Why The Caravans Are Coming – In Their Own Words

In short, they are coming to take from American citizens, because they think we owe them something. Some also assign to themselves a delusional, self-serving, divine mission, equating themselves to the Israelites of the Old Testament, the Chosen People. Their exit from their homeland is often called an “Exodus”.

Our own role, according to their delusion, would then be Jericho, the evil empire with a wall. The URL to the Facebook page linked below has “Breaking Trump’s Wall” in it in Spanish, RompiendoElMuroDeTrump.

That these ideas are widespread among the caravan, explains their marching proudly behind the Honduran flag and other signs of triumphalism that have been obvious in these caravans. “Triumphalism” is not what one normally expects to see among real refugees, who would be humbly requesting assistance, not proudly and aggressively demanding reparations.

These caravans are an attack on our national sovereignty, organized and promoted by far-left radicals in Central America and Europe, as well as traitors in our own country.

The video below comes from the Caravana migrantes Hondureños, one of the main Facebook pages of the fake-refugee caravan movement.

Translation of the first screen of the video:
“And the waters are opened so that the Children of God may pass”

This is the translation of the video description:

Residents of Tecún Uman, Guatemala, build 4 boardwalks over the Suchiate River where migrants will be able to pass. These boardwalks will unite the two countries (Guatemala and Mexico) as the international fair approaches between the two sister towns: Ciudad de Hidalgo and Tecún Uman.

And the waters are opened so that the Children of God may pass. They are not Jews, they are Hondurans, fleeing the poverty created by US intervention in our country; They are desperate people, who travel north, because they realize that the wealth produced by the plundering, to which our country has been subjected, is in the USA.

Apparently the two border towns have a bi-national fair, for which they build temporary bridges across the river so that people on both sides of the border can cross back and forth. (They don’t really need a bridge at this time, the river is low enough now to be waded, but that’s beside the point.)

Here is the original video description in Spanish:

Pobladores de Tecún Uman, Guatemala, construyen 4 bordos en río Suchiate por donde los migrantes podrán pasar. Estos bordos uniran a los dos países (Guatemala y México) al aproximarse la feria internacional entre 2 pueblos hermanos: Ciudad de Hidalgo y Tecún Uman.

Y se abrieron las aguas para que los hijos de Dios pasaran. No son judíos, son hondureños, huyendo de la pobreza creada por la intervención de USA en nuestro país; son gente desesperada, que viaja hacia el norte porque intuye que la riqueza producto del saqueo que ha sido sometida nuestra patria esta en USA.

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4 Responses to Why The Caravans Are Coming – In Their Own Words

  1. Annabel says:

    Closing the stable doors after the horses have fled?

  2. Alex says:

    Most foreigners have relatives that came here illegally and their relatives now comfortably live in illegal sanctuary states. Their relatives send photos home and brag about what they have acquired in the U.S. including homes, expensive cars, stolen American jobs thus giving foreigners hope of getting into the U.S.
    Hopefully when President Trump wins reelection he will do more to deport all illegal aliens from the United States and to totally stop illegal birthright citizenship while finishing the WALL. Americans want their nation back!

  3. JoAnne Helen Pazara says:

    Nope. Your countries are poor because you don’t have the intelligence to make it work.

    • Admin says:

      I would say they have a problem with their system, which is very corrupt and the rule of law is weak. It’s been that way since the days of Spanish colonialism. The irony of the caravans is that they are trying to use lies and lawlessness to get into the US and achieve the “American Dream”, as they say. But what they are really doing is bringing their corrupt and lawless way of doing things with them.

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