Aggressive Defense Against SPLC Anti-Patriot Lawsuit Begins

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has filed a lawsuit against the Patriot Movement Arizona (PMAZ) because they dared to speak out vigorously against mass asylum fraud. This punitive lawsuit is intended, not just to silence PMAZ, but anyone who dares to speak out too loudly against the leftist/progressive agenda of radical, “fundamental transformation”, as Obama called it, the destruction of America as we know it.

To donate go to the link below:

Help These Patriots Fight The SPLC

Ed Rose, the attorney for the Patriot Movement Arizona, has filed a response in Federal Court to the lawsuit that they are not entitled to relief, because the shelter operators (three churches) are encouraging illegal immigration and are also public figures themselves. See, the excerpt from the recently filed reply below.

The churches are aiding and abetting illegal aliens, because most of them don’t show up for their court hearings, but just wanted to get into the US by whatever means necessary to live illegally.

The leaders of the social-justice churches are not just innocent shelter operators, but are promoting a radical, leftist political agenda and therefore are public figures who have injected themselves into a controversial political issue and are not entitled to protection from defamation to the same extent that private citizens are.

Mostly asylum fraudsters being unloaded at a social-justice church in Phoenix

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SgtMaj Hidalgo Leads Veterans Day Ceremony in Chicano Park

Juan Hidalgo, Jr. is running for Congress in the 51 district and MC’d the 2019 Veterans Day ceremony in Chicano Park. The 51st is his hometown district. It’s a district that has struggled forever with unemployment, low incomes, drugs and crime. Juan is very determined to make a big change in the district for the better.

He had a very successful career in the military, He was a Sergeant Major in the Marines, the highest rank that a noncommisioned officer can obtain. Among many other things, he served in Iraq during the war and was part of the command team at Guantanamo.

I would have recorded the other speakers too, but the noise from the freeway was so loud that much of what they said couldn’t be heard. Among Hidalgo’s many other accomplishments, he was a drill instructor in the Marine Corps and he knows how to speak loudly enough to be heard!

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Sand Dragon – Imperial Dunes Border Fence

Video covers about 42-miles of border from just outside Calexico all the way to the Colorado River. 42 miles is a quarter of the Ca border and it’s nearly all 15-foot-high bollard fence already, pre-Trump Wall. There were news reports about it already in 2009. It was no doubt funded during the Dubya Bush era and the construction may have continued into Obama’s time. That seems to be the case with many, if not all of these pre-Trump bollard fences. They were all funded and constructed at about that same time.

Enter Sand Dragon: The $40m Floating Mexican Border Fence
The see the entire playlist of videos about the border follow these links:

The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

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Enrique Morones’ Reconquista Friend in Berlin

Julio Chavezmontes Messner
Mexican ultra nationalist

I came across this article in Spanish by a Mexican reconquista friend of Enrique Morones, the former head of the Border Angels. Morones is supposed to be in Berlin in early November, 2019 for the 30th celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall and to plot with other, like-minded subversives and revolutionaries the fall of our own wall and the downfall of America. Chevazmontez Messner is a Mexican filmmaker. Enrique Morones was forced out of the Border Angels for some reason that is not too clear just a few days before this article was posted.

México y Alemania: Patrias indivisibles

In June of 1987, Morones organized a concert in Tijuana with a group of radical socialist Germans, called “Tear Down This Wall“. The goal appeared to be to incite a cross-border, mass protest large enough to breach the border fence in Tijuana and elsewhere. The Border Patrol took action beforehand and they never gained enough momentum to accomplish their presumed goal.

As we learned during the caravans of 2018-19, very many Tijuanans are not in favor of chaos on the border, either. It turned out just to be a pleasant concert in the Las Playas neighborhood of Tijuana with a few dozen listeners. You can be pretty sure, though, the open-borders Mexicans have been plotting more such “fracasos” on the border in Berlin lately with their German radical socialist pals.

Morones is mentioned in this article, as well as Richard Griswold de Castillo, a radical professor of Chicano Studies at San Diego State University, and other open borders radicals from San Diego. It is just more confirmation of how they think. Below is the English translation of the original article from Spanish.


Mexico and Germany: Indivisible Homelands
by Julio Chavezmontes Messner,
Friday, November 8, 2019

Tomorrow marks thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The idea of ​​building it came from Walter Ulbricht (A Soviet agent who spent World War II in Moscow) and Erick Honecker (who ‘miraculously’ did not execute the Nazis who held him captive until 1945); Two traitors to Germany, who in addition to submitting to the dictates of Joseph Stalin, lent themselves to creating a Soviet colony under the FALSE name of the German Democratic Republic.

Both murdered hundreds of their countrymen and yet neither answered for their crimes against humanity.

The famous wall began to be built after having the meetings between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, succeeded by Truman who, following the Morgenthau Plan, intended to fragment Germany into three small provinces, in order to denying it any possibility of resuming any industrial activity.

