Black Lives Matter Has To Admit **San Diego Is NOT Portland!**

About 300 people showed up for a sympathy-with-Portland event in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego. Some BLM terrorists declared that there would be “war” that night. However, after finding themselves greatly out-numbered and surrounded by hundreds of police and angry local citizens, many BLM terrorists decided to leave early in mid-afternoon, long before dark. The Organizer declared that, “San Diego is not Portland!”. What a disappointment for them!

There was no vandalism and no fires. Many of the would-be terrorists packed up and went home in mid afternoon, long before dark when the “war” was supposed to break out. Some stayed until about 9pm, but eventually the police withdrew and they all left a few minutes later, concerned about their own safety for a change. (On May 30th BLM “protesters” had burned down two banks and another major building, burned vehicles and vandalized and looted dozens of other businesses.)

It is clear that they were intending to turn La Mesa into San Diego’s “autonomous zone”, much as in Portland and Seattle. The event was billed as a stand-with-Portland event.

There were several groups of defenders there to make sure the rioting and destruction of property did not happen again. The largest contingent was coordinated via the Defend East County Facebook group. Probably there were about 150 defenders representing the various groups, scattered around town. They were not really counter-protesters. They were “defenders”, there to try to make sure that BLM did not devastate La Mesa again.

Many were armed with various types of weapons. I believe that was in most cases legal, because they were generally on private property, there to defend the property from attacks by BLM fanatics. The police cannot go on private property and disarm the owners and their guests, so that BLM criminals can more easily burn it down, at least, not yet.

For more information about Black Lives Matter in the San Diego Area, go to the blog archives here:

Black Lives Matter archive

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Black-Lives-Matter Bank Burning Was Professional Arson – La Mesa, Ca

A young activist for Black Lives Matter activist, Arturo Gonzalez, says that a professional group of arsonists was hired to burn down Chase Bank and Union Bank in downtown on the 30th of May in La Mesa, CA. Presumably, the same group also burned down the Randall Lamb building which is right next to the banks. These were three of the most important commercial buildings in La Mesa and the Randall Lamb building was considered a historic landmark. This video was made by Gonzalez on August 1, 2020.

This statement confirms what I already thinking from the viewing video of the bank burnings. The banks were engulfed in fire in minutes and were destroyed completely in a very short time. So, I assumed it was a professional job. To see the banks burning, click here. If this kid knows what happened, many people in the local Black Lives Matter movement must also have information about the arson attack and who was involved.

On the day the banks were burned, May 30, the regular, non-professional “protesters” vandalized much of downtown and ransacked many businesses in the area.


Tasha Williamson Archive

Arturo Gonzalez was live (original video source)

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Resistance Rising To Black-Lives-Matter Terror In La Mesa

These are a few scenes form the protest held in La Mesa, CA by Black Lives Matter terrorists on August 1, 2020. Just two months earlier on May 30, 2020, Black Lives Matter rioted in La Mesa, looted a number of businesses, burned vehicles and burned three major buildings, including two banks. There was a large group of probably about 150 concerned citizens on hand this time, many veterans, to support the police and make sure this so-called “protest” did not devolve again into extreme violence, mass vandalism and arson. It is difficult to say how many were there, because many were scattered around town to protect private property.

Resistance Rising To Black-Lives-Matter Terror In La Mesa (Bitchute)

I can’t honestly call these events “protests”, because after such lawlessness and destruction, an event that might otherwise be characterized as a legitimate “protest” is now an act of intimidation, aimed at City government and the Police Department. They attacked the police station in the earlier riot and most probably would have burned it down, if they had gained control of it, as Black Lives Matter had just burned down the police station in Minneapolis and took over a police station in Seattle. It seems the intent has been to do in La Mesa what they have done in Portland and Seattle.

There were about 200-300 BLM terrorists present. This is actually a movement of far-left, white, anti-American extremists, they generally have only a few token black people, at least in this part of the country. Many, probably the majority of them were clueless young women, who think it is cool to be part of a revolutionary, terrorist movement.

Black Lives Matter takes it inspiration from the Weathermen and Black Liberation Army domestic terrorist groups of the 1960’s and 1970’s. However, it is camouflaged as a protest movement, which makes it harder for authorities to investigate and shut them down. Today’s terrorists hide behind these naive young people, using them as a human shields and claiming to be “peaceful protesters”.

Hundreds of policemen on hand from law enforcement agencies throughout the County of San Diego. To counter Black Lives Matter were 100-200 local citizens, many of them veterans, who gathered mainly at the American Legion Post across the street form the police station. Some of them were scattered around town to keep watch and some stayed until very late at night to make sure the terrorists did not come back.

