Bishop, Progressive Organizers and Islamists to Resist Trump Enforcement of Immigration Law

Bishop McElroy qoute from progressive
“World Meeting of Popular Movements”

San Diego’s radical, liberation Bishop McElroy is teaming up with Iman Taha Hassane from the Muslim-Brotherhood linked, 9/11 terrorist mosque (Islamic Center of San Diego) and Marxist/anarchist, Alinsky-ite community organizers (San Diego Organizing Project), as well as other left-wing, social-justice churches. The Islamic Center of San Diego aided two of the 9/11 terrorists, who crashed a plane into the Pentagon, part of a terrorist act that killed more than 3,000 Americans on that day that we will never forget. Alinsky said to “use their own values against them” and that is exactly what they are doing. They will try to hide their love of lawlessness behind a false facade of religious morality.

If they were worried about salvation of souls, there are plenty of very fine churches in the home countries of those here illegally, especially in Latin America, great Catholic churches. However, it is pretty obvious that they are much more concerned with radical, collective politics and not so much with individual salvation.

Date/Time:  April 19th, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Place:      Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
            1770 Kearney Ave, San Diego, CA

RSVP here:  Faith Not Fear Summit, aka "Assemblies of Peoples"

There will be event on April 19th — under the Marxism-compliant name of “Assembly of Peoples” — as described in this excerpt from a church bulletin (see text below). The object of the event will be to organize an effort to interfere with ICE and protect illegal aliens from enforcement of the immigration law.

Bishop McElroy boasted recently that he has 200k illegal aliens in his San Diego diocese, whom he will not allow to be deported. Aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a felony. In my opinion, ICE ought to raid the event and arrest all of the ring-leaders, including the lawless Bishop and the shameless Iman from the mosque that aided two 9/11 terrorists. We plan to attend this meeting to support enforcement of the immigration law and oppose this unholy alliance of the radical bishop, Islamists and Marxist community organizers. More info to follow as it becomes available.

See the text of the announcement of the event below. Click on the link to see the original bulletin announcement:

Assembly of Peoples Announcement

Announcement Text:

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Pastor’s Column
Rev. Michael Ratajczak 760-758-4100 x100 michaelr@
Faith Not Fear Summit—Standing Together to Protect Our Families
“And I will come near you for judgment; I will be a swift witness, against sorcerers, against adulterers, against perjurers, against those who exploit wage earners and widows and orphans, against those who turn away an alien—because they do not fear Me, says the Lord of Hosts” (Malachi 3:5).

Rooted in faith, our families are ready to stand in solidarity with our most threatened community members and neighbors.

Bishop Robert McElroy, the Roman Catholic Bishop of San Diego, Bishop George McKinney of St. Stephen’s Church of God in Christ in San Diego, Bishop Terrell Fletcher of the City of Hope International Church in San Diego, and Imam Taha Hassane, Imam of the Islamic Center of San Diego, and other Faith Leaders from San Diego County are convening an “Assembly of Peoples” on Wednesday, April 19, at 6:30pm, at a site in San Diego yet to be determined.

At this event they are pledging and encouraging others to take united action to protect all families, protect immigrants and refugees, protect everyone’s right to healthcare, and protect our neighborhoods with compassionate policing.

The Vision of this Event: To form a united, mobilized, inspired group of leaders from our local faith communities that will work in partnership to protect each other and secure justice for everyone.

The Purpose of this Event: The main purpose of the event is to obtain commitments from people to encourage them to join in efforts of forming solidarity teams that will respond to ICE raids; stand against instances of hate; and to resist moves to return to “tough on crime” and “stop and frisk” policing policies. Attendees will be commissioned to form teams and receive follow-up training. Congressional delegates and other local elected officials will be invited as well as all local media/ broadcasting outlets.

Watch the bulletin for more information. Also contact Sr. Maureen Brown, CSJ, our Pastoral Associate, who is the liaison to the San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP) who is sponsoring this event. You may contact Sr. Maureen at 760-758-4100 x131 or

In case you forget or have not heard, Alinsky-ite community organizers are the ones whose ‘Bible’ — “Rules for Radicals” — acknowledges Lucifer as their role model, the first revolutionary.

