Caravan Woman Gives Birth to First Anchor Baby in U.S.

New welfare recipient
born in California

A pregnant woman who spent weeks traveling with a caravan of migrants gave birth in San Diego after crossing illegally to the United States to seek asylum.

Maryuri was more than seven months pregnant when she left Honduras with her husband, Miguel, and their three-year-old son. The family spent weeks traveling north on foot and by bus until they arrived in Tijuana.

“He was born here in San Diego,” Maryuri said, holding her eight-day-old daughter, a US citizen by birth, in an interview with Telemundo 20.

The already difficult journey to reach the United States became even more complicated for the family due to Maryuri’s pregnancy.

After spending time in a Tijuana shelter, the couple said they did not feel safe, surrounded by some Mexicans who were hostile to their presence and decided to cross the border illegally.

According to Customs and Border Protection officials, on Monday, November 26, agents assigned to patrol the coast of Imperial Beach saw the pregnant woman trying to cross.

It was around 8:00 pm when the couple requested asylum in the United States and was taken into custody, they said.

Maryuri said she did not know that the next day she would give birth to her second child in a hospital in San Diego.

“The day we crossed I felt a little pain, but I thought it would be because of my nerves,” said Maryuri. The next morning, the pain increased and the woman was transferred to a hospital in San Diego, according to CBP.

Finally the baby was born on November 27, 2018.

Maryuri said that the CBP agents closed all the windows and stood guard at the door at all times. When the hospital officials brought her and the baby with food or clothing, the agents checked everything.

Miguel was allowed to visit his wife and newborn son on the third day of his stay and when Maryuri was discharged from the hospital, she was sent back to a detention center to complete her asylum application.

The family was released on Saturday in the United States until a judge can see their asylum application.

(machine translation of article from Frontera newspaper of Tijuana)
Baby born to immigrant family in United States

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Why Does The Migrant Caravan Use The Star Of David?

Caravan Star of David
The new Jews?

The Star of David is the symbol of God’s chosen people. It has been displayed in the vehicles and in the banners of the migrant caravan of October, 2018. It is not just the traditional Jews that use this emblem, but other religious sects as well, who self-identify as the real Jews or the lost tribes of Israel. The concept has been the basis of a number of supremacist cults. The caravanners may be using the symbol for the same reason some of these other non-Jewish groups use it.

In this case it could be an innocent, superficial usage of the symbol and analogy to the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. However, religious and quasi-religious belief has always been historically the most powerful motivators of mass movements and the caravanners should be examined for any similar manic, cult-like religious belief that may drive some of them. This post is just presented as food for thought.

The story of the Exodus from Egypt turns into a story of conquest. The Israelites conquered Jericho and the land of the Canaanites and slaughtered the inhabitants. Gnostic occult belief holds that the stories of the Bible are a template and can be reproduced in any era and that even any man can become a “Christ”. It is a theology for maniacs. Supremacist racist cults can be categorized as based on gnostic occult beliefs.

Caravan banner at encampment in Tijuana

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is the name of the principle nonprofit organizing and funding the Caravan. Pueblo can mean “town”, but is also has a meaning of people, ethnic group or nations. The meaning of “ethnic group” or “nation” makes more sense in this context. That is “Pueblo sin Fronteras” apparently refers to a hispanic, brown people (or brown nation), who does not recognize borders in the Americas.

Caravan banner at encampment in Tijuana

The caravans out of Central America have been described as a “mass exodus” in the literature of Pueblos Sin Fronteras. Politicians and the media have also described the caravans as an “exodus” and the caravan members as “Jews”. Adversaries of the caravans have been compared to “Nazis” and “Children of the Devil”(see link below).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares migrants at US border to Jews fleeing Nazi Germany

Document describing the migration as a mass “exodus”

There are cultic groups that teach that the mixed-race (mestizo) peoples in the Americas are the heirs of the indigenous people and they have absolute rights to all of the lands in both of the American continents and they should be able to migrant anywhere they want, in the lands where the European is, in their opinion, an occupier. The Caravanners have been claiming that they have an absolute right to migrate to the United States, regardless of American law.

Star of David painted on a caravan truck

One of the caravaners, who seemed to be kind of a preacher, climbed to the top of the border fence during a demonstration when the first vanguard arrived and denounced the Border Patrol from his perch as the “children of the devil”.

It is not necessarily being suggested that all of the Caravanners have a cultic belief system, but that some of the leadership may have this kind of belief and identify themselves and the caravans as the “real Jews”.

