump was president. He’s a live-streamer named Oscar Ramirez, or “Oscar El Blue,” who calls himself an independent reporter and was featured on Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon’s podcast War Room several times this month. Ramirez also contributes to a U.S. right-wing media network called Real America’s Voice. This is a clip from one of his reports.

OSCAR RAMIREZ: All the way over here, they put a wall to protect the United States and to protect this invasion that is happening. So, it is — it was amazing.

AMY GOODMAN: So, that’s Oscar Ramirez, or “Oscar El Blue.” Just this past April, Ramirez reportedly reentered the U.S. at the El Paso, Texas, border crossing, along with Anthony Agüero, another right-wing influencer, who allegedly took part in the January 6th insurrection and is a close friend of the QAnon conspiracy theorist congressperson, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Well, if you’re having a little trouble following this, let’s go to Jean Guerrero, investigative journalist and author of Hatemonger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda. She has this new piece in The Daily Beast headlined “The MAGA Clowns Making Chaos at the Border Have Ugly Pasts.”

Jean, welcome back to Democracy Now! Just lay out what you have found. This is explosive.

JEAN GUERRERO: Yes, I mean, I looked at the cases of two of these right-wing influencers and conspiracy theorists, but Oscar Ramirez’s is definitely the most shocking case. He is someone, as you said, Amy, with a federal drug-trafficking conviction in his past, which, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act, U.S. federal law on immigration, someone with that kind of conviction would be inadmissible to the United States after deportation, unless he were able to obtain a special visa waiver from the attorney general himself or the State Department. And so, it would be impossible for him to reenter the United States without basically very strong political connections or working as an informant. I asked Mr. Ramirez what the details of his visa were. He refused to give them. He accused me and The Daily Beast of promoting child trafficking by trying to expose some of the things that he’s involved in.

But in addition to the tens of thousands of U.S.-based followers that he has and who he’s spreading lies to, you know, creating hysteria about alleged trafficking at the border, when he himself has a federal drug-trafficking conviction, it’s been incredibly damaging. And in addition to that social media following, he’s been appearing regularly on a U.S. right-wing media outlet called Real America’s Voice, which airs Steve Bannon’s program The War Room, among other things. And I reached out to them about their decision to use a convicted drug trafficker as a talking head on border security and to create hysteria about trafficking at the border, and they declined to respond. But they are creating —

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And, Jean, could you — Jean, could you talk also about Anthony Agüero and his ties to right-wing elements in the United States, as well as another person, Paloma Zuniga?

JEAN GUERRERO: Yes. So, Oscar Ramirez, he is close friends and collaborators with Anthony Agüero, as well as Ben Bergquam, who is a correspondent at Real America’s Voice. These three men are very close. And both of the U.S.-based men, Ben Bergquam and Anthony Agüero, are close, longtime associates and friends of Marjorie Taylor Greene. They’ve defended the integrity of the Proud Boys, which is designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They’ve been involved in a number of right-wing extremist activities in the United States. And there’s some speculation that because of Oscar Ramirez’s close connections with these individuals, he was able to get connections in the Trump administration. And despite the fact that the Trump administration was not — was instructing agents not to use their discretion in favor of extending leniency to any immigrant whatsoever, let alone those with criminal convictions, he was able to get a special — this special pass to get back into the United States and to report alongside these two individuals for this U.S. right-wing network called Real America’s Voice.

“Paloma for Trump” is a U.S. and Mexican national who’s also extremely problematic. She has tens of thousands of followers, as well, also associated with Ben Bergquam, the Marjorie Taylor Greene associate. And she has been involved in numerous physical confrontations with migrants. At one point she was caught on camera chasing and, literally, physically shoving a migrant child who was approaching the border with his father to request asylum. She was screaming in his face, chasing him around and shoving him and telling him that he was not welcome in the United States. She has since apologized for that incident, but she remains a problematic character. She’s been involved in an incident in which rocks and racial epithets were thrown, were hurled at the asylum seekers.

