Cubans Discover Murderers Castro and Che Honored In Murals At Chicano Park

To their amazement, two Cuban Americans discover that murals in Chicano Park honor murderous communist dictators Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. They tortured and murdered probably tens of thousands of political opponents. This park, which supports anti-Americanism, pro-communism, and pro-Raza radical ideology is in San Diego. Their video went viral on Tik Tok and received nearly 600K views in two days. They visited the Park on or around Chicano Park Day 2023.


We had so much fun minus seeing this. The two most authoritarian figures on a wall about fighting authority.

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The two say that it is proof of freedom of speech in the US. But the government has paid for this “free speech” with many millions of tax dollars at the City, State, and national levels. An opposing pro-American view is not allowed in the Park. This is not free speech, but political indoctrination, paid for by our tax dollars. Political views should not be supported on government property with tax dollars at all, much less radical, anti-American ideology.

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Monumental Mural dedicated to communist terrorist, Che Guevara

SURPRISE: Brawl Breaks Out at Chicano Park Day 2023

Brawl Video

At the first Chicano Park Day after the Covid pandemic, a likely alcohol-fueled brawl breaks out at the end of the event. This is not exactly stunning news, because brawling and stabbings have not been uncommon in past Chicano Park Day events. The link below begins just as the brawl is getting started.

There were about 9-10 Brown Berets, the Chicano Park militia, but they didn’t look too interested in intervening, just looking on. They definitely weren’t in control of the crowd. A couple of cops were just looking on, too. The brawlers may have had guns. Who would want to wade in there and separate them?

The Chicano Park Steering Committee tries to suppress police presence in Chicano Park. Militant Chicano ideology demonizes the police as well as demonizes America, in general.

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Reaction by Lucky Morales

Lucky Morales is a Raza supremacist. He is also an activist who tries to make peace between Chicano gangs, apparently to unite them against those whom he regards as the common enemy. In the video below, he says it was “youngsters” who were responsible, but gang-related violence is more likely. The brawlers do not appear to be kids, but full-grown adults.


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If anyone is laughing, they are laughing at Lucky, not gang violence. Few think gang violence is funny. At Chicano Park, they teach young people to hate. As the old adage goes, hate ultimately destroys the hater.

Personally, I would much prefer to see young people of whatever ethnic or racial background become happy, productive and prosperous members of society. I just do not believe indoctrinating them into Chicano hate ideology is the way to do it.

Given his handle, “Yaqui Crow”, Morales apparently identifies as Yaqui Indian. There was an attempted genocide against the Yaquis. So, he may have some grievances for that reason. However, the homeland of the Yaquis is in the southern part of the Mexican state of Sonora. It was the Mexican government that attempted to exterminate the Yaqui tribe. Many Yaquis sought refuge in America to escape the Mexican campaign of extermination.

Considering this history, one might think Lucky Morales should redirect his anger toward Mexico rather than America. About 100 years ago, America may well have given refuge to his ancestors.

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Biden Slipping Massive Numbers Of Illegals Into The US

Biden is slipping millions of illegals into the US with his new get-in-free app for cell phones. Recently, I drove by one of the two hotels in San Diego used for processing fake refugees and assisting in transporting them to their desired destinations. The hotel is the Four-Points Sheraton SeaWorld. There were two DHS buses there.

They both had DHS identifiers on the side, but were operated by a private company, Damaris Express, Inc. There was one bus driver there. He spoke barely any English. He called up his supervisor and she didn’t speak English, either. They brought another person to the phone to speak with me in English. After he found out who I was, he handed the phone back to the female supervisor. The driver had the speaker on so I could hear her. Understanding some Spanish, I heard her tell the driver essentially that this was a special job and he should keep quiet and not talk to anyone about it. He confirmed to me that he could not talk in broken English.

Read this article by FAIR for more information about Biden’s hush-hush immigration program.

Biden Claims Credit for Reducing Illegal Immigration When He’s Rerouting It

One of the buses has Mexican plates, so I wondered if they were going into Mexico to pick people up. Based in National City, Damaris Express specializes in a cross-border shuttle service from the Tijuana airport to destinations the US.