“Lest we forget at least an over the shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins – or which is which), the very first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

― Saul D. Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals


Bishop Robert McElroy preaches progressivism

Bishop McElroy, spokesman for the disruptive church

Robert W. McElroy – Wikipedia

SD Bishop Calls on Catholics to Protest Trump: ‘We Must All Become Disrupters’-Breitbart

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Video: Three Charged With Fake Hate Crime – Zappy Pizza Incident in San Diego

Little Mogadishu in San Diego

In San Diego, Terry Crow, Scott Peretti and Sean Arevalo have been charged with a felony hate crime against a Somali, Mustafa Sahid. They face at least 3-4 years in prison, if convicted. It’s scary what can happen to people, who offend Muslims, without any intent to break the law.

These are working Americans on a budget and have thirteen children between the three of them. If they go to prison, their families are at risk of becoming homeless. They need help hiring aggressive attorneys to defend them.

This incident took place in the part of town, called “Little Mogadishu” at the Zappy Pizza shop just eight days before the election. The three defendants say that one of them was exercising his free speech in expressing support for America and Donald Trump, while denouncing Islam. One of four Muslims in the restaurant, Mustafa, was offended and used an expletive against Trump. He advanced on one of the Americans in a threatening way. He got in his face, within six inches. Mustafa was punched once in the forehead in self-defense. All three men are now charged with a felony hate crime as accomplices.

The alleged “victim” suffered only minor injury. There were no bleeding wounds or broken bones. The initial police report stated that he had minor abrasions on his forehead and a bruise on the inside of one of his arms. A photo of him after the incident was displayed in court at a hearing.

The news reports were sensational, politically-biased and exaggerated, see the video description for links. They claimed that the victim had been hit over the head with a chair and beaten down with brass knuckles. The witness testimony did not support either of these accusations. The police never recovered any brass knuckles. The victim’s minor wounds were not consistent with the use of brass knuckles, which can cause major flesh damage and fracture bones.

The area is called Little Mogadishu, because about thirty thousand mostly Muslim refugees from East Africa have been resettled in the area. Mustafa happens to be the son of the most influential leader of these refugees, who represents a powerful voting block. His name is Ahmed Sahid, the Founder and CEO of Somali Family Service, whose office is only about a quarter mile from Zappy Pizza.

Because Mustafa’s father is politically influential and the incident occurred in the politically charged atmosphere just before the election, this prosecution is driven by politics. They didn’t go into the shop intending to commit a hate crime, but just to pick up a pizza to take to Sean’s home just around the corner. They didn’t run or hide, because they had not done anything wrong. The police found them in the front yard outside the house. They didn’t realize that Sharia law was in effect in Little Mogadishu, rather than the Bill of Rights.

In order to fit the requirements of a hate crime, there has to be an ordinary, underlying crime of violence, such as assault or battery, in this case, which is motivated by hatred or intolerance. In the preliminary hearing evidence against the men was presented by the prosecution. The judge (Valentino) said that he had doubts that this case satisfied the requirements for a hate crime.

One of the dependents said some things, which offended a Muslim, Mustafa. There was some variation in the testimony of the witnesses, but the Mustafa rose from a chair and approached the men, getting in the face of one of them. The man punched him in self-defense. A scuffle ensued.

Punching someone, in this case a Muslim, in self defense, because he got upset that Islam had been insulted is not a crime. If there is no underlying crime, it cannot be a hate crime. It is just free speech.

The judge in the preliminary hearing also said that he did not think the defendants planned this. He just thought they went in to the restaurant to pick of a pizza and this is what happened.