She very recently went to this migrant camp of thousands of people who are waiting for their turn to request asylum legally in the U.S., and started broadcasting their images, including images of children, without their permission, something which makes the asylum seekers very nervous because of their precarious situation in northern Mexico, where many of these people are fleeing death threats. There’s gang violence that they have to worry about. They don’t want their images broadcast. And these live-streamers have been going down there, not respecting their rights to privacy. Often they’ll interview them under false premises and then mistranslate to their U.S.-based audiences to create more hysteria and to basically conflate all of these asylum seekers with child traffickers and conflate their advocates with traffickers, as well.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And also, in terms of — some of them, as you report, engage in Mexican chauvinism toward Central American refugees?

JEAN GUERRERO: Yes, exactly. So, Oscar Ramirez, he claims that he’s only against illegal immigration. But when you look at his videos, I mean, he tells his viewers that Central Americans are, quote-unquote, “lazy” and that anyone who is trying to come to the United States through Mexico from Central America is just looking for, quote, “easy money,” “easy welfare.” He peddles these very racist and negative stereotypes about Central Americans.

And this is something that’s very common. It’s an established problem, this internalized racism that can occur in the Latinx community, although Ramirez and Zuniga deny being racist. But they both have expressed very negative views toward Central Americans, towards people who are coming from other countries who may have darker skin than Mexicans.

And it’s a very common strategy with people who are peddling white supremacist ideas to use people of color as shields against accusations of racism. So, having people like Paloma Zuniga or Oscar Ramirez on these U.S. right-wing media outlets talking about a, quote-unquote, “invasion of horrible people at the border,” you know, it helps blunt accusations of racism in these U.S. right-wing media outlets and just really creates a lot of hysteria and hurts the chances of these asylum seekers to ever find a legal pathway into the United States.

I spoke to many of them, who say that they’re afraid of these live-streamers. The live-streamers make them really sad and concerned that they might — that it might turn public opinion in the United States against immigration and create this hysteria that will ultimately lead them to not be able to find refuge in this country, where they’re hoping to save their children’s lives.

AMY GOODMAN: Jean Guerrero, we want to thank you so much for being with us, wrote The Daily Beast piece, which we will link to, “The MAGA Clowns Making Chaos at the Border Have Ugly Pasts.” Jean is also author of Hatemonger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda.

When we come back, we go to Bessemer, Alabama, where Amazon workers are voting on whether to become the first unionized Amazon warehouse in the United States. Stay with us.

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Border Fence Gap At Trestle Valley Near Tecate, Ca

Between Tecate and the small town of Campo there is valley with 1.3 miles of border where there is no barrier, at all. Campo creek crosses the border at this location. The community is called “Canyon City”. The Border Patrol apparently calls this part of the border “Trestle Valley”, because an old railroad bridge is there.

Even though there are a couple of gaps in the border fence in California, the fence overall is much better than it was a couple of years ago. A small gap does not negate the rest of the fence that has been built. A border barrier is not an all-or-nothing situation. The new fence may not be perfect, but it is a great help to the Border Patrol. When it becomes more difficult to cross and fewer places to cross, the price goes up and fewer people can afford to cross. It becomes physically more risky to cross, also.

On either side of this gap are several hundred yards of older bollard fence, built at the end of the Bush term or early in the Obama term in office. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 is what authorized the building of a barrier on the border in response to the 9/11 attacks. Bush began building the new steel bollard fence and it was continued for a time under Obama. It wasn’t a political football at that time and Obama didn’t stop it immediately, but he didn’t finish it either.

The current fence built by Trump is very similar to the earlier steel-bollard design, just generally higher, about 28-30 feet. This is the fence that the Border Patrol wanted. Along the 160-mile California border there is about 50-60 miles of the old Bus/Obama fence and about the same amount was built by Trump.


Border Fence Gap At Trestle Valley Near Tecate, Ca

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Protest Of Women With Children Demanding Asylum in Tijuana

Yesterday, April 23, there was a protest by women with children at the Tijuana border demanding asylum from Joe Biden. Below, for your convenience, is the automatic translation of the original article in Spanish to English with some corrections of obvious errors and grammar issues. The bus lane and several SENTRII lanes were shut down, according to reports and they almost got into US territory.