I talked to a worker at a local business who could talk. He said that the immigrants come in all the time and tell him that they fly into the Tijuana airport from all over the world. The buses pick them up at the airport in Mexico and deliver them to the shelter in the US. So, there are no more highly-visible crowds waiting at the border any longer for bloggers to complain about. Certainly, if this is going on in San Diego it is probably happening all along the border where there is an international airport on the Mexican side.

DHS may also be flying them into the US form other places and other countries with their contracted fleet of jets. The worst part of this is that the plans and the details are kept secret from the public.

There are still large numbers crossing the border illegally, but those Biden is slipping in are in addition to those who are still crossing the border illegally. We don’t know how many they are bringing under this new process or how many are accepted/rejected. They are approved for “parole” by a Government worker, not by a judge. Technically they are legally in the US, but I still call them “illegal”, because Biden is doing it with such secrecy and it is doubtful that they are qualified for asylum.

This is the same process used to grant parole last year to 100,000 Ukrainians, but there is a brutal war taking place in Ukraine. These people are reportedly coming from all around the world in very large numbers, but we are not being informed of the important details by the Biden administration.

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Chicano Movement Co-Founder: “Take Pride in Killing Cops”

Rodolfo Corky Gonzales
These are two excerpts from a speech made by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales in 1969 at UCLA, one of the four founders of the radical Chicano political movement. The “Mission” incident he talks about is apparently a then well-known case, in which Chicanos killed a cop in the Mission District of San Francisco in 1969. The Chicanos were members of radical Chicano organizations, including the Brown Berets de Aztlan. See the video description for a link.

These revolutionary ideas are still taught in Chicano studies classes in universities and high schools across the nation. The ashes of Corky Gonzales are scattered in Chicano Park in San Diego, according to the Chicano Park Steering Committee chairman, Tomasa Camarillo. The Chicanos consider the park to be “sacred”, as the first piece of reconquered land.

A Chongo (monkey) is a slur for the police and “vato” means “guy” or in this case presumably a Chicano street tough. The “Comancheros” was a group that terrorized innocent ranchers, whom they claimed were living on land that belonged to them.

Corky Gonzales is honored in the historical mural at Chicano Park, along with others, such as communist dictators, Fideo Castro and Che Guevara. He is fourth from the left in this image of the historical mural.

Chicano Co-Founder: La Raza To Dominate The American Continent

Excerpt of LA Speech

Reies Tijerina was one of the four founders of the militant Chicano political movement. This is an excerpt from his talk at UCLA in 1969 where he declared that La Raza would take over the entire American continent, north, and south. He mentions that this mestizo racial supremacy theory is based on the book by Jose Vasconcelos, who was the major pro-Nazi propagandist in Latin America at the start of World War II.

Though he says La Raza will dominate “with peace”, Reies Tijerina was infamous for his armed raid on a courthouse in Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico, where he hoped to kidnap a DA that opposed him. His men shot two police officers in that raid, both men and the DA were Hispanic. Tijerina wrote in his biography that his biggest enemies had always been other Hispanics, who wanted to live the American way of life. When he was sent to prison, he was diagnosed as being a psychopath.


Tijerina is one of the Chicano leaders honored in the historical mural at Chicano Park in San Diego, along with communist dictators, Castro and Che Guevara. He’s third from the right in the image below.

The officer, who was killed, was going to testify against Tijerina. He was brutally beaten to death shortly before the trial. They put his body in his vehicle and pushed it off a cliff into a ravine to make it look like an accident. They did not have enough evidence to charge anyone, but it was thought fairly certain to have been Tijerina’s men who murdered him to prevent him from testifying against Tijerina. See the book, “Tijerina and the Courthouse Raid” by Peter Nabokov for more information about Reies Tijerina.

Compared Himself to Nazi

In an Interview with the Albuquerque Journal, Tijerina compared himself to Nazi war criminal, Rudolf Hess. See the image below.

Excerpted from the Albuquerque Journal article,
Reies Lopez Tijerina — ‘A hero to the Chicano movement’.

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