Illegals Now Bused Across Mexico To US Border (A/C comfort)

Illegals are now being openly bused across Mexico using air-conditioned, public buses (nearly) to the US Border area, according to the is Univision Noticias report from 9/19/21. They are made to walk that last stretch so that the public and media do not see them drive up to the border in the buses. It makes people think that they walked all the way from southern Mexico, when they actually bought a ticket and took a bus most of the way to the border.

Watch this video on Bitchute.

Normally, they are smuggled by Coyotes working for the cartels, typically in the unventilated containers on freight trucks. Mexico has many military checkpoints on the highways. They normally do not allow people to pass, who do not have visas and are trying to reach the US border to cross illegally. That is why they have to be smuggled.

There have been many thousands of Haitians recently gathering at Mexico’s southern border, futilely trying to obtain legitimate visas for refugees, so they could cross Mexico to get to the US. They haven’t been getting them, probably because they don’t qualify and they don’t have the money to buy a fake visa from a corrupt official. Recently, there have been a number of riots and confrontations between the Haitians and Mexican police and Immigration Agency.

Apparently Mexico, just decided to let them go and gave orders to allow them pass through the checkpoints. Probably, someone had to pay a bulk fee to the cartels, who control the areas crossed. This is a big part of their smuggling business and the cartels do not allow people to cross for free, if they can prevent it.

It is also organized by some group, such as a nonprofit, or the Haitians would not be coming in large groups on buses and would not all be crossing in the same place on the Mexican border.

Who would be surprised if Biden and his DHS Chief, open-borders radical, Alejandro Mayorkas approved this operation? They essentially invite illegals to come in their public statements.

As stated in the video a few of these Haitians are being flow back to Haiti. The bulk of them are, however, being flown in Coast Guard transport planes to other cities along the border for processing, where most of them will be released into the US.

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Government Mandates – “Just Trust Science And Your Doctor” (Sarcasm)

Americans should not give up their individual rights and comply with illegal, authoritarian orders from the Government, just because people say it’s based on science and the advice of doctors. This video is a re-enactment of what happened in the T-4 program in Germany. Nazis claimed mass murder was based on perfectly sound science, Darwin’s theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, but it was also about fanatical, totalitarian politics.

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Doctor’s were used to justify the killing and to supervise from the initial murders of thousands of handicapped children, to the killing of hundreds of thousands of handicapped adults in the T-4 program and eventually to the factory murders of millions of Jews, political dissidents and other “undesirable” people in extermination camps. Having doctors supervise the killings also helped those, who actually did it, rationalize it in their own mind as a “medical operation”, necessary to remove unhealthy influences from German society.

This is an extreme example, but it is similar in concept, giving up basic individual human rights for the collective welfare. Nazi mass murders started with the euthanasia of one crippled child, ordered by Hitler. It was justified in the minds of many people as putting the child out of its misery. Hitler called it a “gnadentod”, a mercy killing, but he had much bigger plans. He started small, usurping the right to live of one child and gradually expanded the concept to mass murder of millions, after people had accepted such initial mercy killings as a precedent. We are also on a slippery slope of our own when we accept that the President and governors have the right to order us to accept unwanted and unnecessary medical procedures on our own bodies, a vaccination.

Science is not based on ethics or morality. It is only about discovering how nature works. Doctors are fallible humans and can be influenced by political ideology, social pressures or financial rewards, just as any other human can be.

Americans also had their own eugenics program in the early 20th century of forced sterilization of undesirables, which actually inspired the Nazis. Progressives were also leading this eugenics program un the US, as they are now leading the current Covid health mandates. More than 30 US states passed eugenics laws and an estimated 30,000-60,000 people were forcible sterilized by court order from about 1907 to the 1930’s. This forced sterilization program in America was also justified then as being scientific and in accordance with the advice of doctors.

