Black Lives Matter Mob Hijacks Denver Council Meeting

Profane mob of Black Lives Matter fanatics and their communist allies takeover a Denver Council meeting for about 2.5 hours. The City Council members totally cave to the threatening crowd. The Black Lives Matter mob promised to come back to meetings every week until the Council had complied with their demands. This meeting took place on June 22,2020.

The next week the meeting was cancelled and after that the Council has been having virtual meetings, so that the proceedings can be carried on in a civilized manner again without Black Lives Matter threats, intimidation and abuse.

Some where red, Party of Socialism and Liberation shirts. The PSL is a revolutionary Marxist (communist) group.

There are more kinds of supremacy than just racial supremacy. The definition of supremacy is the following.

Supremacy: the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status.

Black Lives Matter calls everyone that does not agree with them (racial) “supremacists”, but “supremacist” is actually what they are, ideologically supremacist. They believe that what their demands should overrule everyone else and that it is okay to break the law and even use violence to get what they want. Black Lives Matter is a politically-radical, narcissistic, supremacist, cult-like movement.

From the tactics, rhetoric and aesthetics, clearly they have been influenced by anarchistic and communistic domestic terrorist groups from the 1960’s and 70’s, such as the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army.

Notice that there are very few blacks among them, only a few token blacks in an attempt to make their anarchism and neo-communism look legitimate.

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Otay Mountain Border Fence – June 2020 Update

General Semonite promised to extend the border fence right over Otay Mountain last September when Trump visited the border. See the video near the bottom of this post. Work has started recently on this project in San Diego.

This map shows the construction area on the left, represented by a yellow line. It is 1.5 miles long and they are building a double fence on this stretch, so about 3 miles of fence total is being built. There are about 3 miles of bollard fence (shown in green), which has probably been there since the GW Bush era, about 12 years. The new construction will join up with this existing fence. You can photos of the existing fence in the video near the bottom of this post.

On the other side of Otay mountain near Tecate there will still be a stretch of about 7 miles (shown as a red line) that has no border barrier and this very close to Tijuana. It is in a rugged mountainous area and the Tijuana river crisscrosses the border there in one place. I have not heard that there is a project to build a border fence in this area.

Since they have started work in Campo, this is probably the next most obvious area on the California border that could use a fence, but it is probably very difficult to build there. Highway 94 is only about a four-mile hike from the border in this area and serves as a convenient pick-up location for illegal crossers.

These photos were made in June of 2020 from the Mexican side of the border, because access is difficult on the American side. Hanging out at the border on the Mexican side is not necessarily being recommended here, because there may be smuggling going on in the area.

The photos are mostly high resolution panoramas. You can see more detail by clicking on a photo and expanding it on your touch screen.

This photo shows the western side of the new part under construction. It starts at the ridge on the left and continues the existing double fence on the other side of the ridge in Otay Mesa which was built last year. This fence runs behind a hill towards the left (east) and following are some photos of that area.

This is the fence from the other side of the hill. The bollard fence currently stops at the rim of a canyon or gorge. On the right in the distance you can see a short piece of fence that has been started on a ridge east of the canyon.

This is a closer view of the double fence running up to the edge of the canyon.

This is a construction staging area.

This is a close-up of the section on the ridge on the other side of the canyon. It appears that they are building roads into the canyon to support construction of new fence all the way across this large canyon. Blow this image up and you can see two guys working on the fence.

Another closeup view of the fence construction on the ridge from a different angle.

Initial video From November 2019

This video was made in December of 2019, before the new construction started.

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Nazi 5th Column in Mexico from Life Magazine (1940)

This is an article in Life Magazine from 1940 about the Nazi and communist influence in Mexico and their collaborators. One of the most important Nazi collaborators was Jose Vasconcelos, an important Mexican, educator, writer, philosopher and cultural figure. Vasconcelos was the father of the “La Raza” racial theory, which became a basic concept for the Chicano political movement in the United States. The original article is:

A Nazi Fifth Column and Communist Allies are Active in Mexico, Life magazine, June 10, 1940

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Write Denver City Council – Name Change, Columbus Park To La Raza Park

Model of Aztec human sacrificial temple in Denver

The Denver City Council is considering Changing the name of “Columbus Park” to La Raza Park. “La Raza” is Spanish for “The Race”. It is a ethnic and racial concept developed by the most important pro-Nazi propagandist in Latin America in World War II. “La Raza” is one of the basic principles of the ideology of the militant Chicano political movement, which the name change is intended to honor.