The main contingent of concerned citizens was organized on the “Defend East County” (DEC) Facebook group and their effort was largely successful. If there had not been the potential for a serious clash between the two groups, probably not so many policemen would have been called in. If there had been no opposition, the terrorists would have probably had their way again, at least to some extent.

They are obviously trying to intimidate the City via the threat of violence and destruction to do what they demand. Using violence and intimidation to achieve a political objective is the definition of terrorism.

It seems that Blacks Lives Matter has been attempting to do in La Mesa what they have already done in Minneapolis, Portland and Washington State, occupy and control it by terrorist threat. La Mesa is a majority white, liberal suburb. 60-65% voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. The police department is relatively small and not much experienced in dealing with large social disturbances typical of Black Lives Matter. Due to the majority of liberal voters there is pressure on the political leaders in La Mesa to not take the measures necessary to deal effectively with the lawlessness and violence of the activists of Black Lives Matters.

After BLM torched La Mesa, the more mentally-sick, liberal townspeople of La Mesa actually put up pro-BLM posters and murals all around town and right in front of the burned-out ruins that BLM created. It was a very pathetic sight to see.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of the main people involved in organizing the destruction in La Mesa had actually threatened the City Council in 2018 to burn National City, if they did not meet her demands. Her name is “Tasha Williamson” and she actually ran for Mayor of San Diego this year. In spite of her high profile and the presence of a number of reporters at that meeting in National City, none of our local news organizations reported her threat to burn down National City. This is how sick society has become, at least in California. A terrorist threat against a city does not even get reported here.


Tasha Williams archive

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Black Lives Matter Plans More Terror in La Mesa For Aug. 1

Black Lives Matter is scheduled to attempt again to terrorize in La Mesa on Saturday, August 1, 2020. After having vandalized the small city, looted many stores and burned down three major buildings and multiple vehicles, any event they have in La Mesa terrorizes the residents. At first news of it, people start boarding up their businesses again and preparing for a violent riot.

A good number of concerned citizens are expected to show up at this event and to peacefully monitor the event. They do not want lawlessness and rioting to break out again. The concerned citizen response is being coordinated mainly by Defend East County Facebook Group. Please come and participate to help keep this event peaceful. The more citizen observers there are, the calmer it will be.

Black Lives Matter has no significant reason to have another event in La Mesa. Below is the flier that has been posted on the Internet. Venessa Guillen was a soldier at Fort Hood in Texas, who was murdered by another soldier. Her murderer has committed suicide. What would be the point in tormenting he citizens of La Mesa again for this?

Breonna Taylor was killed by police in Kentucky when they were raiding an apartment, they thought was involved in drug dealing. Whether this police shooting was justified or not has nothing to do with La Mesa and there is no need to upset local La Mesa residents again.

Note the provocative slogon on the flier, “Stand up, fight back” and also the expressed support for Portland, where violent terroristic attacks have been occurring nightly for the last two months. Fight against whom or what? This would just suggest they are considering violent action, because no one is threatening them with violence. Everyone just wants it to be a peaceful event.

They also had an event last Sunday on the 25th of July. Dozens of concerned citizens showed up to monitor it. It was completely peaceful on both sides. With one exception, no one was even yelling at each other. It was not aggressive at all. I’m not sure it could be called even a counter protest, just many people watching.

Only about twenty participants for Black Lives Matter appeared. It is thought that the presence of concerned citizens reduced the attendance and helped keep the Black Lives Matter event calm, peaceful and lawful. See the video below. The turnout of local citizens is expected to be even larger this time.

This same strategy of having a large number of concerned citizens to monitor the “protests” is said to have worked in May and June in Santee and helped to keep the Black Lives Matter events largely peaceful there. They want to employ the same strategy in La Mesa in order to show support for the police and to avoid more such future terroristic attacks on the City. Please support and help this effort.


Black Lives Matter Archive

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America’s Frontline Doctors Address Covid-19 Misinformation (uncensored)

A group of doctors, who call themselves, America’s Frontline Doctors, hold a press conference to talk about the ongoing panic over Covid-19 how it is harming the nation. Some of them tout hydroxychloroquin as a preventative and cure for the Covid bug.

This video has been censored on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. No matter what you think of the presentation, the public ought to be treated like adults, allowed to to see it and decide for themselves. This post has been hardened, so it will not be censored. That is, it is not dependent on the main cadres of censorship at YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. The video is hosted on a free speech platform.


Facebook is censoring my post of this link. warning that they will retaliate and restrict anyone that shares such information. Who are they to decide what is correct, what should be censored and what should be allowed to be seen by the public?