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Small Migrant Child Smashed By Truck En Route to US Border

A three-year old girl was run over by a truck and killed, while on the way to the US border. The little girl was most likely intended to be used as a get-in-free card at the border, so that the man bringing her could easily enter the US and live illegally. Certainly, this type of thing happens frequently, though it may not be much reported even in Mexico and certainly not in our own media.

It happens because our Government has advertised in the past that they have a policy of releasing “asylum seekers” quickly into the US, if you bring a child with you on the dangerous journey and pass the low-bar, credible fear interview. So, many people exploit this loophole to commit asylum fraud.

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If a single man had a good case for asylum, he could claim asylum and spend a few months in detention until his case is resolved. They expedite those cases in which the claimant is in detention. This man most probably doesn’t have a good case for asylum, so he decided to risk the life of this child, which may not even be his own child. It may have been borrowed or rented. Such people deserve to be in prison and not quickly released into the US.

Some anti-illegal-immigration advocates do not care at all what happens to those coming to cross the border illegally, but many Americans do and I think this kind of thing counters the propaganda narrative that those open-borders anarchists are the humanitarians, who just want to release these asylum fraudsters into the US. Few of these people ever obtain asylum from a court, because they don’t have a case that justifies it. Releasing them into the US, just encourages hundreds of thousands and millions more to come.

Google translation of the relevant part of the story, below.

Three-year-old migrant girl is killed by car when traveling with her father in Tabasco (in Spanish)

The unfortunate accident occurred on the Coatzacoalcos-Chiapas highway at 2:55 p.m. when a trailer traveling at excess speed hit the minor. For his part, the driver fled the scene.

TABASCO, Mexico.-Mélida Badió Meus, a 3-year-old girl from Haiti, was run over and killed on the afternoon of Thursday, September 16, when she was traveling with a group of migrants.

The unfortunate accident occurred on the Coatzacoalcos-Chiapas highway at 2:55 p.m. when a trailer traveling at excess speed rammed the minor in the vicinity of the Malpasito toll booth, according to reports from the Huimanguillo municipal police.

The State Attorney General’s Office reported that it will notify the Haitian embassy of the event to determine the legal status of the case, while the municipal authorities have not yet located the person responsible, who fled the scene.


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Small Boy Trafficked Across Border, Abandoned By Parents

Our current, government policy encourages child trafficking and child abuse by cartel smugglers. This child is not exactly an isolated case. He just makes a better news story than most of the hundreds of thousands of children, who are trafficked to the border by the cartels every year at great risk, in order that their parents can be quickly released into the US to live illegally, or for them to be put across to live with illegal “relatives” already in the US.

Watch this video on Bitchute

To stop this insane, mass exploitation of children, we have to stop releasing them and their parents into the US, just because they drag a child with them to exploit as a get-in-free pass. To release them only encourages the cartel to traffick thousands more children.

In most cases, it should be handled as a crime; child abuse, child endangerment and a form of child trafficking. Though it may not involve sexual exploitation, sometimes it involves sexual exploitation, as well.

To learn more about this topic, read this 10-page court opinion by Federal Court Judge Andrew Hanen who said that a parent smuggling a child for such purposes is committing a crime and often the Government aids and abets the crime by helping to deliver the child to its destination, illegal aliens already living in the US.

“How DHS Aids & Abets Child Trafficking By Cartels” by Federal Judge Henan

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Fake Refugees Expelled To Tijuana Via “Lateral Flights” From Texas

Fake refugees are again being flown several times a week from South Texas and quickly expelled in San Diego to Tijuana without a court hearing, due to Covid restrictions. Such flights are called “lateral flights”. This flight came from Brownsville, Texas on August 21, 2021. They are bringing so-called “family units”. Most of these adults have one small child with them, some have two. The child is intended to be used as a free pass into the US, like a human passport, because the policy is to release children and their family members within 20 days. It encourages abuse of children by their parents or people who may pretend to be their parents.

View this video on Bitchute or Facebook

Trump put Covid restrictions on all those crossing the border illegally, based on Title 42, the Public Health & Welfare Law. Biden has made exceptions for minors and pregnant women. But there is no exception for family units. So, they are still being sent back immediately to Mexico, without a court hearing.