According to my understanding, probably all of these women each paid a cartel coyote around $5,000 to $10,000 to transport them and their children to the US Border. Many even pay the cartel to transport their small children alone. The cartels in Tijuana murdered about 2,500 people last year and all of the cartels together murdered 36,000 people in Mexico. Would you pay to put your child in the hands of such people? Do you really think people that work with the cartels and willingly put their own children at extreme risk will make good US citizens?

Biden has extended for one month the Title 42 restrictions due to Covid and officially, at least, only pregnant women and unaccompanied minors are being released at this time into the U.S. I have been told, however, that there are always some exceptions to these policies.

If Biden lifts the restrictions next month, I estimate from news reports that there are around 8,000-10,000 waiting to apply for asylum just in Tijuana. Along the entire border with Mexico there are likely about ten times that many already at the border and many more would soon be on their way to the border when Biden says the word.

Migrantes piden asilo a Joe Biden (Migrants ask Joe Biden for asylum)

With banners and accompanied by minors, the migrants asked the United States Government for help. | Sergio Ortiz

Tijuana, BC.- With children infront, dozens of migrants protested at the Tijuana-San Ysidro gatehouse with the intention of drawing the attention of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to obtain the protection of humanitarian asylum.

The migrants are from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, who have been living for almost three months in the camp they set up in the plaza in front of the El Chaparral pedestrian crossing, where approximately two thousand people are, including minors and adults.

Joe Biden, “Give us protection’ and ‘Biden we are tired’ were some of the slogans on the part of the protesters, who came very close to touching US soil, which caused the mobilization of at least 25 security agents of the CBP (Office of Customs and Border Protection).

“Support us, President, because you promised that you would help us, there are many citizens who have been forgotten,” said Mrs. Sacarías.

In the presence of dozens of girls and boys, the intervention of the municipal police of Tijuana was necessary to ask the parents to monitor them and forbid them to run among the motorists to avoid a tragedy or theft.

The demonstration caused the closure of the bus lane, which was stopped for four hours, said a driver who is works providing transportation service to tourists from Tijuana to the United States.

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Two Planes Pick Up Illegal-Alien Detainees In San Diego

On April 22, 2021, two Boeing 737 jets flew into San Diego and picked up three busloads each of handcuffed detainees. Both jets then flew to San Antonio. The white buses are DHS buses. Recently, when you see the white buses, you know it is about detainees, likely to be deported. Of course, being handcuffed is another big hint. This video shows only one busload of six boarding the two planes. Probably, there were around 100 detainees flown on each airplane for a total of 200 detainees being transported.

You may wonder why they are being sent back to Texas. It may be that they will be flown back to their home country or they are criminals, who will be prosecuted or something else such as that.

At the time this was posted, most illegal crossers are being deported back to Mexico as required by Title 42 due, to the Covid19 pandemic. Biden made exceptions for pregnant women and minors, who are allowed to stay. We have currently about 1-3 planes flying to San Diego daily, sometimes picking up detainees, sometimes dropping them off.

These Covid19 restrictions are going to end at some point soon and then there will a a rush of 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of illegal border crossers. For what I read, at this time, there are probably 7-8 thousand people waiting to cross already, just in Tijuana. Biden has just extended the restrictions for another month.

This planes belong to iAero Group (formerly Swift Airlines). Most of these charter flights by being flown by iAero.

Two Planes Pick UP Illegal-Alien Detainees In San Diego

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Cartel Coyote Reveals How Human Trafficking Is Done

In this news interview, a coyote, who smuggles people across the border for a cartel, describes how it is done and talks about the danger of the the illegal immigrants being kidnapped, also what happens to them if the ransom is not paid. The report shows how they are trafficked across Mexico in charter buses and freight trucks and about how much the smuggling fee is across Mexico and the Rio Grande into the United States.