Facebook has been shadow banning me for years. Thank God, there are still some sites, such as WordPress and Bitchute, who do not censor. The Government really needs to intervene and stop the censorship. I was banned for life on YouTube last October, just for posting material that was not politically correct.

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Black Lives Matter – Huge FAIL In La Mesa (Video)

On the 25th of July Black Lives Matter tried to have another event in La Mesa, a small city that they had massively burned, vandalized and looted on May 30 (mis-stated in video). Neither Amaurie Johnson nor Leslie Furcron were victims of police violence. Leslie Furcron put herself illegally in a dangerous situation, by joining a violent mob attacking the police station, where she was inadvertently injured. Amaurie Johnson was arrested, but not hurt at all.

Only about 20 Black Lives Matter people showed up. They were greatly outnumbered by police and concerned citizens. The citizen response was organized by the Defend East County group on Facebook. DEC members are from all over San Diego East County, which tends to be a patriotic, pro-American part of the County.

They were mainly congregated in one group with a couple of others scattered around. A least three people in this group were there only to report on the event. You see they are all white radicals except for one token black man. This is rather typical, at least in the San Diego area, but from what I have seen, others places also.

The police and concerned citizens were scattered around. Some of the citizens didn’t want their images taken. So, I didn’t try to take video of all of them. The Black Lives Matter terrorists were outnumbered probably 3-4 to 1 and they were surrounded by the police and local citizens. The DEC’ers said that they could have called for more help, if needed.

After a couple of hours with nothing happening, I went to get something to eat. When I came back after dark everyone was gone, except a few cops. It was a very peaceful event, I think, mainly because the DEC’ers showed up to oppose it. One of them vowed that BLM would not get another chance to burn East County.


Black Lives Matter Archive

Tasha Williamson, a major organizer in La Mesa, had previously threatened their town council to burn down National City two years earlier. Shamefully none of the local media reported that threat, even though Williamson ran for mayor of San Diego this year. Click on archive link below to learn more.

Tasha Williamson Archive

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VIDEOS: Leslie Furcron Shot In the Head With Bean Bag At Black Lives Matter Riot

Leslie Furcron is a 59-year-old grandmother. She was “wilding” with the Black Lives Matter mob in La Mesa when she was shot between the eyes with a beanbag. This came 3-4 hours after violence started. The protest had been declared an unlawful assembly at that time by the La Mesa police and the crowd ordered to disperse. She was livestreaming the mob action when she was shot. The riot took place on May 31, 2020 in downtown La Mesa, but the police response to the incident only became available seven weeks later. So, now the entire story is known from several angles.

The Black Lives Matter mob had been spraying the police station with graffiti and throwing rocks and bottles at the policemen and the station. They were also mobbing the station, as if they had planned to overrun the police and takeover the station. If they had been able to do that, certainly the station would have been ransacked and most likely burned down, like they burned three other major buildings that night in La Mesa and set fire to others. Furcron says in her livestream that the mob was trying to burn the police station down.

The incident was used by local anarchists to justify the ransacking, vandalizing and torching of downtown La Mesa.

This first video is Leslie Furcron live-streaming her arrival at the riot up until the time she was hit between the eyes with a bean bag and taken away in a car to a hospital.

Black-Lives-Matter Granny Films Her Own Police Shooting

This second video is a response by the policed to the incident. It was produced by the La Mesa Police Department and released on July 22, 2020.

Police Respond to Bean-Bag Shooting Of Black Lives Matter Granny

The third video was produced by a bystander of the shooting aftermath. The white bean bag can be seen stuck in her forehead. The bean bag has a clothe skirt on it which gives it more stability in its trajectory. Bean bags are not very accurate and it seems unlikely the policeman intended to shoot her in the face.

‘Wilding’ With Black Lives Matter, Shot Between Eyes With Beanbag

Tasha Williamson Archive

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Funny Business: WHO Guidelines for Covid-19 Cause Of Death

The guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) state that Covid-19 should always be listed as the cause of death as long as the is no clear alternative immediate cause of death, such as trauma from an accident. I would call this policy, “When in doubt, don’t count it out.” Center of Disease Control (CDC) guidelines follow the WHO guidelines.

If a person has Covid-19, WHO wants it counted whether it is clear that Covid-19 was the cause of death or not. It should be counted, also, if there is a reasonable suspicion that it could the cause of death. This probably leads to considerable over-counting of Covid-19 deaths.

The only way to really determine the cause of death when their are multiple illnesses is to do an autopsy. They are not doing autopsies on the hundreds of thousands of deaths being attributed to Covid-19. It would not be practical to do an autopsy for every death.

