(Video) Patriots Assaulted By LA County Security for Opposing Aid to Illegal Aliens, Trying to Talk to County Supervisor

Patriot battered by secuirty

Patriot battered by secuirty

Patriots were assaulted when trying to meet with an LA County supervisor to express their opposition to a measure designed to defeat Trump’s expected enforcement of the immigration law in LA County. They want to make the borders open to illegals, but the offices of the politicians are ironically closed, locked, secured, walled-off and fully protected against irate constituents, who don’t want 10’s of millions of their tax dollars spent defending illegal aliens.


Constituents and citizens dropped by Supervisor Hilda Solis’ office. Her staff members refused to meet with the group. A security guard was called on scene who assaulted Arthur Schaper while taking video. Arthur Schaper filed a police report. I would say that is an assault on all of them, because it put all of them in fear of being battered by the security officer run amok.

12/20/16 LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis’ District Office
Huntington Park, CA

Staff Refuses To Meet With Constituents Security Guard Assaults Patriots

Supervisor Hilda Solis’ Staff Lock Their Office Door & Call Police

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Help Stop La Raza From Making Chicano Park A National Historic Landmark

Chicano Park mural  honoring communists,  Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

Chicano Park mural honoring communists,
Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

Leftist politicians are trying to slip the Chicano Park Preservation Act (HR 3711) through Congress and have it approved in the last days of the Obama presidency. This is an extremely anti-American, revolutionary Marxist / Mexican ultra-nationalist park, which has already been funded with millions of tax dollars for decades by San Diego, California and the federal government. This bill should be laughed right out of Congress, but unfortunately they are taking seriously. Making it a national historic landmark would make it much harder to ever get rid of and much easier for them to obtain federal funds to maintain and expand this site. It officially associates this crazy, Mexican ultra-nationalist site with the U.S. National Park System.

Please call your representative and ask him to oppose HR 3711 which has been approved by the Natural Resources Committee and will be brought up for a vote in the House in the first half of December, 2016 or early January, 2017. If it passes, Obama will gladly sign it and we will be stuck with this silly Mexican, ultra-nationalist park forever. If it can at least be delayed a couple of weeks, Trump will never sign such a ridiculous bill, if he realizes what it is.

CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN (See example at bottom)

Find your representative

Bill info link

Just tell your congressman in an e-mail or phone call to his staff that you want him to oppose H.R. 3711, the Chicano Park Preservation Act, because Chicano Park is a radical, anti-American park. E-mailing him/her links to some of the videos below would be great. Suggest that you call his/her staff AND e-mail at least the first YouTube link, “Chicano Park Day.”

Chicano Park Day – 2016

US Flag Banned At Trump Protest in Chicano Park by La Raza

La Raza / Chicano Mexican Ultra-Nationalists March to Trump Protest

Chicano Park – Re-Conquered Holy Land of Aztlán (La Raza)


Subject: Chicano Park Preservation Act, House Resolution 3711

Dear Congressman (his name here),

I request that you oppose the above referenced bill when it comes to a floor vote, expected in early December or early January. The reason is that the park represents and promotes a anti-American, separatist, political ideology, which is a combination of Marxism and Mexican ultra nationalism. It is extremely divisive and does not represent Mexican-Americans, in general. Therefore, it does not merit the status of an National Historic Landmark. See the video at the link below for more information about the park and the kinds of activities that take place there.


(your name)

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KUSI: Welcoming ISIS To San Diego

kusi-thumbnailThis video is an intended to counteract a little a propaganda piece put out by our local media. The pro-refugee, special interest groups are media-savvy and probably pressured KUSI to broadcast this pro-refugee propaganda. Otherwise, KUSI is generally a good station.

It is politically incorrect to say so, but Mohammed committed pretty much all the same atrocities and crimes that ISIS and Al Qaeda have done in the name of Islam in recent years. Muslims are taught that they should emulate Mohammed as the perfect moral example of what a Muslim should be. The little books by Bill Warner on Amazon, such as “The Life of Mohammad” are a great aid in understanding the history of Islam.

