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Radical City College Chicano Teacher Starts Border Brawl, Justin Akers Chacon

Justin Akers Chacon threw the first punch that caused a brawl at a pro-border-wall rally in Otay Mesa on December 9, 2017. Justin Akers Chacon is a professor of Chicano Studies at San Diego City College. He picked the smallest, … Continue reading

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Patriot Picnic I – The Short Version

Patriot Fire blogger, Roger Ogden, invited a small group of people to have a “Patriot Picnic” at Chicano Park on September 3, 2017 and then tour the anti-American murals there. It was to be a private visit, not a protest. … Continue reading

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Proud Boys Humiliate Antifa at Impeach-Trump March in San Diego

Antifa had a miserable showing at the impeach-Trump protest and march in San Diego, due to the Proud Boys. The sometimes violent would-be Antifa lead was exposed as a local rapper, Jesse Cannon, originally from Imperial Beach, who goes by … Continue reading

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Terrorist Speaks At Chicano Park Day, San Diego

David Rico, Chicano Park Fire Bomber[/caption]David Rico is one of the co-founders of the park and a domestic terrorist. He speaks every year at Chicano Park Day. A few months after the piece of land was occupied in April, 1970, … Continue reading

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