Black Lives Matter Mob Chants Terrorist Threat To San Diego Police

Black Lives Matter terrorists in San Diego call for police stations to be burned to the ground, unless their demands are met. Of course BLM has already burned a couple of police stations down in other places, such as Portland and Minneapolis.

In this area, they have also burned to the ground two major banks and another major, historic building in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego. They set fire to a City Hall annex in La Mesa. They intended to burn down the police station in La Mesa, during the riot there on May 30th. The police dispersed them with tear gas, bean bags and rubber bullets, before they are able to do it.

So, it’s not just an empty threat. Their terrorist threats have a great deal of credibility if they get a chance to carry them out.

When they torched La Mesa, the media and certain politicians claimed that it was not the BLM protesters who did the arson, but some mysterious group that no one knows and which appeared out of nowhere to “hijack” the peaceful BLM protest.

Their protests never have been really peaceful. They have generally all violated the law and trampled on the rights of other citizens. In case anyone still needs to be convinced, this video shows that the “protesters” are totally in agreement with wantonly burning down buildings, acts of terrorism.

Black Lives Matter Chants Terrorist Threat To San Diego Police

This event took place on 9/24/2020 after the grand jury in Louisville refused to indict anyone in the shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Video credit: The Activated Podcast

3 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Mob Chants Terrorist Threat To San Diego Police”

  1. Why are these bastards not being arrested it’s obvious what their intent is and it’s not good they are domestic terrorists not anything else but domestic terrorists

  2. A bunch of parrots….absolutely laughable how juvenile they sound. They should be arrested for inciting riots. If they think this kind of attitude is going to put Biden in as President they are very mistaken. Shooting babies and young children, burning down homes because they fly a Trump flag in their yard is NOT ACCEPTABLE. They should be rounded up and put in a boat to Cuba. Let them find out first hand what socialism aka communism is all about. SPOILED BRATS!

  3. In violation of the First Amendment right to “peaceably assemble.” Incitement of unlawful acts is not protected speech, ie. crying fire in a crowded theater. Citizens need to use their voices, exercise God-given rights to peaceably assemble, worship without restriction, work and operate businesses. This is not a historic pandemic statistically-wise (statistics are the same as 2009 when nothing was done – it is a historic lockdown and deprivation of constitutionally-protected First and Fourteenth Amendment choice, and the anarchists are trying to steal liberty under the cloak of pandemic. Today is the day of national repentance and return across this nation. We are asking God to restore the goodness and liberties of this nation (Rabbi Jonathan Cahn), and Rev. Franklin Graham, May God bless America from sea to shining sea, and His truth reign once again in our land.

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