Most San Diegans probably are not aware of it, but in recent years around 30,000 Muslim refugees from terrorist regions have been resettled in San Diego County. This does not even count the Muslims who have immigrated here via regular channels or on a temporary visa. At the time of this posting, more than a thousand Syrian refugees have just been resettled here in the last year as is celebrated in this broadcast video.

The wearing of the hijab, as the women are doing in this news report, is a symbol of their fundamentalist Muslim identity. It has been a tradition among some Muslims in the past, but it is not required in Islam. The hijab was brought back in the 1950’s by the Muslim Brotherhood for that reason as a symbol of resistance and rejection of western society.

Some of the 9/11 terrorists used San Diego as a base, because there were other sympathetic Muslims here inclined to support them. The base of support in San Diego is now orders of magnitude greater than it was before 9/11, thanks mainly to Obama. It is unconstitutional for the Government to discriminate against citizens based on religion. But it is not unconstitutional to discriminate when accepting immigrants and refugees, who come from a religion and an area that is essentially at war with us.

We did not accept large numbers of ethnic Germans during and immediately after WWII, because some fraction of them, though not all, would have represented a threat to us. It didn’t have anything to do with race or religion. It was just common sense that Americans still practiced back in those days.

Nazis had just as many cute kids as Muslims do, like they show in the above news report to get your sympathy. We would not have been giving Nazi supporters free Thanksgiving dinners, just because they had cute kids. Support for ISIS in Syria came mostly from Sunni Muslims, exactly the ones we are resettling in large numbers as refugees in San Diego.

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Trump Supporters Charged With Fake Hate Crime By Refugee in San Diego

zappypizzaThree San Diego men, Sean Arevalo, Terrance Crow, and Scott Peretti, are accused of having “beat down” a young Somalian refugee with a chair and brass knuckles in the “Zappy Pizza” take-out shop at 5971 University Ave in San Diego. The three Americans were charged with battery and assault with a deadly weapon (brass knuckles) with a hate crime add-on. The penalty could be several years in prison. This allegedly occurred on October 30, 2016, just a week before the election. This harsh prosecution is motivated by politics. We have an Assistant DA with a far-left, La Raza mentality, who was looking to nail someone on a frivolous hate-crime charge, so it can be used for political propaganda purposes. Many Trump opponents were eagerly looking for hate crimes among Trump supporters at that time, which they could trumpet just before the election.

San Diego Deplorable Three Defense Fund
(See amount collected at the bottom of this page.)

Note: The trial has been set for the following date. More details will be forthcoming.

San Diego Superior Court
September 5, 2017
County Courthouse
330 W Broadway
San Diego, Ca

San Diego media outlets have already convicted them, conducting a shameless media lynching. The story was syndicated by the Associated Press and has been published by other media outlets all around the nation, with very little effort by the media to learn the other side of the story. Here are some of the slanderous, early media reports.

Police call attack on Somali man a hate crime by San Diego Union-Tribune

3 Arrested in Attack on Muslim Man at San Diego Restaurant by NBC7 San Diego

This is an audio recording that this blogger made of an eye witness two days after the incident. This witness said that the news reports were “nonsense.”

Click here for a transcript of the above noisy audio file.

There were no brass knuckles used nor any other “deadly weapon” and the Somali was not hit over the head with a chair as the media slanderously portrayed the incident from only one side. An independent witness was not difficult to find. The incident started when two of the accused, Scott Peretti and Terrance Crow, were ordering take-out pizza at the counter. Crow declared “VOTE TRUMP” The Somali refugee took offense at that and replied “FUCK TRUMP” In return, Crow said “FUCK ISLAM” Then, a mutual altercation started, a minor scuffle.

