Jacumba Border Fence Update (Skull Valley) for September, 2020

In early September, a new fence was being built in the Jacumba Wilderness. It’s called the Jacumba Wilderness, because it is an isolated, often extremely rocky area which few people visit, except for hikers and off-roaders. The Jacumba Wilderness is about 11 miles wide. There has been no border barrier at all other than the ruggedness of the natural terrain.

Location of Skull Valley

There are a couple of valleys in the Wilderness, where they are building 30-foot bollard fence. This photo below is of the Skull Valley, named apparently for those who unsuccessfully try to cross in this area. The contractor has built a paved road into the area.

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New fence going up in Skull Valley of Jacumba Wilderness

View to the West in Skull Valley in the Jacumba Wilderness
View to the east in Skull Valley in the Jacumba Wilderness.

Below is video from last year of the Jacumba area. A crew is also staging near the town of Jacumba and will be expanding the existing 15-foot high border fence in that area. They are preparing to extend the fence up slopes in that area and probably will be replacing 0.7 miles of old landing mat fence near the small town of Jacumba.

Earlier report on the Jacumba area from 2019

2 thoughts on “Jacumba Border Fence Update (Skull Valley) for September, 2020”

  1. Like you say in the video, no fence or barrier is impenetrable. The primary purpose of the barrier is to dissuade people from crossing. It also makes it very difficult for groups to cross quickly, thus giving the Border Patrol time to respond.

    The next big advantage to these barriers is that they stop vehicle drive throughs, which use to be fairly often. You can carry an awful lot of fentanyl and Meth over in a motor vehicle.

    Without interior immigration enforcement we are spinning our wheels. EVerify would go a long way in slowing down illegal immigration.

    1. Very glad to have a professional opinion, thanks. I totally agree with that. The demand for illegal workers also has to be reduced.

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