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Protected: San Diego Deplorables Defense Fund

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How Many Sanctuary Cities Are In California? Answer, 482!

sanctuarycities1There are exactly 482 sanctuary cities and towns in California and 58 sanctuary counties. That is because California is a sanctuary state. The state passed a law that mandates a minimum sanctuary status for all law enforcement in the state. All municipalities and counties in California are therefore acting sanctuaries for illegal aliens. It is not necessary for cities to declare themselves sanctuaries any longer. If they do, it is just because they want to do it to be “in your face.” California is in a state of insurrection against federal immigration law.

The Trust Act is, summarized below, is a sanctuary law for the entire state of California. It applies to counties and local cities as you can read in the actual text of the law (attached) in paragraph 7282(d). Therefore, there is no need for California city councils or counties to declare themselves sanctuary cities any longer. They are already (informal) sanctuaries by state law. Cooperation with ICE is only allowed under certain conditions. That is, the inmate has been convicted of one of a list if serious crimes that the law spells out. If you live in California, you are already living in a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

The TRUST Act (AB 4 – Ammiano) became law on January 1st, 2014 and limits local jails from holding people for extra time just so they can be deported. County jails can no longer respond to requests to hold individuals solely based on their immigration status, unless certain conditions are met. Even then, local law enforcement always has the discretion not to use local resources to detain immigrants for extra time. The TRUST Act ensures that, as of January 1st, people with most low-level, non-violent offenses (misdemeanors) are not wastefully held for deportation purposes. At the same time, the law allows detention of people with felony convictions and of those charged with felonies under certain circumstances. It also allows detention for people with a number of higher level misdemeanor (or “wobbler”) convictions within the past 5 years, and for certain federal criminal offenses.

The TRUST Act addresses the harmful impact of California’s participation in the federal government’s controversial “Secure Communities” (S-Comm) deportation program, which has led to the deportation of over 90,000 individuals in California. The law will begin to repair relationships between the immigrant community and local law enforcement and limit the use of local resources to detain immigrants. It provides essential safeguards for public safety, community policing and civil liberties. The TRUST Act is a statewide minimum standard, and local jurisdictions can and should go farther to limit to harmful impact of S-Comm and detention of immigrants in local jails.

The ACLU of California was a sponsor of AB 4, along with four other organizations, and is now working on implementation of the new law.

The text of the Bill is at this link:

AB 4, Ammiano. State government: federal immigration policy enforcement (Text)

The Center for Immigration Studies list several others as sanctuary states, such as Oregon, New Mexico, North Dakota, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Your state may have a similar law or be planning one.

Obama has only been deporting serious criminals when they are arrested. As long as he was in office and his policies still in place we were, in effect, a sanctuary nation.

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(Video) Patriots Assaulted By LA County Security for Opposing Aid to Illegal Aliens, Trying to Talk to County Supervisor

Patriot battered by secuirty

Patriot battered by secuirty

Patriots were assaulted when trying to meet with an LA County supervisor to express their opposition to a measure designed to defeat Trump’s expected enforcement of the immigration law in LA County. They want to make the borders open to illegals, but the offices of the politicians are ironically closed, locked, secured, walled-off and fully protected against irate constituents, who don’t want 10’s of millions of their tax dollars spent defending illegal aliens.


Constituents and citizens dropped by Supervisor Hilda Solis’ office. Her staff members refused to meet with the group. A security guard was called on scene who assaulted Arthur Schaper while taking video. Arthur Schaper filed a police report. I would say that is an assault on all of them, because it put all of them in fear of being battered by the security officer run amok.

12/20/16 LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis’ District Office
Huntington Park, CA

Staff Refuses To Meet With Constituents Security Guard Assaults Patriots

Supervisor Hilda Solis’ Staff Lock Their Office Door & Call Police

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Help Stop La Raza From Making Chicano Park A National Historic Landmark

Chicano Park mural  honoring communists,  Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

Chicano Park mural honoring communists,
Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

Leftist politicians are trying to slip the Chicano Park Preservation Act (HR 3711) through Congress and have it approved in the last days of the Obama presidency. This is an extremely anti-American, revolutionary Marxist / Mexican ultra-nationalist park, which has already been funded with millions of tax dollars for decades by San Diego, California and the federal government. This bill should be laughed right out of Congress, but unfortunately they are taking seriously. Making it a national historic landmark would make it much harder to ever get rid of and much easier for them to obtain federal funds to maintain and expand this site. It officially associates this crazy, Mexican ultra-nationalist site with the U.S. National Park System.