One Somalian moved on Peretti in an threatening way, their faces only inches apart. After having warned not to come close Peretti struck him with his bare fist in self defense, producing a minor bump/abrasion on his forehead. Peretti’s other friend, Terry Crow, did not hit anyone. Sean Arevalo was waiting in the car rushed in to break it up and get his friends out of there. Sean Arevalo had some car keys in his fist. The cloth lanyard attached to the keys wrapped around his fingers was apparently mistaken for brass knuckles. The keys were inside his fist. Even so, it was stated in open court recently that Arevalo never hit anyone, whether he had brass knuckles or not. No one is apparently claiming that he threatened anyone with brass knuckles. Only one of the Muslim witnesses claimed that he saw brass knuckles, the younger friend of the alleged “victim.” None of the other 10 witnesses saw the mythical brass knuckles.

The Somali “victim” refused medical attention that night. The police report said his wounds were minor. However, he is the son of a politically influential leader, Ahmed Sahid, in the Somali/East African community, which reportedly numbers around 30K (potential voters) in San Diego. Due to such political influence and a ambitious Deputy DA of Hate Crimes, this minor altercation received so much attention.

According to the manager, there were no video cameras operating in the Pizza shop. The police did not arrive until the incident was over. They arrested the three Americans at another location based on the version of the story of the Somalian. Another Zappy customer, who had just arrived on the scene, followed them to the house around the corner and called 911.

The three men were arraigned on November 7th in Superior Court charged with battery with a felony hate crime add-on. There was no deadly weapon. Showing support for Trump should not be classified as a hate crime. Expressing disapproval of Islam is free speech, protected by the Bill of Rights. Americans have every right to disapprove publicly of a inherently theocratic religion founded by a “prophet,” who was a warlord, bandit, mass murderer, sex-slave monger and child molester. This is according to the Islamic literature, the hadith and the sirah.

They have “multi-cultural policing” in this area of San Diego, where tens of thousands of refugees reside. However, it is not the duty of the police to enforce Sharia law in the area, which is called “Little Mogadishu.” Expressing opposition to Islam should not result in a felony hate crime charge. The charges against these three Americans should be promptly dismissed. They have already suffered too much abuse at the hands of an overzealous, predatory deputy district attorney, politically-correct police and the sensationalist media for their politically-incorrect opinions.

Hate crimes are “thought crimes,” Orwellian in nature, intended to be applied mainly to certain segments of society to punish them for historic events, for which the current generation has no responsibility. But that is beside the point in this case. These three men went into the shop just to pick up pizza, not with the intention of committing a “hate crime.” The scuffle resulted from a mutual verbal altercation that did not start with hate words.

If Muslims want to live in America, they have to learn to accept free speech, even if it may be rude speech, without becoming violently enraged. The overly multi-cultural San Diego police and district attorney ought to uphold their oath of office, which requires them to defend our constitutional rights, not to defend Islam.

The original, defamatory story was blown out of all proportion by the media, and rapidly spread around the country. This was because it was election time and a supposed hate crime committed against a Muslim refugee plays well in the liberal media, who present it as a fact without doing any real journalistic investigation. An independent, disinterested witness to the incident called the media reporting “nonsense” and “irritating” that the media went into a feeding frenzy about something that “didn’t happen,” he said.

San Diego Deplorable Three Defense Fund

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Citizen Condemns Encinitas “Welcoming” Unvetted Refugees

Encinitas Welcoming City for Terror and Drug Cartels

Encinitas Welcoming City for Terror and Drug Cartels

Encinitas Council members, Tony Kranz, Lisa Shaffer and Catherine Blakespear passed a resolution last March, called a “Welcoming City” resolution for refugees and immigrants. This makes Encinitas part of a network of cities, which will be advertised as preferred destinations for refugees and immigrants. Many of these refugees will not be properly vetted and not legally eligible for asylum, but will be from areas where there is strong support for terrorist groups and drug cartels. For this reason, some of these refugees will have sympathy for terrorist groups or involvement with drug gangs. The resolution has also being promoted by Kranz in other cities and for acceptance by the entire County, as a “Welcoming County.”