The Mayor of Tijuana, Juan Manuel Gastelum, wears a “MAGA” cap one day and calls for what would be permanent refugee camps a couple days later. He is calling for the United Nations to provide what might will be virtually unlimited funding for economic refugee camps. If this happens, there could end up being tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even more residing in “refugee” camps directly on the border of the United States. This would be a dream come true for radical progressives, especially if they have an racial-nationalistic, anti-American cultic belief system.


A number of racial nationalist groups, white brown and black often see themselves as the real Jews, the lost tribes of Israel, divine or the Chosen People. Another group is typically identified as the enemy, the ultimate evil or even literally the devil incarnate or the Antichrist. With the caravanners, the Americans or the American system could be assigned this role.

Examples are British Israelism, which is considered a Nazi-like, white supremacist doctrine and the American offshoot of British Israelism, the Christian Identity movement. The Jews are the “Antichrist” in their scenario.

Literature of British Israelism

The Mormon Church taught that the American Indians and the polynesians are the lost tribes of Israel.

Jose Vasconcelos developed a theory in the 1920’s of supremacy of the hispanic mestizo “race” (La Raza) that has been very influential in latin-American society.

Some black nationalist religious sects, such as most notably the Black Hebrew Israelites and other related black nationalist groups, also have a belief that they are the lost tribes of Israel.

Black Hebrew Israelites display Star of David

At least some Black Hebrew Israelites have been trying to evangelize the Central Americans and convince them that they are the lost Hebrew Israelite tribe of Zebulon.

Las 12 Tribus De Israel: La Tribu De Zabulon (LOS CENTRO-AMERICANOS)
The 12 Tribes of Israel: The Tribe of Zabulon (The Central Americans)

Such black nationalist groups often have a apocalyptic belief that the white man will be enslaved, white society destroyed or whites even exterminated in the impending end times.

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Can the President Send Armed Troops To Protect The Border?

The Posse Comitatus Act is often cited as the reason troops cannot be used to protect the border. As has been experienced, the perception of the meaning of certain laws sometimes change over time, due to activist judges, who legislate from the bench, progressive politicians, who believe the Constitution (and the law) should be a “living document” whose interpretation should change, according to the whim of the times. A biased, propagandistic media, aligned with progressives and neo-Marxists, helps to brainwash the public. This diabolical trend really needs to be reversed and laws enforced according to their original intent.

The Posse Comitatus Act, passed in 1878. It was updated in the 1950’s to include the Air Force. Enacted as part of a deal at the end of Reconstruction, it was intended to prevent the military from enforcing martial law on the general public, as it did in the South during Reconstruction.

18 U.S. Code § 1385 – Use of Army and Air Force as posse comitatus

Whoever, except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress, willfully uses any part of the Army or the Air Force as a posse comitatus or otherwise to execute the laws shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

The Posse Comitatus act contains an exception, “except in cases and other circumstances authorized by the Constitution of act of Congress”.

In the U.S. Constitution, the United States is required to protect each of the states against an “invasion”. An ordinary law cannot override the Constitution. So, an exception in a law is not necessary to carry out a constitutional mandate.

U.S. Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.

The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

It does not say “armed invasion”, “violent invasion” or even “hostile invasion”, but just “invasion”. There are probably 500 thousand to one million foreigners crossing the border illegally every year. What is that, if not an invasion? At times it is an armed, hostile and violent invasion, too. It seems appropriate for the President to use the Armed Forces as required to stop this invasion, not just one caravan, but to help shut down the mass illegal border crossing that has been going on for decades unabated.

U.S. Army soldier Guarding the border around 1915

The Border Patrol was not created until 1924. Between 1878 and 1924, the Army guarded the Border, for nearly half a century after the Posse Comitatus Act was enacted. For that reason it seems very clear that the original intent of the Posse Comitatus Act did not include prohibiting the Army from protecting the border.

The image on the right is the cover of a book about one soldier’s experiences, when he was assigned to guard the U.S. border during the 1910’s, a decade before the Border Patrol existed.

Below is another photo from the same book of a squad of troops in 1916 in full combat gear, guarding the border, eight years before the Border Patrol existed. In both images the Rio Grande is in the background, that is the U.S. border with Mexico.

It seems absurd to think that the Constitution would not allow the President to protect the border against invasion by hundreds of thousands of foreign, illegal border crossers every year. That was not the intention of the framers of the Constitution and it obviously was not the intention of those who passed the Posse Comitatus Act, either.

