Radical City College Prof Starts Brawl – Justin Akers Chacon (Video)

Justin Akers Punching Minor in Face

Justin Akers Chacon threw the first punch that caused a brawl at a pro-border-wall rally in Otay Mesa on December 9, 2017. Justin Akers Chacon is a professor of Chicano Studies at San Diego City College. He picked the smallest, youngest person there to attack. Akers ran up and sucker-punched a 17-year-old in the mouth, as you will see in the following news video, even though the youth’s father had warned him multiple times that he is a minor to leave him alone. This started a brawl in which several people were injured.

Justin Akers may have been using a “sap cap”. It’s a cap with a built-in pocket that is loaded with something like lead, which turns an ordinary baseball cap into a blackjack-like device.

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