Exploitation of a child in this way is a form of child trafficking, the smuggling of a child for the purpose of using it to commit an illegal act. It may or may not involve sexual abuse of the child, but either way it is trafficking. In this situation, the adult in most cases intends to defraud the asylum system and be quickly released (due to the child) in order ultimately to live illegally in the US.

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Biden’s New Plan to Destroy American Sovereignty Using Fake Refugees

Just when it seems things are getting better, Biden and open-borders radical, DHS Secretary Mayorkas, are now plotting to encourage a new and even much larger surge at the border that would be a giant, diabolical step towards totally disenfranchising current American citizens via a wave of fake refugees, that is mostly economic refugees. A great majority of them are people, who would not qualify for asylum under the current asylum process, but who would say and do anything to gain access to the U.S. They will even greatly endanger their own children in the process or indenture themselves to a cartel to pay the high cost of smuggling them from their homeland across the border.

He has proposed to bypass Congress and change regulations so that those coming across the border illegally, would be granted asylum not by a court, as now is the process, but by bureaucrats, many of whom will be sympathetic to the radical cause of open borders. This regulation will be challenged in the courts, but everyone should be aware this is what they are doing. It is a gun held to the head of American sovereignty and we just do not know, yet, whether it will go off.

I first read about this on Discover the Networks, which referenced a Breitbart article. Breitbart talks about the asylum fraudsters coming for your jobs, but in the long run the purpose of bringing them here is to destroy the sovereignty of the U.S. and disenfranchise the American people, that is, achieve Obama’s utopian, progressive “transformation” of America into just another international community in the global village that has no independent sovereign rights.

It seemed incredible to me, but I found this very recent DHS post date August 22, 2021, which confirms the articles, albeit in sanitized bureaucratic language to somewhat camouflage the actual intent of the rules change.

DHS and DOJ Publish Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Make Asylum Process More Efficient and Ensure Fairness

This regulatory change would allow bureaucrats to grant asylum as soon as the illegal crosser has passed a low-bar “credible fear” interview. The credible fear interview is just a first attempt to determine whether the person has a real fear of persecution, due to immutable characteristics that he/she may have. It is based largely on the “honor system” and for that reason is an invitation for those, who want to manipulate the system, to lie. People can be trained to say the right things to pass the interview.

It would be the old catch-and-release process on steroids. By the old procedure, they would be released with a court date, which most would skip or lose their case, thereby living illegally in the U.S. and getting an automatic deportation order. With the new system, they would be released with asylum granted already by a bureaucrat (not a judge) and permission to live in the U.S. legally for the indefinite future with no pending court case.

The credible-fear interviewer is required, by law, to make an attempt to verify the claims, but if they cannot be verified, the statements must be accepted as “true” and the claimant will be welcomed to indefinite legal residency in the U.S. to await the next mass asylum. If it takes a few years until their children become old enough to vote for progressive “transformation”, that is not a problem. It is a long-term plan. It has been in the works for decades already.

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Citizens Speak Out Against Covid Mandates – San Diego

About 120 people speak out against irrational Covid mandates at a raucous meeting of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on August 17, 2021. They belonged to several groups, who had just had a joint protest attended by several hundred in front of the building. This video has been edited and condensed down to about 60 speakers in 1.5 hours.

Watch this video on Bitchute or on Facebook

Excerpts of this meeting went viral and it was mocked on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in an obvious attempt by the leftist media to stifle such criticism or Covid mandates. However the great majority of the comments were serious, thoughtful and informative. Besides that, they are overall actually in the right. We should have our choice whether we will be vaccinated against Covid or not.

Anti-Vaxxers Bring The Crazy At Public Meetings In California – The Late Show

The best comment may be the last one, when a microbiologist calls in to explain why the statements of Dr. Fauci and other medical administrators and Researchers should not be trusted when large amounts of money are at stake.