At this time mainly observers are needed, who are directly on the border and are armed so that they can defend themselves, if necessary. Military observers can report any activity to the Border Patrol, who can actually make the arrests.

While waiting for a more effective border barrier to be built, a few thousand effectively-deployed troops would make decisive difference, virtually shutting down illegal border crossing.

Below is a Texas National Guardsman observing for the Border Patrol on the Rio Grande. The military can play the same role and is directly under the control of the President.

Texas National Guard at observation posts along the border in Starr County, Texas.

Texas would allow their guardsmen to be armed and directly on the border acting as direct observers, California would not. States could put other limitations on the guard, making them much less effective.

Since the national guard consists of part-time soldiers with families and jobs it is a greater hardship to deploy them for a long time period. Military support of the Border Patrol needs to be uniform and well-planned to be effective. They need to be well-coordinated with the Border Patrol and deployed directly on the border with arms, until the southern border is really under control.

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Improving Border Security Without Congress

Recently, Chris Harris gave me a list of three actions which would have a huge impact and can probably be implemented by President Trump by executive action, without Congress.

Harris is Director of Political and Legislative Affairs for Local 1613 of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) and is also a recently retired Border Patrol agent.

The three items are:

• Make Mexico a “Safe Third Country” for refugees
• Restrict the rules defining who can receive asylum
• Make e-verify a requirement for all employers

See the document below for more explanation and status.


Zero Tolerance Prosecution of Illegal Border Crossers

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In Self Defense: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion by Jose Vasconcelos

Jose Vasconcelos developed a cultural and racial supremacy doctrine for the hispanic mixed race (mestizos), documented in his book “La Raza Cosmica”. This supremacy doctrine has been appropriated by the Chicano political movement in the United States.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a notorious, anti semitic conspiracy pamphlet, which was used by the Nazis to justify their pogroms against Jews. Vasconcelos defends the pamphlet and concludes that the Jews deserved what they were getting.

This article has been translated and posted not to promote hate, but to show the darker side of Jose Vasconcelos, who was a very influential philosopher, politician and educator in Mexico.

In 1940, Vasconcelos was editor of a pro-Nazi magazine, entitled Timon. Itzhak Bar-Lewaw wrote about this magazine in his book, “La Revista Timon y Jose Vasconcelos”, which was written in Spanish, has been out of print for many years and is not readily available to the public. This translation to English is being posted in order to make some of his pro-Nazi sentiments more accessible.

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Attorney Charged for Attack on Elderly Pro-Trump Protester

Benjamin Siminou
Attacker of Elderly Patriots

Benjamin Israel Siminou was arraigned for battery and petty theft in San Diego on Thursday, October 25th at the downtown courthouse, San Diego (1100 Union Street). In an attempt to avoid publicity, neither the defendant nor his attorney appeared in open court. The arraignment was done by FAX!

Siminou is a prominent, young, personal injury attorney in San Diego. He attacked an elderly, pro-American protester at the “Keeping Families Together” march on Saturday, June 30, 2018 at Waterfront Park near downtown San Diego.

The San Diego Union Tribune initially reported that the man, who turned out to be Siminou was arrested on a charge of strong-armed robbery, a felony, but he is not being arraigned on that charge. He was instead charged by the City Attorney’s Office with misdemeanor battery (PC242) and petty theft (PC484). (They were expected to charge the attacker with a felony until they found out he was a well-known, well-connected, local attorney.) The case number is M251687.

The pro-Trump, counter-protester, Daniel Russell, is a long-time, pro-immigration-law-enforcement activist, an Army veteran and a retired San Diego firefighter. Dan is 75 years old and a patient with an incurable form of cancer.

The attack can be seen in this video at about 4:00 when Siminou pushed Russell backwards hard onto the concrete and then runs away with his sign. There were about 10-12 law enforcement officers in the immediate vicinity of the attack, mostly Sheriff’s deputies and two SDPD detectives. The attack was carried out in full view of these officers and three of them tackled Siminou immediately when he tried to run with Russell’s pro-Trump, pro-immigration-law-enforcement protest sign.

This is my video posted on Facebook and my YouTube channel and anyone has my permission to download it and re-use it in whole or any part of it.

Protesters concerned about families attack grandfather of a family

The YouTube version of the same video is here, if you prefer to share YouTube videos.

News coverageSan Diego Union Tribune

The other person arrested was Julie Lourdes Coralles for vandalizing Russell’s pro-Trump, build-the-wall / enforce-the-law sign (at 4:29). The City Attorney refused to prosecute or cite Coralles, even though she was caught on video ripping up his sign.