Please write the Denver City Council Members and request that they not change the name, or if they must change the name, request that they use a name that is, at least, not obviously racist and is more inclusive than this Hispanic, mestizo, racial concept, which was invented by a Mexican Nazi. Their addresses are below.

You can contact the Mayor Michael Hancock here.

In recent years, National Hispanic organizations have been backing away from using the term, “La Raza”, as well as other terms associated with the radical, political Chicano movement. The “National Council of La Raza” changed their name three years ago in July of 2017, dropping “La Raza” from their name. Now the organization is called “UnidosUS”.

They did not say so directly, but it seems this was due to the racialist name becoming an embarrassment for them and for the organization to be more inclusive. In this his article, they do write that the name change came after accusations started years ago about “La Raza” meaning “The Race” and accusations that the National Council of La Raza had a brown racist agenda.

National Council of “La Raza” changes its name to UnidosUS

Anyone with enough intelligence to be able to use a Spanish/English dictionary can learn that the word actually does mean “The Race”. In recent years, we have learned more about Vasconcelos’ bizarre racial theory, which explains why they call themselves La Raza / The Race.

The national Chicano student organization, MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) has also changed its name dropping the words “Chicano” and “Aztlan” to be more inclusive, they said.

Turmoil over MEChA name change was decades in coming

Fans of the La Raza concept try to obfuscate the meaning, claiming it means “The People”, but it really does mean “The Race”, just as it sounds to English speakers. Spanish has two words that mean “The People”, that is “La Gente” and “El Pueblo” (as in people of a nation). If the term was really intended to mean “The People”, they would have used one of these two terms normally used for that purpose.

The origins of this term may not be understood by many, even among Hispanics, however, the “La Raza” concept – on which the Chicano political ideology is to a large extent based — is a Hispanic mestizo racial supremacy theory formulated by a very prominent Mexican politician, educator and philosopher, Jose Vasconcelos. Vasconcelos explained his concept in a book entitled, “La Raza Cosmica”, which is available via Amazon and other book retailers under the correctly-translated name of “The Cosmic Race“. He believed that the Hispanic, mixed race would evolve into the ultimate race. Vasconcelos was also an extreme anti-Semite, extremely anti-American and the most important paid, Nazi propagandist in Latin America at the start of WWII.

Nazi Father of “La Raza”, Jose Vasconcelos

That Forgotten Mexican Nazi Named Jose Vasconcelos

This is an article that Jose Vasconcelos, the Father of La Raza, wrote justifying the notorious anti-Semitic tract used by the Nazis to demonize Jews, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

In Self-Defense: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Jose Vasconcelos

Already featured in the park is a model of an Aztec temple, designed to be suggestive of the Templo Mayor, the most important site for mass human sacrifice in the Aztec empire. Uncounted thousands of victims were sacrificed there, having their hearts cut out of their chests while still living. Their still-beating heart was offered the sun god, Huitzilopochtli, as the victim looked on, writhing in extreme agony and died. Parts of the victims were often eaten by the priests in ritualistic cannibalism.

Templo Mayor, an Aztec priest performing the sacrificial offering
of a living human’s heart to the war god Huitzilopochtli.

If the goal is to celebrate Mexican heritage, a blood-soaked, Aztec, human-sacrificial temple is not generally featured in town squares in Mexico. Generally, the status symbol for a Mexican town is to have a more innocuous, French gazebo in the town square, not a memorial to Aztec human sacrifice.

Small City of Guamas in Sonora, Mexico
Typical Mexican town square features a church, French gazebo and government buildings,
but not a monument to Aztec mass human sacrifice,

To avoid making a mockery out of the wonderful city of Denver, request that they not change the name of the Park to “La Raza Park”.

There is nothing wrong with “Columbus Park”. The charges utopian fanatics are making against Columbus are extreme and propagandistic. However, if the name must be changed, they should make it something less polarizing and more inclusive, than “La Raza Park”, in order to not disgrace the City of Denver.

“La Raza Cosmica” by Jose Vasconcelos (1925)
Defined the “La Raza” ethnic/racial concept

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Enrique Morones Sponsors Drug Cartel Border Wedding

Enrique Morones, arranged a cross border wedding in San Diego for a major cartel drug smuggler with the Border Patrol in attendance. This news report is from December, 2017. Morones is founder of the Border Angels, a far-left, open borders organization.

One of Morones’ underlings, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped by “organized criminals” a few months earlier while working to smuggle fraudulent asylum seekers to the US border. So, it is believed the group has had contact with smuggling cartels for some time. The group has been doing their own smuggling, at least of human contraband from southern Mexico.

