VIDEO: Chinese Coronavirus Checkpoint

Chinese police check drivers for corona virus infection.

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Communist Rhetoric at Columbus Statue Removal Meeting

These are the public comments of the communists, Raza Ultra Nationalists, anarchists and other, various types of far-leftists at the Human Relations Commission meeting in Chula Vista on January 23, 2020, where removal of the Columbus statue was discussed. To see related posts, go to this link.

There was no one in opposition to them at this meeting. There was no opposition probably in large part, because some of these people are thugs, who will slander and threaten anyone, who opposes them. The object of such propaganda is to create polarization and to undermine the confidence of people in the traditional beliefs of the current society, in order ultimately to create a social revolution or a “fundamental transformation”, as Obama called it.

The commission in a second meeting approved a resolution to be submitted to the City Council for a vote to destroy the Columbus statue in Discovery Park. The recording is over an hour long, but useful to hear as an example of how they employ anti-western propaganda and how dominate they are at such meetings in Chula Vista.

The statue has been vandalized multiple times. Destroying the statue will reward this criminal behavior and encourage more.

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See RINO Slate for Republican Central Committee in San Diego

There’s a robocall going about San Diego County asking folks to vote for these candidates for the Republican Central Committee. Whoever paid for the robo call withheld his identifying information. The law requires the sponsor of political robocalls to be identified, click here for more information on the law. In this sense this kind of anonymous robocall is an illegal, dirty trick. You can file a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission. The more complaints the better.

It’s believed, though, that these candidates are the ones favored by the clique of RINO’s that now dominates the Republican Central Committee in San Diego. RINO means Republican In Name Only. I think, we can assume this call was made to support the current leadership. It doesn’t mean everyone on this list is a RINO, but that the RINO leadership prefers these candidates and probably feels like they can work with them.

Please consider voting for incumbents on the committee that are not endorsed by the RINO leadership and therefore DO NOT appear on this list. You can see the list of incumbents now serving on the Central Committee by clicking on the link below,

You can vote for up to six candidates in your district. If you have votes left over, also consider voting for someone new, who is not yet on the committee and not on this list and maybe not yet controlled by the RINOS. The Republican Central Committee needs less RINO’s, more patriots and more new blood.

You can hear the original, illegal, anonymous, RINO robocall here.

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Communists Invade Save-Columbus-Statue Media Event

Self-described communist, Rafael Bautista, and friends crash a media conference, held by citizens supporting the Columbus monument in Discovery Park in Chula Vista, Ca. This stature has been vandalized at least three times. Now a group of leftist extremists are trying to have the statue removed and destroyed. Columbus was accused of genocide and curiously identified as the person who started domestic violence. Apparently, indigenous peoples had perfectly harmonious marriages before Columbus came and ruined the matrimonial bliss.

The commies say they want to take down all monuments to the early Spanish explorers in San Diego, County, including the Balboa statue on Point Loma, which has long been a symbol of San Diego.

Rafael Bautista, self-declared communist.

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Pro-Nazism Of Founder Of “La Raza” Supremacy

Rafael Barajas, under the pen name of El Fisgon, wrote a book about the Nazi roots of PAN, the right-wing political party in Mexico. In this video, Barajas talks about the pro-Nazism of Jose Vasconcelos, who was an agent of the Nazis and the leading propagandist for the Nazis in Mexico, as well as all of Latin America. Vasconcelos developed the “La Raza” supremacist concept in the 1920’s and published his book about it “La Raza Cosmica” in 1925. The Nazi-like, mestizo racial theories and Anti-Americanism of Vasconcelos had a major influence on the development of the militant, Chicano political movement in the US of the 1960’s.

After WWII, the Nazis and extreme right were discredited among most people. For that reason the fascist-like, extreme right-wing, Mexican-American followers of these mestizo racial supremacist theories allied themselves with the far left, revolutionary Marxists, communists and leftist anarchists.


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How To Fight A Speeding Ticket In California (Video)

Shawn McMillan, a candidate in the 2020 primary for judge in superior court in San Diego, provides tips about how to fight a speeding ticket in traffic court and win.


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Patriots Ambushed: Fake Hate Crime Ploy By CAIR / Cenk Uygur

At a congressional candidates forum Cenk Uygur and CAIR appear to have set Trump supporters up in the audience to be potentially charged with a hate crime. Some of these people are known to often be contentious at meetings and it seems that CAIR and Cenk Uygur were trying to provoke them into doing something that could be used to charge some of them with a “hate crime”.  I have thought for a while that progressives and Muslims sometimes collude to entrap traditional Americans and unfairly pin felony hates crimes on them for the most minor incidents.  This seems to be a glaring example of such an attempt.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is a candidate for Congress in the the 25th district in California. Uygur is a progressive and a Muslim and was one of the candidates at a public forum in Palmdale on Saturday, February 1. Cenk incited the audience by insulting Trump and his wife, Melania. He also loudly and repeatedly berating Trump supporters in the audience s “bigots” in a harsh and aggressive tone of voice. He yelled angrily that when he is in Congress he will “kick Trump’s ass”.

