The Beer Hall Putsch – Hitler’s J6 Moment

People say that we should not compare anyone to Hitler. But Hitler had a personality type that has frequently recurred in leaders throughout history.

So, I think very charismatic, extremely egocentric leaders should always be closely examined for similarities to Hitler and other historic egomaniacs, on the Right as well as the Left, no matter what their political label may be.

It doesn’t mean the person is exactly the same as Hitler, but just a indication of the risk and where things could possibly go.

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Hitler promoted a cult of personality among his followers. So, has Trump.

Several people have said that Trump admired Hitler and he has attracted many neo-Nazi and fascist followers. For example, see this video of Neo-Nazis celebrating Trumps election to office.

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Some admire Hitler, because of the power the achieved over the masses, without sharing Hitler’s genocidal hatred of Jews. That could be the case with Trump. Several sources have indicated that Trump admired Hitler, such as his first wife in their divorce proceedings.

Trump is cut from the same clothe psychologically as Hitler (or Mussolini). It is not about Trump being a second Hitler, but that no one should be president, who admires Hitler and envies that power that he achieved or has a personality that even remotely resembles Hitler’s pathologically narcissistic personality.