Politicians want more refugees for political reasons, cheap labor and eventually as compliant voters. Persons fleeing poverty and crime are not legally eligible for asylum in the U.S. The Obama administration is stretching the legal definition of “refugee,” in order to do an end-run around immigration law. Those cities and counties, who join the “Welcoming Communities” network, are aiding this effort to corrupt the legitimate refugee system for their own political purposes. The actual words of the resolution do not matter a great deal. The intent is disguised in order to avoid opposition. The Encinitas resolution was passed with the support of outsiders and special interests without residents knowing what it was about or getting a real chance to comment on it.

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Lemon Grove Welcomes Terror and Drug Cartels (Videos)

Lemon Grove, a Welcoming City  for pseudo refugees and Illegal aliens

Lemon Grove, a Welcoming City
for pseudo refugees and Illegal aliens

Mayor Mary Sessom and the City Council of Lemon Grove passed on the sly a resolution, called a “Welcoming City” resolution for Refugees and Immigrants. This makes them part of a network of cities, which will be advertised as preferred destinations for refugees and immigrants. Many of these refugees will not be properly vetted and not legally eligible for asylum, but will be from areas where there is strong support for terrorist groups and drug cartels. For this reason, many of these refugees will have sympathy for terrorist groups or involvement with drug gangs.

Politicians want more refugees for political reasons. Persons fleeing poverty and crime are not legally eligible for asylum in the U.S. The Obama administration is stretching the legal definition of “refugee,” in order to do an end-run around immigration law. Those cities and counties, who join the “Welcoming Communities” network by resolution or proclamation, are aiding this effort to corrupt the legitimate refugee system for their political purposes. The actual words of the Resolution do not matter a great deal. The intent is disguised in order to avoid opposition.

Some of use went to the cuoncil two times The following video is a collection of News reports about the second meeting on October 18,2016

This is a video containing the complete comments for and against the resolution at the second meeting.

This is video of the Mayor slandering a citizen, before he could even speak. She accused him of causing someone to threaten her daughter and grandson on Facebook. Evidence was requested of the threat, but nothing was ever produce. We have to assume Mayor Sessom is vindictive and an outright liar.

This is video of all the public comments during our first meeting with the City Council on October 11, 2016.

This video contains the audio of the comments during the meeting when the resolution was passed on July 19, 2016. There was only input from a representative of a speacial interest group, Ginger Jacobs of the San Diego Immigration Rights Consortium. There was no input from ordinary citizens. They did not understand what it is about, because Mayor Sessom and the City Council kept is quiet.


Lemon Grove council takes heat on immigrant proclamation – San Diego Union Tribune


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Mayor Attacks Concerned Citizen Over Unvetted Refugee Resettlement in Lemon Grove

Progressive Mayor Mary Sessom of Lemon Grove,Ca made unsubstantiated charges against this speaker, even before he could begin to speak against the national scheme by Obama to get cities, counties and states to sign up for un-vetted, dangerous refugee resettlement for people, who often should not even qualify as legal refugees.

This was an attempt to preempt and discredit critical comments about a nationwide, un-vetted refugee resettlement scheme by the Obama admin, known as “Welcoming Cities” or “Welcoming Communities.”

You are encouraged to write e-mails to the Mayor and other City officials and request that they repeal the so-called “Welcoming Cities” resolution.

Please write only non-obscene, non-threatening e-mails. Outrage is, however, very appropriate.
Mayor, Council Members and City Manager 619-825-3800
Mary Teresa Sessom, msessom@lemongrove.ca.gov
Raquel Vasquez, rvasquez@lemongrove.ca.gov
George Gastil, ggastil@lemongrove.ca.gov
Jennifer Mendoza, jmendoza@lemongrove.ca.gov
Jerry Jones, jjones@lemongrove.ca.gov
Lydia Romero, lromero@lemongrove.ca.gov

Lemon Grove Welcoming City

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