When a couple of relatively mild anti-Muslim statements were made in response, the CAIR representatives started yelling “hate crime”. Free speech is not a hate crime and there was no physical crime to warrant a hate crime and-on charge. Watch the videos here and decide for yourself.

In the video below you will see that Cenk Uygur baits the crowd and starts the altercation. It seems they were hoping to get something on the Trump supporters at this forum. Up until this point the patriots in the crowd were quite passive and they were not disrupting the meeting at all. The full meeting video is shown at the bottom.  When the sheriff’s deputies show up, Cenk portrays himself as Mr. Reasonable.

No one tried to take the hijabs off of any Muslim women as the CAIR representative claims. One woman, Genevieve Peters, said Islamic values are not American values. She also pointed at one Muslim women and said she should take off her hijab and be an American. This is thought to be the basis of the false claim that one person tried to take off a woman’s hijab. Physically, Peters never touched the woman and never came within 10 feet of the woman.

Another man, Arthur M., pointed out that death is mandated in Islam for Muslims who convert to Christianity. These statements, though true, may offend fundamentalist Muslims and offend their America-hating, progressive allies even more, but such free speech is not a hate crime.

Cenk Uygur Goes on Hateful Tirade, Calls Audience “Bigots”

The next video is the press conference that CAIR had on Friday, February the 7th. At about 12:00 in this video a representative of the Sheriff’s Department speaks and states that they have not have found any evidence of a hate crime having occurred.

CAIR Press Conference

The local media broadcast the false narrative that CAIR was promoting. They did not give the patriot’s side of the altercation a fair representation at all.

The media did not mention that Cenk Uygur had provoked the response from the Trump supporters. Before Cenk started calling Trump supporters “bigots”, there were no disruption of the meeting. If the candidate can not be civil to the audience, how can they expect the audience to remain civil?

Typical News Report

This the full video by the American Islamic Institute of Antelope Valley. You can watch the entire video and see that it was Cenk Uygur who provoked the incident. Before Cenk started insulting and berating the audience there was no no problem. Cenk begins his hateful tirade at about 19:00.

Full Video of Meeting


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Reconquista Protesters Burn Trump In Effigy In Tijuana

Searching for news about the Devil’s caravan, I came across this article about protesters burning Trump in effigy at the border while demanding the return of the “lost territories”. At least, these protesters are telling the truth for a change about what illegal immigration is really about. Ironically, this occurred at “Friendship Park” or right next to it on the beach.

By the way the Devil’s Caravan never amounted to much as a mass caravan. There are still small groups of fake refugees sneaking across the southern border of Mexico separately, though, and heading north to our border.

Burning Trump in effigy at Friendship Park

Trump effigy engulfed in flames at Friendship Park

The signs below read from left to right:

“Rise Mexican, Let us reclaim the territories that they robbed from us.
“Trump, Half the territory of the US is ours.”
“Trump, Let the Mexicans enter the US to work in the territories that you robbed from us in 1848.”
“Trump, We are not paying for your wall.”

The signs that the protesters are holding also have similar statements on them about the return of the territories that have been robbed from them.

Reconquista signs at protest in Tijuana.

The article translation follows, below.

Trump pinata burned at border wall

They protest in Tijuana against the anti-immigrant policies of the US president.

About 50 people protested this Sunday in Tijuana, on the border wall that divides this city in Baja California from San Diego in the US, over the anti-immigrant policies of the administration of President Donald Trump and burned a piñata of him in effigy.

‘Trump, let Mexicans enter the United States to work in the territories that they robbed from us in 1848,’ said a banner placed on the dividing wall, referring to the treaty by which Mexico ceded almost half of its territory to the United States, after a war between the two countries.

A migrant climbed the fence that divides the two countries and placed a Mexican flag while another held a sign that said ‘Trump, we will not pay for your wall.’

Protesters burned a Donald Trump piñata in effigy because of the way in which the US president expresses himself regarding Mexicans, said the president of the migrant organization Ángeles Sin Fronteras (Angles without Borders), Sergio Tamai.

During his first presidential campaign, Trump said Mexican immigrants were ‘rapists’ who bring ‘drugs’ and ‘crime’ to the United States.

‘One proof of that lie is that of the Mexicans who are in the United States, last year they sent us more than 35 billion dollars,’ Tamai said, referring to the remittance flows sent by Mexicans working in the United States. .

‘What would become of Mexico if it weren’t for those remittances?’, said the activist. ‘It is the irrefutable proof that those who cross are working people, they are not criminals and if they were, they would not send us so many millions of dollars.’

Tamai demanded that the Mexican government rethink the USMCA trade agreement (between the two countries and Canada) because the immigration situation was not discussed with respect to legalizing those already living in the United States.

‘We were reminding Trump that Mexican labor is what made the United States what it is,’ said Lourdes Lizardi, representative of the Tijuana Migrant Alliance.