Siminou worked with a leading legal firm, but separated about six months earlier, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire, and now has his own office in Liberty Station, Siminou Appeals.

Siminou was scheduled to be awarded the national “Pound Award” the very next week in Colorado for his lawsuit against drug companies, regarding their liability for generic drug labeling. However, after his attack on the elderly veteran, the Pound Civil Justice Institute removed his name from the award, due to calls by by a concerned citizen. See original award description here.

Still Images from the video can also be downloaded from this link, which anyone has permission to re-use.

San Diego Union Tribune Article
For second weekend, Trump’s immigration policies at center of San Diego protests
Two people were arrested during the protest — one on a charge of strong-armed robbery, which involved a protester taking a sign from another, and a second on a vandalism charge, sheriff’s officials said. More detailed information on the arrests was not available, though Lt. Rich Williams said the person arrested for vandalism was cited and released.

San Diego Reader Article
Build the Wall sign attracts Waterfront Park scuffle
On July 9 Russell called the D.A.’s office and was told they decided not to file a felony charge against Siminou (the arraignment that day was cancelled) and would transfer the case to the City Attorney’s office to be reviewed for a misdemeanor charge.

City attorney Mara Elliott’s chief of staff Gerry Braun responded to my request for comment by accusing me of advancing the positions of a hate group.

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Trump Immigration Law Enforcement Overview for 2017

The most important statistics for understanding illegal immigration are how many are being deported, how many are already here and how many are coming into the country. This post lays out the numbers in a graphical and easy-to-understand format that can be read and understood in a couple of minutes. New data for 2018 will be posted when in becomes available in the next few weeks.


This graph shows ICE interior removals for fiscal years 2008-2017, from Bush’s final year and all of the Obama years though Trump’s first year in office. Interior removals are those removals due to arrests in the interior by ICE agents.

Interior removals dropped by 60-70% as Obama implemented the Secure Communities policy of focussing mainly on the deportation of criminals. This policy of prioritizing the removal of the more serious criminals started in 2010 and was completed in 2013. The huge drop in deportations was because it takes much more money and effort to deport criminals than it does to round up all illegal aliens that can be more easily found in the streets, workplaces and schools and deport all of them as the law requires as was done before Obama, not just the more serious criminals Congress, by design, only provides enough money to deport criminals and a couple other very narrow classes of illegal aliens.

The numbers for the graph come from these ICE pages.

FY 2015 ICE Immigration Removals

Fiscal Year 2017 ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations Report

Trump continued the Secure Communities policy via his executive order issued on January 25, 2017, just days after taking office.

Trump Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States

“Secure Communities” is another government euphemism. By design, it makes the majority of illegal aliens secure from the threat of internment and deportation as would be required by the law. It is a bipartisan project. Bush conceived and tested the concept, Obama implemented it fully and Trump continues it. It makes American workers and taxpayers less secure.

This wiki provides references for further information about Secure Communities.

Secure Communities – Wikipedia

Trump’s new executive order continuing Secure Communities policy, ensured that deportations of illegal aliens would remain near the extremely low levels of Obama’s final years in office. The number of interior deportations in Trump’s first (partial) year were near historic lows of recent decades set by Obama.

The government estimate of the number of illegal aliens in the country is 12 million. Many think it could be 20-30 million or even higher. In any case, if less than 100 thousand are being deported every year, this is almost nothing. Many more are coming in every year than that, including criminals. Almost certainly, even more serious criminals are entering the US illegally than are being deported every year. At this rate, extremely few illegal aliens who make it past the border area need fear being deported.


The Border Patrol also turns over a large number of persons to ICE for deportation. The two numbers should not be combined, as Obama did to mislead the public, because the apprehensions by the Border Patrol are generally persons who were caught in the process of crossing the border. The two numbers are counter-indicators.

The higher ICE interior removals are, the more illegals are being removed from the country. Higher border apprehensions, however, mean that more illegals are coming into the country, because it is believed that the Border Patrol only catches a fraction of those attempting to cross.

This graph shows Border Patrol Apprehension by fiscal year. The apprehensions in Trump’s first year went down slightly compared to the Obama years, due mainly to his tough rhetoric during the campaign. Since that time illegal border crossing reportedly has gone up to pre-Trump levels, if not higher.

Fewer illegals were crossing the border, just because Trump declared he was going to strictly enforce the law. In the beginning some were actually self-deporting, based solely on Trump’s campaign rhetoric. The data in the graph comes from this link.