With HIV/AIDS, it was totally the opposite. An HIV infection does not kill anyone directly. According to the current medical view, HIV infection is an underlying condition, which suppresses the immune system. This leads to a condition called, “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” (AIDS). People who die with an HIV infection have an immediate cause of death that is one of many other opportunistic diseases that manifests itself due to the weakened immune system. However, the disease that actually kills the patient is not listed as the cause of death when HIV is present. The cause of death is listed as “HIV/AIDS”, the underlying condition. The underlying condition is listed as the cause of death when HIV is present, no matter what opportunist disease immediately kills the patient in contrast to the situation with Covid-19.

Covid-19 is an opportunist disease, which kills mainly people who have a weakened immune system due to another condition. With Covid-19, the cause of death is listed as “Covid-19”, because it is the immediate cause of death. Or, if it is found to be present at all via testing, it can be assumed to be the cause of death. Or, if the doctor just suspects the patient has symptoms of Covid-19, even without verifying it with a test, it can be listed as the cause of death.

Some countries have very low death rates due to Covid-19. This could be due to those countries ignoring the WHO guideline and only counting deaths that are caused by Covid-19 without any other underlying conditions. The number of deaths caused solely by Covid-19 without an underlying condition is very low. Some countries may only partially follow the WHO guidelines and therefore have deaths rates that are intermediate. In any case, it seems highly doubtful that all countries are following the same standard in their counts of Covid-19 deaths.

Embedded below, so you can read it for yourself, is the entire guidelines document from the World Health Organization for classifying Covid as the Cause of Death.

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Enrique Morones Interview, Fake-Refugee Bus Block In Murrieta

Enrique Morones is interviewed in July, 2014 by the progressive news outlet, Democracy Now, about the “bus block” in Murrieta. These buses carrying mostly — if not all — fake refugees to the Border Patrol station in Murrieta.

The so-called refugees were exploiting children as a free pass into the United States, according to the catch-and-release procedure. If they would bring a child or minor with them on the dangerous journey to the border, a perverse Supreme Court ruling required that they be released within a 20 days into the US, most just to disappear and live illegally. This ruling actually encouraged people to abuse children by bringing them along as a free pass into the US to live illegally. The buses carrying fraudulent asylum seekers were stopped by a large group of patriots and they were returned to San Diego.

Morones was born in the US, but has publicly repudiated his American identity, saying that he considers himself 100% Mexican, a Mexican born abroad, as he says. He is an extreme Mexican nationalist and a subversive, who is working against American interests. He is a trained propagandist, having worked for the San Diego Padres as a public relations representative.

He is also a habitual liar. This and other videos show how the bus caravan of fake refugees was stopped and it was not the police who did it. Morones lied about that.

Morones has aided smuggling operations by leaving water in the desert for illegal crossers. He has been known to associate with major drug smugglers, having arranged the marriage of a convicted drug smuggler on the border, duping the Border Patrol in the process.

His self-described, right-hand man in the Border Angels, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped and beaten in Southern Mexico trying to run fake refugees to the US border. Morones operated a shelter in Tijuana for those, who would attempt to cross the border by illegally or by asylum fraud.

Morones was ousted last November from the Border Angels, a non-profit that he founded more than 30 years ago to assist illegal aliens in gaining entry into the US.


How the Fake Refugee Buses Were Stopped in Murrieta

Enrique Morones Archive:

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Black Lives Matter Mob Hijacks Denver Council Meeting

Profane mob of Black Lives Matter fanatics and their communist allies takeover a Denver Council meeting for about 2.5 hours. The council members totally cave to the mob and let them run the meeting. The extremists promised to come back to meetings every week until the Council had complied with their demands.

The meeting took place on June 22,2020. The next week the meeting was cancelled and after that the Council has been having virtual meetings, so that the proceedings can be carried on in a civilized manner again without Black Lives Matter intimidation and abuse.

Some where red, Party of Socialism and Liberation shirts. The PSL is a revolutionary Marxist (communist) group.

There are more kinds of supremacy than just racial supremacy. The definition of supremacy is the following.

Supremacy: the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status.

Black Lives Matter calls everyone that does not agree with them (racial) “supremacists”, but supremacist is actually what they are. They believe that what they want should overrule everyone else and that it is okay to break the law and even use violence to get what they want. It is a narcissistic, supremacist, cult-like movement.

They blame whites collectively for the last 500 years of history, based solely on the color of our skin. But we are not supposed to hold all Black Lives Matter supporters accountable for lawbreaking, violence, arson and even murder that people do today in the name of Black Lives Matter.

Clearly they have been influenced by anarchistic and communistic domestic terrorist groups from the 1960’s and 70’s, such as the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army.

Notice that there are not many blacks among them, only a few token blacks in an attempt legitimize their anarchism and neo-communism.

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