Please call your representative and ask him to oppose HR 3711 which has been approved by the Natural Resources Committee and will be brought up for a vote in the House in the first half of December, 2016 or early January, 2017. If it passes, Obama will gladly sign it and we will be stuck with this silly Mexican, ultra-nationalist park forever. If it can at least be delayed a couple of weeks, Trump will never sign such a ridiculous bill, if he realizes what it is.

CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN (See example at bottom)

Find your representative

Bill info link

Just tell your congressman in an e-mail or phone call to his staff that you want him to oppose H.R. 3711, the Chicano Park Preservation Act, because Chicano Park is a radical, anti-American park. E-mailing him/her links to some of the videos below would be great. Suggest that you call his/her staff AND e-mail at least the first YouTube link, “Chicano Park Day.”

Chicano Park Day – 2016

US Flag Banned At Trump Protest in Chicano Park by La Raza

La Raza / Chicano Mexican Ultra-Nationalists March to Trump Protest

Chicano Park – Re-Conquered Holy Land of Aztlán (La Raza)


Subject: Chicano Park Preservation Act, House Resolution 3711

Dear Congressman (his name here),

I request that you oppose the above referenced bill when it comes to a floor vote, expected in early December or early January. The reason is that the park represents and promotes a anti-American, separatist, political ideology, which is a combination of Marxism and Mexican ultra nationalism. It is extremely divisive and does not represent Mexican-Americans, in general. Therefore, it does not merit the status of an National Historic Landmark. See the video at the link below for more information about the park and the kinds of activities that take place there.

(your name)

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KUSI: Welcoming ISIS To San Diego

kusi-thumbnailThis video is an intended to counteract a little a propaganda piece put out by our local media. The pro-refugee, special interest groups are media-savvy and probably pressured KUSI to broadcast this pro-refugee propaganda. Otherwise, KUSI is generally a good station.

It is politically incorrect to say so, but Mohammed committed pretty much all the same atrocities and crimes that ISIS and Al Qaeda have done in the name of Islam in recent years. Muslims are taught that they should emulate Mohammed as the perfect moral example of what a Muslim should be. The little books by Bill Warner on Amazon, such as “The Life of Mohammad” are a great aid in understanding the history of Islam.

Most San Diegans probably are not aware of it, but in recent years around 30,000 Muslim refugees from terrorist regions have been resettled in San Diego County. This does not even count the Muslims who have immigrated here via regular channels or on a temporary visa. At the time of this posting, more than a thousand Syrian refugees have just been resettled here in the last year as is celebrated in this broadcast video.

The wearing of the hijab, as the women are doing in this news report, is a symbol of their fundamentalist Muslim identity. It has been a tradition among some Muslims in the past, but it is not required in Islam. The hijab was brought back in the 1950’s by the Muslim Brotherhood for that reason as a symbol of resistance and rejection of western society.

Some of the 9/11 terrorists used San Diego as a base, because there were other sympathetic Muslims here inclined to support them. The base of support in San Diego is now orders of magnitude greater than it was before 9/11, thanks mainly to Obama. It is unconstitutional for the Government to discriminate against citizens based on religion. But it is not unconstitutional to discriminate when accepting immigrants and refugees, who come from a religion and an area that is essentially at war with us.

We did not accept large numbers of ethnic Germans during and immediately after WWII, because some fraction of them, though not all, would have represented a threat to us. It didn’t have anything to do with race or religion. It was just common sense that Americans still practiced back in those days.

Nazis had just as many cute kids as Muslims do, like they show in the above news report to get your sympathy. We would not have been giving Nazi supporters free Thanksgiving dinners, just because they had cute kids. Support for ISIS in Syria came mostly from Sunni Muslims, exactly the ones we are resettling in large numbers as refugees in San Diego.

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