US Border Patrol Total Apprehensions for Fiscal Years 1925-2017

The number of illegal border crossers has reportedly gone back up in the past year, though, since would be crossers and their supporters realized that the law is actually not being enforced as threatened during the campaign.

The number of border apprehensions has been in a steep, 20-25 year downtrend, mainly because the current border fence was started that many years ago. Currently, There are about 650 miles of fence on the border. It shows that continued improvements in the current, very imperfect, border barrier would most likely continue to cause those numbers to decline in a significant way.

See this historical video,

produced by the command of the San Diego Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol.


To be effective, enforcement of the immigration law should be comprehensive in the interior and at the border at the same time.

The major issue and centerpiece of Trump’s campaign was enforcement of the immigration law. In the first year that Trump was in office there was no significant change from the Obama years in the enforcement of the law against illegal immigration.

The “Secure Communities” policy that caused a dramatic drop in the number of deportations during the Obama years was continued by Trump with similar results of an extremely low deportation level during Trump’s first year, while illegal border crossing remained relatively high.

Coming into the country legally and overstaying the permitted time of stay is also a way of coming into the country. There has been no obvious progress in preventing this avenue of illegal residency, either.

“Zero Tolerance” was a great idea and is proven to work, but it was not properly prepared beforehand, not coordinated and implemented well and has been rolled back due to the public outcry. Hopefully, the Trump administration can make changes in the plan and re-implement it. It would go a long way towards making up for there not being a proper physical barrier at the border.

The numbers for 2018 are expected in the next few weeks. Trump’s policies have not changed, so no huge improvement in immigration enforcement is expected in the second year.

This post is not intended to discourage, insult or blame Trump supporters, at all, but just to present the simple truth, so that they can continue to MAGA and create pressure for positive change in policies for immigration law enforcement. The change has to ultimately be reflected in the numbers, not just in the rhetoric.

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That Forgotten Mexican Nazi Named Jose Vasconcelos

Below is an english translation of the article entitled, “Ese olvidado nazi mexicano de nombre Jose Vasconcelos” by Hector Orestes Aguilar. Jose Vasconcelos was a very prominent Mexican writer, philosopher and politician Mexico. He produced the “La Raza” racialist concept for the mixed-race Hispanic peoples, on which the La Raza and Chicano political movements in the United States are based, formalized in his book, La Raza Cosmica (1925). In La Raza Cosmica Vasconcelos developed a racial/ethnic supremacy concept, similar to Nazi racial theory but designed for the mestizo (mixed) race. Many Mexicans knew about his Nazi collaboration at the beginning of WWII, but the embarrassing information was being suppressed by Mexican literary and media elites to outsiders. However, an American Jewish scholar of Latin America, Itzhak Bar-Lewaw, discovered that Vasconcelos was a Nazi agent and top propagandist, publisher of the pro-Nazi magazine, Timon (the Rudder). Bar-Lewaw publicized the information, starting in the early 1970’s. However, he did it in Spanish, which relatively few Americans would find and read. This translation makes the information more accessible to the American public.

See these related posts for more information about the Nazi-like, ideological roots of La Raza and the Chicano Movement.


Nazi Collaboration of Jose Vasconcelos, Father of “La Raza”

Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Ultra Nationalism

See many more posts about militant La Raza and Chicano-ism

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Chicano Park Cop-Beater Found Dead in Jail – Background

Frederick Jefferson was found dead in jail during the night of August 31, 2018 in San Diego. He had just been sentenced to seven years in prison the previous day (August 31), for the beating and serious injury of a policemen at an event called “Patriot Picnic II”, last February 3rd.

This was the second of two such Patriot Picnics. The first one was on September 3, 2017. The goal of the patriot picnic events was to test our constitutional rights just to be in the park, display the flag and view/discuss the anti-American murals among ourselves in private. Our rights were denied both times by mobs under the threat of imminent violence.

UPDATE: Preliminary finding of the coroner’s investigation was suicide by hanging. Click below for the story.

Man found dead in jail cell was sentenced for punching San Diego police officer

This is video of Jefferson beating the police officer, Matthew Ruggiero. Jefferson was not injured, but the officer received a broken jaw and bones broken in his face, requiring major reconstructive surgery.

The Park Supporters trying to keep us out of the park, claimed that Jefferson was not on their side, however he was marching with determination right down the middle of Logan Avenue, directly towards the corner where the patriots were expected to exit the free speech zone set up by police. When the officer interrupted him from his intended mission he became violent. The park supporters egged him on during the fight and took his side in internet posts and one person started a crowdfunding webpage for him.

