American No Go Zone – Cop Harassed in Chicano Park

Chicano Park in San Diego is an American no-go-zone. As expressed in the murals the park is extremely anti-law-enforcement and anti-American. They see this La Raza park as the first part of their national homeland to be conquered. The Chicano Park Steering Committee is an advisory group and has no legal right to ownership or control of the Park. However, the City has illegally allowed them to largely control the Park via a paramilitary group, called the “Brown Berets de Aztlan” and other, allied, anti-American extremist groups.

The original video was taken in October of 2017

The police drive on the grass in any park in San Diego, when they need to do so. Only the radical Chicanos want to prohibit them from driving in Chicano Park because they say it is sacred ground as the first part of the Aztlan to be reconquered.

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