AMLO: Mexicans Are Now Reconquering Their Lost Lands

As a candidate for the Mexican presidency, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (aka AMLO) says Mexicans are now reconquering their lands using “human rights” of illegal immigrants as the excuse for their lawlessness.

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This clip was uploaded in February, 2017 to a channel named Reconquista.Mx. This was early on during the campaign for the Mexican presidency.

Reconquista Territorial y de Derechos Humanos: AMLO


This map below — in spite of the side label “Mexico en 1794” — shows the land claimed by Spain in their colonial province called, “New Spain”. Note that the area is labeled “New Mexico” in the map, which was another Spanish province, not an area populated by a majority of Mexicans. Even today in the US state of Mexico many people still say they are of Spanish origin not Mexican.

Mexico was not a separate country in 1794 and was only one part of “New Spain” in the the southern part of New Spain. After Mexico declared independence in 1821, they claimed all of the land in the area claimed by Spain. They had no real legal right to it, other than rule by force, which was the same claim that Spain had exercised over the territory. Very few of the inhabitants in the area — that is now a part of the USA — identified as “Mexican”. The great majority were at that time Spanish and Indians.

The population of Mexico was much too far away across hundreds of miles of desert land to retain control of this area that is now part of the US. The US occupied the area by force, which was the only claim that Mexico had. So, the Mexicans should not be complaining now that they are not able to enforce their original weak claim on the territory. Americans should not allow Mexican nationalists now to takeover the territory, based on their false historical, propagandistic narrative.

Before 1670, Spain and Portugal claimed all of North and South America. Does that mean all of the western hemisphere should belong to Mexico and other Hispanic nations? That would be ludicrous. However, this is actually also a claim that is promoted by open borders extremists among illegal immigrants, that the entire hemisphere belongs to “La Raza”, the Hispanic/indigenous mixed race and they should be able to migrant wherever they want to go in the hemisphere, unhindered by any American immigration law.

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