At Patriot Picnic I, five of us were chased out of the park by a mob of 500 Chicano and Leftist extremists and threatened with physical violence, most prominently by the local antifa lead, “Jesse Cannon”, and a pro-illegal immigration activist, named “Mark Lane”. See the video below. Mark Lane has a black beard and Jesse Cannon a brown beard.

Jesse Cannon said (01:20)they were going to break my face and Mark Lane (00:40) yelled that the police would not always be able to protect me. At Patriot Picnic II about 60 patriots showed up and 700 park supporters assembled to prevent us from raising the American flag in the center of the anti-American, Chicano ultra nationalist park. At Patriot Picnic II, someone’s face was indeed broken.

Jefferson was reported to live at a homeless shelter provided by the Alpha Project and there is such a place in Barrio Logan a about three blocks north of Chicano Park on the 1500 block of Newton Avenue.

He said he was there for a pancake breakfast. There is a pancake place, Aunt Emma’s, but it is about 2-3 miles on the other side of Chicano Park, a long walk.

At Jefferson’s trial, a political associate of Mark Lane’s, who works for one of our state Senators, was put on the Jury. This was a pretty huge coincidence and I was shocked that he was not thrown off the jury, because he admitted working with Lane and both are political activists, likely biased in favor of the defendant.

This blogger passed a note about it to Judge Valentine that it was a corruption of the jury. The judge just banned me from the trial for my effort to inform him. Jefferson was convicted, anyway.

Jefferson showed up at the picnic angry and prepared to do violence. He may have been recruited by the extremist supporters of this anti-American and anti-police park exactly for that purpose.

After his arrest, Jefferson was identified via DNA as a suspect in a rape of an 18-year-old girl in Maryland. So, he faced another trial after this one.

An investigation into the cause of his death is ongoing.

This blogger regrets that anyone was hurt in these events or as a result of them, the policeman or his attacker, but the blame should be assigned to the fanatical, hysterical park supporters, who tremendously overreacted to a pro-American group that just wanted to exercise their right to visit a public park unmolested and exercise their constitutional rights. There were no white supremacists or threat to vandalize the murals. That was just slander, invented to help raise a violent mob against us.

Will post updates here as information becomes available.


Cop Puncher At Chicano Park Gets 7 Years Prison

Jury Rigged in Cop-Beating Trial in San Diego?

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Cop Puncher At Chicano Park Gets 7 Years Prison

Frederick Burnett Jefferson was one of the thugs waiting for the Patriot Picnickers to come out of the free speech zone at Chicano Park on February 3rd, 2018. Before we came out he punched and seriously injured a San Diego Police officer, Matthew Ruggiero.

Patriot Picnic II was organized by the Bordertown Patriots, an anonymous group. The main goal was just to raise the American flag for a couple hours in the center of this extremely anti-American, supposedly “public” park, where only the flags of “Aztlan” and “La Raza” are permitted to fly. Another objective was to view and discuss the radical, revolutionary political murals in the park, funded by us, taxpayers. Aztlan is the American Southwest, which militant Chicanos claim as their national homeland, over which they intend to gain sovereignty. See the Patriots Tour of Chicano Park document.

Approximately sixty patriots were met by about 700 park supporters intent on preventing us from raising our national flag in this city park, by the use of intimidation and even violence. Chicanos claim Aztlan is the first part of Aztlan to be “reconquered”.

Dozens of police were there to keep the peace and they escorted us out. On the way to our cars, we were cursed and slandered as racists, we were call racial epithets, we were assaulted and eggs were thrown. Some of the rabid Chicano Park supporters pursued us for about a mile, just because we wanted to raise the national flag in a public park and view the murals.

Ruggiero took punches received were intended for the patriots. Jefferson was stalking down the middle of the street directly to the place where the patriots were expected to exit thee Park. He just has such a hatred for the police that he could not keep himself from attacking the police when he was distracted by them. He is most probably someone who is aligned with the Black Lives Matter Movement and was invited to Chicano Park that day by political allies of BLM and park supporters, because he is a violent street thug, to join others like him who were there that day.

When the San Diego Police Department loaded Jefferson’s DNA signature into the Law Enforcement database he was also identified as a rape suspect in Baltimore, Maryland in a case where an 18-year-old girl was the victim.

‘He destroyed my face’: Man gets prison time for punching officer


Police APPREHEND Assailants As Patriot Picnic Group Exits Chicano Park

Patriots Tour of Chicano Park

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