Univision certainly has a bias in favor of illegal immigration, but they are often presenting real, useful information. In this video, they appear to be trying to generate sympathy for those illegal border crossers who are deported in another area, controlled by a different cartel. In that case, it is much more difficult for them to cross again, because they have not paid the crossing fee to the different cartel in the new area.

However, if they want to avoid the danger of being kidnapped they can always choose to report themselves to Mexican Immigration and allow themselves to be deported by the Mexicans. Those being smuggled as “refugees” are generally illegally in Mexico, also, and the Mexican Government does generally deport illegals when they find them and probably would in such as case as this.

My reason for subtitling and distributing these videos is because they are informative and difficult for open-borders radicals to dismiss, since it comes from Univision, which is not exactly known as a far-right news outlet.


Cartel Coyote Reveals How Human Trafficking Is Done

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Biden Has Outsourced Our Immigration System To Cartels

Biden is outsourcing a large part of our immigration to the smuggling Cartels, who control human trafficking in Mexico and Central America. They murder about 30,000 people per year in Mexico. It is the Cartels who decide who can be trafficked across Mexico without the proper documents and those they smuggle will probably be here in the U.S. for the rest of their lives. Those who pay for the cartels to come are likely to continue working with them in the future after they arrive. This is obviously not the way we ought to be doing immigration. WE should choose who can come.

We are helping the cartels enormously to expand their presence in the US. We could eventually being controlled by them. The cartels are most probably already paying off our some of our politicians. Once they feel secure enough to start blatantly murdering tens of thousands of us every year for opposing them, hanging bodies from overpasses as a warning to others, as they do in Mexico, the end will be near for America as we have known it. Every American should be very concerned about the subversive measures that Biden is implementing, which enable organized criminal organizations under the guise of helping poor, suffering immigrants.

The Cartels control who illegally immigrates via our southern border.

The cartels franchise the entire border to their associates for a share of the money generated from the smuggling. There may be a few that cross without the cartel’s permission and get away with it, but it would be a very dangerous thing to do regularly in significant volume. These people pleading poverty have usually paid the cartels many thousands of dollars to be smuggled across Mexico and across our own border to their destination. The cartels already have their tentacles spread all across the US.

The Santa Muerte cult is a folk religion in Mexico, based on the pagan, Aztec goddess of death and queen of the underworld. The tattoo is not exclusively a cartel tattoo. Prostitutes, petty criminals and common people can also be followers of Santa Muerte, because they do not feel that they fit into the regular, traditional church.

But the implication that this woman is helping to traffic people may well be correct and she may be paid by the cartel. She may be acting as cartel coyote, herself, working on a daily basis in a US airport.

This local newscast by KUSI in San Diego also discusses Cartel influence in the current, record wave of illegal border crossing.

Border Patrol Co-Opted By Cartels, Gagged By Biden

This all needs to come out in the open. There should be a congressional investigation, but Congress is probably already intimidated by the cartels, or worse, some actually support what the cartels are doing, because they think it helps further their anti-American, political agenda.

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Border Patrol Rescues Migrant Child, Dumped In Desert

This is just one example of many thousands of children being trafficked by the cartels across Mexico and into the U.S. Univision reports that 17,000 of them are already in custody at this time and as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children are estimated to be trafficked this year into the United States. This is shocking mass abuse of children and Biden’s open-borders policies are directly responsible for this. Current policy will be to unite this boy probably with the very people responsible for his trafficking by the cartels and criminal endangerment. Current policy requires that this boy be re-united probably with the very people, who contracted to have him smuggled by a cartel, causing his criminal endangerment. They should be prosecuted and deported for this criminal behavior, not rewarded.

How many will be abandoned or die while being trafficked across Mexico or crossing the desert? How many will be sold to someone? The numbers won’t be reported, because what happens to them generally will not be known, especially when they are under the control of the traffickers. They will just disappear in Mexico or in the desert in the United States.

Law Enforcement saves lives, border chaos kills.

Bitchute Video – Border Patrol Rescues Migrant Child, Dumped In Desert

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