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Border Angels Founder Denies Being American – Enrique Morones

Enrique Morones is the Founder of the Border Angels, a group that promotes and aids illegal immigration and fraudulent refugees. He says in this video that he is not a hyphenated Mexican-American, but identifies proudly as 100% Mexican. Morones is obviously embarrassed by his American citizenship. Apologetically, he says his US citizenship is only by accident of his place of birth, that he had no choice in where he was born.

Morones is a subversive, anti-American propagandist, who has been promoting and aiding illegal border crossing and fraudulent refugees for over 30 years.

Mexico enacted a dual citizenship law to enhance Mexican influence in the United States. The United States does not actually recognize dual citizenship. The oath of nationalization still requires new citizens to renounce allegiance to any other country. The authorities just ignore dual citizenship and don’t enforce the law.

Many congressmen are believed to have dual citizenship. Certainly, no congressman should have an allegiance to another country. Maybe Trump could start enforcing the law, revoke their citizenship and have those like Enrique deported to their truly, beloved homeland. At the very least, there should be a law requiring congressmen to disclose their citizenship status and allegiance to any other countries.

The benefits we have as American citizens, should be reserved for American citizens only, who have a overriding interest in the welfare of our country, not for those who want to promote the interests of another country to the detriment of our own welfare.

This video was posted by the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, on the occasion of their giving Morones the Othli Award in 2009. The award is one of the highest honors given to Mexicans living abroad. The Ohtli Award recognizes Mexican expatriots who promote the interest of Mexicans and Mexican culture in the United States and other countries.

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Enrique Morones – Othli Award

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Border Fence Construction in Campo, Ca – Update July, 2020

These are some photos of work being done in the area of Campo, California taken July 4th, 2020. The work was just started a couple of months earlier. The new fence building starts to the east of Campo, near the communities of Boulevard and Tiera del Sol. This is a stretch of about 17 miles in total, running from the outskirts of Tecate to the community of Boulevard. Estimate they have constructed around a mile of this stretch, so far.

Several companies are reportedly working on this project. The requirement is to finish it by December, 2020. The terrain near Campo is a little rugged and it will be one of the last, most obviously vulnerable stretches on the California border to get to get a new, 30-foot bollard fence. The illegal traffic is heavy now, because the smugglers can see the area being closed off soon. No fence will be perfect, but they know that life is about to become a lot more difficult for them.

I call it a fence, because it does not look like a wall and this kind of bollard fence have existed on the border for 12-15 years and it has always been called a “fence”. The Border Patrol has a lot of experience with this kind of fence and this is what they wanted, only they wanted it to be higher in many places, up to 30-feet high.

Most of the older bollard fence is only 15 feet high. It is much to Trump’s credit that he approved what the Border Patrol told him they needed and did not try to force something else on them for his own personal political reasons. The Border Patrol has almost 100-years experience on the border. What they have always lacked is not the experience and knowledge, but the financial and political support that they have been enjoying recently under Trump. There is no reason whatsoever to be embarrassed about a 30-foot fence, constructed of steel bollards filled with top-grade concrete and rebar.

The old fence in the area around Campo is mostly 10-foot-high, landing mat fence in very bad condition and in some places there is no fence at all, except maybe for barbed wire. About 10 percent of the fence, though, is the old 15-18 foot high bollard fence from the George W. Bush era. Highway 80 and Interstate 5 run near the border near Campo. So, it is a convenient pick-up place for illegal crossers.

The land in this area around Tierra del Sol, close to the border, is privately owned and posted with “no trespassing” signs. For that reason the photos are taken from a distance.

These photos are high resolution. If you want to see more detail, click on the photo and expand the image on your touch screen.

Tierra del Sol

To the left in this image the fence is the old, Bush bollard fence. Much shorter than the new Trump fence. The old fence is pretty good fence. I do not see them tearing down the old bollard fence anywhere. They may leave it there and add a second fence behind it at some point, as they did in San Diego. In San Diego, the first fence is 18-foot bollards and the second fence is 30-foot bollards. It is an awesome double fence, completed last year, 16 miles long.

New fence under construction near Tierra del Sol

New fence under construction near Tierra del Sol

New fence under construction near Tierra del Sol

Smith Canyon

Smith Canyon has always been wide open, with no fence at all. It is a pretty big engineering challenge. Presumably, this will be a 30-foot high bollard fence all the way across the canyon. We shall soon see.

Smith Canyon, view towards the west.