Migration has been a vital issue between Mexico and the United States since Trump launched the presidency and threatened to place a wall between the two countries paid by Mexicans.

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Has The Devil’s Caravan Dissolved?

This article states that there are no large numbers of caravaners at the usual place they cross. Another website Herald of Mexico had claimed yesterday that about a 1,000 were waiting there. It is speculated that Honduras and El Salvador are breaking up the large groups and that the caravaners may be crossing in a dispersed way in small groups in a so-called “ant operation”. If they slip across in small groups potentially they could all meet up somewhere north of the Mexican border at some designated place. However, if this is what’s happening the Mexican National Guard can also just round them up wherever the get back together. The Mexican National Guard has a lot of resources. I think the caravan may just be fizzling out at this time.

Below is the English translation of an article by Diario del Sur.

Devil’s caravan dissolved as there is no concentration of people in Tecún Umán

There is no information on this new exodus, they could have changed strategy and are arriving in small groups to Mexico.

Alejandro Gómez | Diario del Sur

It is not clear the Devel’s Caravan is forming, since there is no concentration of people in Tecún Umán waiting for the group as has traditionally happened with the previous exoduses; It is presumed that this group was broken up by the authorities of El Salvador and Honduras themselves and that they could be traveling in small groups.

In an interview, Luis García Villagrán, director of the Center for Human Dignity, said that they have gone to the border municipality of Guatemala to meet with the migrants and that if they are going to enter Mexico, they should do so in an orderly and legal manner; However, he said that he did not find the large groups as he has been claimed in some media.

According to the group, it was dismantled by their country of origin and now they are only arriving in small groups that are undergoing and “ant operation” on Mexican soil so as not to attract the attention of the authorities.

On the other hand, he informed that he will file a lawsuit against the National Migration Institute (INM) for not allowing him to enter the 21st Century Migration Station with a judicial mandate.

He explained that this time he did not arrive as an activist but as a legal representative of a Honduran migrant who filed his claim for protection and to not be deported by the INM.

“We come with an claim from the Third District Court that grants us the suspension of the claimed act so that José Luis N is not deported, who was the only one who ratified his claim after being detained by the National Guard in Frontera Hidalgo,” he said.

He indicated that he asked to speak with his defendant but they only passed it to him on the EMS-XXI telephone and that does not guarantee that he is well or if it was actually José Luis N who spoke to him.

‘I do not know that fact and therefore I will proceed legally against the National Migration Institute with the appropriate judge for the lack of communication and mental torture to which the partner we are representing is being subjected,’ he said.

He added, ‘We are going to file criminal charges with the Attorney General of the Republic against the director of the immigration station with the surname, “Damiano”, the legal officer and the delegate, “Yadira de los Santos”.’

García Villagrán said, it is unfortunate that the INM continues to commit such abuses and against migrants who are leaving their home country out of necessity.

/ GG

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Thousand More Fake Refugees Show Up At The Mexican Border?

Another thousand fake refugees have shown up at the border on 2/2/2020 wanting to take revenge on the Mexican National Guard for earlier treatment of the first caravan that they turned back. This is in addition to about 100 that crossed into Guatemala, yesterday, in a different location. Another fracas with the Mexican National Guard may be developing.

NOTE: Now two days later, there has not been any confirming reports of this news, yet, as of 2/5/2020. It is just this one website, saying there are a thousand fake refugees waiting at the border at Tecan Uman on the Mexican Border for more to come. It looks like it could turn out to be fake news. Maybe this “Herald of Mexico” site is wildly exaggerating in order try to to encourage more to caravaners to assemble.

There have been multiple reports confirming that only a much smaller group of about 100 crossed the border from Honduras into Guatemala in another place, Agua Caliente.  It is not clear whether they ever crossed the border into Mexico.  If so, they may slipped into Mexico in small groups.

English translation of an article by the Herald of Mexico, below.

A thousand migrants concentrate on the Suchiate River; They want to enter Mexico

Migrants from El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua ready to enter Mexico through the border line with Guatemala

Approximately one thousand Central Americans await more people on the border line between Mexico and Guatemala, to organize themselves by caravan and cross the Suchiate River; Another group in Tapachula also threatens to join.

Although there are 170 people who left San Pedro Sula, Honduras, last Friday, via WhatsApp they were organized to await those arriving from El Salvador and Nicaragua. ‘They have arrived in small groups throughout the weekend,’ said authorities from Suchiate, Chiapas.

They are coming for revenge,’ added activist Luis García Villagrán. He said that many of those deported in the first caravan of 2020, return to the border line with all the intention of facing the National Guard, who maintain a permanent surveillance fence.

“We are warning that this caravan has been very manipulated to confront (the National Guard). It is the perfect pretext of the authorities to repress them, leave them without the right to shelter and deport them. ” They expect this new exodus to try to enter the country on Monday.

In Chiapas, operations to stop migrants continue.

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