Forty years before the date we are now commemorating, the ‘German Democratic Republic’ was invented, with the intention of carrying out the fragmentation of Germany and the separation of its people under contrary and irreconcilable regimes.

There has never been such a thing as ‘two Germanies.’

Germany has always been a single homeland for all Germans.

The homelands do not arise or disappear by decree of the victors.

After 30 years, the extinct wall is only the memory of an immense injustice that ultimately could not defeat the invincible will of a people capable of resisting any adversity, and rebuilding from its ruins.

Very few know today, that after officially ending World War II, more than three million German civilians died as victims of genocide when they were forcibly displaced from the eastern German provinces.

The general public also does not know that hundreds of thousands of German soldiers died of hunger and cold in the Allied concentration camps, known as the ‘Eisenhower camps’, despite being in theory, under the ‘protection’ of the Convention of Geneva.

In spite of all this, Germany today does not seem to have lost a war but, on the contrary, is the pillar that sustains Europe, and its economy occupies the fourth place in the world.

Similarly, there are no two Mexicos as a result of the territorial robbery committed against us by the expansionists and slave-smuggling gringos who believed they could prevail over the immemorial rights of our people.

In our case, the racist and corrupt Donald Trump, if he wants, can build a branch of the Chinese Wall on the banks of the Rio Grande, but not with that, can he divide or separate the only Mexico that exists.

The more than 40 million Mexicans who today live under the jurisdiction of the United States are an irreversible factor.

It is enough to point out that more than six million Mexicans live in Chicago; that there are important Mexican communities on the shores of Lake Minetonka and on the banks of the Hudson River in New York, where we have displaced Puerto Ricans as the first minority.

We are not only indispensable, but invincible and unstoppable.

Our people have continued to migrate northward, by means of “El Rio de los Regresos” (The River of the Returnees), guided by Cuauhtecui, the eagle of our ancestors who returns and points the way to the reconquest of our territories stolen by the United States.

As I write these lines in the small town of Stahringen, in southwestern Germany, the words of Senator Thomas Corwin of the State of Ohio, spoken before the United States Congress on September 11, 1847, return to me:

“You can steal those territories from Mexico; You could seize them by force; you can retain them by exercising the right of the strongest, but a peace treaty for that purpose, freely signed by the Mexican people, you will never have. ”

For some years now, I have had the privilege of knowing and being engaged with our compatriots, who lead and champion the exercise of our rights north of El Río; such as Enrique Morones who, as head of the “Border Angels,” accompanies the migrant brothers who venture through the desert on their way to the north with water and all kinds of help.

I have met and I am honored in the friendship of Juan M. Solíz and Nellie Cotton, who runs the NGO “Mexico defende lo tuyo” (Mexico defends what is yours) which I have the honor to represent before German human rights organizations.

I have had the honor of speaking with Professor Richard Griswold del Castillo author of the book “Guadalupe Hidalgo, a Legacy of Conflict”, whose information was more than valuable to me to write “El Rio de Regresos” (The River of the Returnees).

Just as California, New Mexico and Texas continue to be the territory of Mexico today under international law, East Prussia, Silesia and Breslau, continue to be part of Germany, as well as Austria whose name (Österreich) means Reich of the East, that is to say: True East Germany.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 9, 2019, MEXICAN artist Adrián Luz will star in Berlin, an event that brings together Mexico and Germany under the auspices of “One Day We Will Dance” and the Benhadj & Djilali Museum.

Enrique Morones will carry the voice of Mexico; an indomitable voice that demonstrates that the imposition of walls only serve to echo their messages of JUSTICE.

The wall that will be “demolished” is an artistic work of Adrián Luz.

This artistic day in the heart of Germany, joining in brotherhood with Mexico in the rejection of all the walls of inhumanity, demonstrates once again that Germany and Mexico: Mexico and Germany are unique homelands; INDIVISIBLE PATRIAS. __________________________________

Dedicated to Mexicans who, while writing these lines, continue to cross invincible and unstoppable towards our ancestral lands. The whole country, or nothing!

Julio Chavezmontes Messner,

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Enrique Morones Ousted From Border Angels

Enrique Morones, Founder of Border Angels

The Times San Diego first reported that Enrique Morones has been “retired” from the non-profit that he founded, called the “Border Angels”, after about six months of paid leave. Morones has been building the brand “Border Angels” for more than three decades. Morones is internationally known and has appeared frequently on Fox News and other national outlets. Many will remember his appearances on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

It is not thought that he willingly left the Border Angels. He has not really retired, but is now trying to resurrect another nonprofit that he founded in 2005, called “Gente Unida“. Gente Unida has been inactive in recent years. Morones is trying to restart it from scratch. Gente Unida is the nonprofit that Morones claims he used in 2005 to “expose” and “shutdown” the Minutemen in California.

It appears more likely that he was forced out of Border Angels, because no reason is given and his departure does not appear to have been on friendly terms. That has provoked speculation that his unexplained departure may be due to a serious conflict with the board of the non-profit, a severe clash over direction of the nonprofit or perhaps some kind of embarrassing personal impropriety, such as financial or harassment / abuse of some kind, physical, mental or sexual. At some point, maybe the truth will emerge?