Afterwards the County Supervisors voted 5-0 to pass the measure in question. In general, I have noticed that public commentary seldom changes how board members will vote on a specific issue. They stonewall in the hope that their opposition with be demoralized and eventually give up.

The real benefit of this kind of event is to rally the opposition and obtain publicity for the opposition. Vote them out in the next election if they do not change their ways. Citizens have to have their eye on the longer term.

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Covid19 Fatality Rate Down Whopping 97% In San Diego

The Covid monthly fatality rate is down a stunning 97% from the high last year. The high was about 4.33% and on May 2, 2020 the current value on August 15, 2021 is .136%. This is about the same fatality rate as the regular, seasonal flu. However, the seasonal flu only lasts a couple of months. The pandemic will probably last for for some time yet and the fatality rate could potentially go up again as the virus mutates, though the normal evolutionary trend of such viruses is to become more mild, not more deadly.

The San Diego County Health Department continues to post the fatality rate as the average for the entire time from the start of the pandemic, which makes the fatality rate seem much higher than it currently is, almost 10 times as high at this time. This misrepresentation makes it seem that patients are almost 10 times as likely to die from Covid19 as is currently the case and contributes to the continuing public hysteria surrounding Covid.

The graph shows that although there are many more cases of Covid19 now, relatively few people are dying. It is a 30-day moving average of the case fatality rate derived from numbers provided by San Diego County. The case fatality rate is the percent of reported cases that will result in the death of the patient.

This only includes cases reported to the County. As we know, many infected people have very mild symptoms or no noticeable symptoms at all. For this reason, the case fatality data represented in the graph is no doubt over estimated. If the unreported cases were counted, the fatality rate would be even lower than the current 0.136%, maybe by half or more.

The reasons the fatality rate has gone down so much are development of more effective treatments by doctors, vaccination of the most vulnerable segments of the population and new variants may be less fatal than the original virus, as is the usual trend with such viruses. A less fatal virus provokes less reaction to it and tends to spread more easily and replace other variants.

If the San Diego County health officer, Wilma Wooten, refuses to publish the current fatality rate as it is for the current month, I will continue to post it here. You can subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the box on the upper right.

Probably this situation in San Diego is not too much different from what is happening in the rest of the country.

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Biden / Mexico Dumping Thousands Of Fake Refugees In Remote Guatemalan Jungle

Thousands of fake refugees are being flow from Texas to southern Mexico and deported to Guatemala via a remote border crossing into the Guatemalan Jungle. Mexico is obviously doing this to ensure that they do not come back into Mexico and try to head north again to the land of El Dorado (aka USA).

It seems doubtful that Biden and Mayorkas have had a sincere change of heart. I think they must be doing this because it’s creating political problems for them that may very well cause them to lose Congress next year.

JUST FOUND: These sudden expulsions may be related to a recent court order requiring Biden to re-start the Remain-In-Mexico-Program, reported just today by the Gateway Pundit.

Federal Judge Orders Biden to CONTINUE Trump’s Extremely Effective “Remain in Mexico” Policy

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Biden Starts Returning Some Fake Refugees To Central America

Biden has started flying some mass asylum fraudsters to Southern Mexico, where they can cross over to their Central American Homelands. These are people, who do not fit the exceptions Biden has made to Title 42, the Public Health Law, and who have been crossing the border repeatedly. Title 42 does not allow those into the country, who may be bringing disease. Biden made some exceptions via executive orders for minors and pregnant women.

View on Bitchute: Biden Returning Some Fake Refugees To Central America

See also, article by Reuters below:
EXCLUSIVE U.S. starts flying migrant families into Mexico far from border

NOTE: I use the website to transcribe and translate these videos automatically. If the sound is clear, it’s pretty accurate. Then, as best I can, I smooth out the mistakes that are made in the computer translation. The most doubtful parts of the translation will be the interviews in the field with much background noise and people speaking street Spanish.

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