The fence on the rim on the other side of the canyon is also an old, Bush-era bollard fence a few hundred yards long and 15-18 feet tall. There are a number of these short segments of older bollard fence in this area. The new fence will be 17 miles of continuous bollard fence.

West side of Smith Canyon, viewed from the east rim (close-up)

View of the east side of Smith Canyon from the west rim.

El Paso Taco Shop

El Paso, means “the pass”, or in other words, the place to cross. It is one of the few places to eat in Campo. Border Patrol agents often eat there. Hopefully, soon the name will have to be changed to “No Paso!” when this fence is finished.

I passed by this Taco shop many times, without thinking about the apparent humorous, subversive intent of the name. For many years, Campo has been one of the most convenient places to illegally pass into the United States on the California border.

To see more posts on the border fence, go to this link:
The Real Border Fence archive

Earlier Video

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Body Cam Video of Amaurie Johnson Arrested by Police Officer Matt Dages

This is the arrest that caused Black Lives Matter to select La Mesa for a protest that led to the firebombing of downtown and vandalizing and ransacking of many stores and businesses. He was written up for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. The charges were dropped after the riot in La Mesa a few days later. The local BLM organizer is demanding that the officer be charged for filing a false report, a misdemeanor.

It has been suggested that this incident may have been a setup, because our BLM domestic terrorists needed a reason to attack La Mesa. La Mesa is a sleepy, majority-white suburb with a police force that is not very well prepared to deal with a large civil disturbance, in contrast to the larger, more urban, more experienced city of San Diego.

There were also three large buildings there convenient to be burned, two of them banks, a favorite target of anarchists. The trolley stop made it very accessible for more urban dwellers to come from their neighborhoods to attack La Mesa. Witnesses and videographers appeared immediately as soon as the incident with officer Matt Dages started.

For more information, go to this link:

Tasha Williamson archive:

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Black Lives Matter Leader’s Veiled Threat Of Violence – Tasha Williamson

In an interview with CBS News 8, Tasha Williamson makes a veiled threat that the the violence will spread throughout San Diego County, if their demands are not met. This interview took place on May 31, 2020 at 5:50PM, just a couple of hours before La Mesa was actually torched and ransacked by Black Lives Matter supporters.

Two years ago, Tasha Williamson made a terroristic threat to the Council of National City to burn the City down. That is, to shut the City down and make it “look like Ferguson”. This occurred on June 19, 2018 and is in the video archives of the City Council of National City.

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive

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BLack Lives Matter Organizer Declares “Revolution Has Started”

Black Lives Matter organizer, Tasha Williamson, livestreams at 8:50 PM to her followers that the “revolution has started”. According to the police timeline, the reports of looting of the Vons stores started at 9:12 PM. A little more than two hours later, at 11.11 PM Chase bank was reported to be on fire and the other two buildings were torched only minutes thereafter. This live-stream by Tasha Williamson could have been a green-light to start the ransacking of businesses and the following arson attack on La Mesa. Williamson was on site to view it when the burning of the banks started.

The three most major buildings in downtown La Mesa burned to the ground. They were Chase bank, Union bank and the Randall Lamb building, owned by an architectural firm. The Lamb building was an historic building. Williamson often says in public that destruction of private property does not bother her when their demands are not being met.

The woman that she says was just shot by a Sheriff’s deputy was Leslie Furcron. She was hit right between the eyes by a stray beanbag and was very seriously wounded, but she survived. Beanbags are fired from a regular 12-gauge shotgun. It not very accurate beyond a short distance and there was a crowd of people. I don’t believe she was shot in the head on purpose. A beanbag to the head can easily kill a person. It could have glanced off another object and hit her or some other such scenario.

She was part of a mob, which was attacking the police station at the time she was hit. The protest had been declared an illegal assembly about three hours earlier and ordered to disperse. It was a shame that she was badly hurt, a grandmother, but it was illegal for her to be there in the first place. If she had just followed the law, she would not have been injured. She was reportedly live-streaming the mob action at the time.

The Black Lives Matter mob had been spraying the police station with graffiti and throwing rocks and bottles at the policemen and the station. They were also mobbing the station, as if they had planned to overwhelm the police and takeover the station. If they had done that, certainly the station would have been ransacked and maybe burned down, like they burned three of the most major buildings that night in La Mesa.

Form the beginning, this protest was never “non-violent” as Tasha Williamson and many other BLM supporters claim. It was a threatening mob from the start, which wantonly broke the law, endangered others and disobeyed lawful orders from police officers. This lawlessness evolved that night into extreme violence.

For more information, go to this link:
Tasha Williamson archive

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