Our major local media outlets have mysteriously remained quiet about this affair, though a couple of them reported a few weeks ago that he had been quietly put on paid leave. One would think that professional journalists would be interested in a follow-up story about the fate of this international news figure, but I guess not. They have not reported that he has now been completely removed from the non-profit organization. That was only reported by the relatively minor “Times of San Diego”.

Also, see this related video. It has been shown that Morones has associated with major cartel drug smugglers. This video is not the only reason to think that. KUSI broadcast this great report and posted on their server. Somehow, it got past the corporate censors, but by the next day it had been removed from their website. It has been re-posted on the freedom-of-speech video distribution service,

Open-Borders Radical Holds Cross-Border Wedding For Cartel Smuggler
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Otay Mountain – Smugglers Paradise To Be Secured In Ca

Provides a status of the border fence in the Otay Mountain area between Tijuana and Tecate for November, 2019. On September 16, 2019, General Semonite, commander of the Army Corps of Engineers said during a news conference at the border fence in San Diego that a new fence is planned for this stretch of the border next year.

To see more such videos go to this playlist link.
The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

Contribute for travel and production of more of these videos about the Border Fence here:

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The Real Border Fence – Where to Find the Videos?

These videos show the real state of the current border fence in California and some also so far in Arizona. Progress on building a new fence is also reported. It seems the videos were just getting too popular for the censors. So, without warning, YouTube deleted my channel where I was posting about the state of the current border fence as well as progress in building the new “Trump Wall”. Now I post on Bitchute, a free speech alternative. Fight censorship by sharing.

This is just a sample. To see all of videos, go to the following playlist:

The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

You can also find these videos if you go to the Facebook page, click here and then scroll down to the Facebook playlist. Facebook provides higher resolution than Bitchute. Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide a direct link to playlists.


The Real Border Fence – California Progress Report

(under construction)
The Real Border Fence – Arizona Progress Report

(planned for future)
The Real Border Fence – New Mexico Progress Report


Lukeville / Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Status – January, 2020

Calexico Border Fence Status – December 2019

Sand Dragon – Imperial Dunes Border Fence, Ca

Rapid Construction of 31-Mile Border Fence Near Yuma, Az

Otay Mountain – Smugglers Paradise To Be Secured, Ca

Border Fence Skips Reservation On Colorado River In AZ


To help share the cost of travel and lodging expenses for production of more videos like this, please donate at this link:

Support Production of More Videos – The Real Border Fence

$20 will buy about half a tank of gas and get me nearly 200 miles further down the road.

Start of construction in Yuha desert

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Obama And Black Racial Nationalism – Playlist

Videos about black identity religions, such as the Nation of Islam, Black Liberation Theology and Black Hebrew Israelites. Obama’s church of 20 years, Trinity United was based on Black Liberation Theology, which is a neo-Marxist version of black identity religion, specifically it is a pseudo-Christian offshoot of the Nation of Islam. This page is under construction will be adding to it. So, check back later for more.

Obama And Black Racial Nationalism – Bitchute Playlist

These are just a couple of examples from the above-linked playlist.

Farrakhan Hails Obama as Black “Messiah”
The Megalomania of Barack Obama


Shocking Quotes from Black Liberation Theology

President Barack Obama

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Campo – Border Fence Worthy Of Third World

In this clip, scenes are shown of the existing border fence as it is in October, 2019, near Campo, California. This clip deals with a stretch of about 17 miles in total, running from the outskirts of Tecate to the community of Boulevard. Campo is a small border town of about 3,000 inhabitants in the mountains about 35 miles east of San Diego. The border fence is not in good condition here, but I want to show the best and the worst. The public needs to know what the bad parts are, also, not just the good. Hopefully, a new fence in Campo will be built before long.

NOTE: None of the fence shown in this video was constructed during the Trump term in office. It’s not meant to be anti-Trump or pro-Trump, just the reality of what the fence looks like now. The only exception is that the Army Corps of Engineers added the concertina wire to the existing fence last winter.

To see more such videos go to this playlist link.
The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

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Are Armed Troops Really Guarding Our Border With Mexico?

For almost a year from Fall of 2018 through 2019, I tired to find out whether armed troops were really guarding our border as has been claimed. Learn the results in this video with also some explanation of the Posse Comitatus Act. The Posse Comitatus Act forbids use of troops to enforce domestic law. However, there are exceptions to the law for civil disturbances and terrorist attacks. A exception may also be needed for the president to be able to send armed troops to guard our border directly against mass illegal crossings by hundreds of thousands of foreigners, which could justifiably be called an unarmed “invasion”.

This is a document analyzing the Posse Comitatus Act by the Congressional Research Service.

The Posse Comitatus Act and Related Matters:
The Use of the Military to Execute Civilian Law

To see more such videos go to this playlist link.
The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

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