Second Terrorist BLM ‘Protest’ Scheduled For La Mesa

Black Lives Matter terrorists are organizing a second so-called “protest” for La Mesa, after firebombing the town last May 30th. BLM is a radical, mostly-white, revolutionary group. Curiously, not that many black people seem to be actually involved in it. Apparently, the plan is to meet at the Rite Aid address at 12 noon a couple miles away and then converge on the La Mesa Police station at 1:00 PM.

The presumed organizer, Tasha Williamson posted these images on on her Facebook Page. Williamson has posted an invitation on her Facebook page to motorcycle gangs, which kind of gives you an idea what her intentions are, to terrorize the residents and police of La Mesa once again. Tasha Williamson is a racist maniac.

Given what happened last time, the La Mesa police should declare this an illegal assembly from the moment that people start arriving. Hire some buses, load them up and bus them all to jail. Terrorist groups of arsonists and plunderers should not be allowed to assemble in La Mesa again under these current circumstances, while the residents are still in terror from the last fire-bombing.

They have already proven what they are about, lawlessness, intimidation and destruction if they do not get what they demand. Appeasing them will just lead to more outrageous demands. Tasha Williamson repeatedly flashes the signal in her public statements that violence, arson and mass robbery are justified in order to get what they want.

The police will know now what to expect and be better prepared for the terrorist fire-bombers, if they come again. So, this one is most probably going to fail in their attempt to intimidate the police and townspeople. A vicious mob, like the one two weeks ago, is only going to go on a rampage when they know the police have been temporarily overwhelmed by the mob. That is not likely to be the case next time. Be vocal in your support of the fine law enforcement agencies that we have in San Diego County.

This is a video of Tasha Williamson, at a recent press conference, ranting against white people, because a reporter dared to suggest that her narrative about the fire-bombing of La Mesa may not be totally truthful.

Black Lives Matter Leader Erupts In Racist Rant

If rabidly racist, demagogic, collective-guilt-mongering anti-Americans, like Tasha Williamson, were to get what they want, the US would be destroyed as a nation. We would end up being another failed, socialist state, like Venezuela, but on a much larger scale.

Tasha Williamson Archive

Black Lives Matter Leader Erupts In Racist Rant

Black Lives Matter activist, Tasha Williamson, is asked an inconvenient question by a reporter and erupts in a anti-white racial rant. The question contradicted the BLM narrative. La Mesa, California, a suburb of San Diego, was firebombed when a BLM protest turned into mob violence.

One 59-year-old woman, Leslie Furcron, was hit with a beanbag in the forehead, fired by a La Mesa police officer and was seriously injured. The Black Lives Matter narrative maintained that the “protesters” had done nothing to provoke the police.

In fact, the protesters were spraying graffiti all over the police station and throwing rocks and bottles at a police (Bearkat) armored vehicle and policemen, before the policed declared the the event to be an unlawful assembly. The police starting to fire tear gas and beanbag rounds into the crowd after they did not disperse. Then, the Black-Lives-Matter mob ran amok and burned three buildings to the ground, two banks and a historic building owned by an architectural firm. They also ransacked a number of stores and businesses and set a bus on fire.

From the timeline provided by the La Mesa Police Department, the “peaceful” protesters had started throwing rocks several hours earlier. The police had declared it an unlawful assembly more than 3 hours before Leslie Furcron was hit by a bean bag. She had plenty of time to leave, but she chose to remain at a violent illegal mob action.

Leslie Furcron Joins Illegal Riot And Is Shot

La Mesa was chosen by BLM for this rampage on June 2, 2020, because a La Mesa Policeman had recently arrested a young black man, Amaurie Johnson at a trolley stop in La Mesa. Police brutality was claimed, but that was not the case. It is not clear that the arrest was justified. The policeman may have overreacted to the torrent of obscene abuse he received from Johnson. However, there was no police brutality. For this weak excuse, the center of La Mesa was burned and devastated.

This is the police timeline of events, according to a report by KUSI

On May 30, just after 2 p.m., a group of about 200 people gathered outside the police department. The group marched onto I-8 freeway an hour later.

At 4:28 pm., a large group of 200 gathered again outside the police department, where the American flag was set on fire, twenty minutes later. During this time, rocks were being thrown at officers and at the building.

Just after 5 pm., a first order is given to disperse. The first tear gas was deployed by Sheriff’s deputies at the police station at 6 p.m. By this time, the Sheriff’s Department was involved in providing mutual aid.

Over the next hour between 6 and 7 p.m., more tear gas was deployed as officers were targeted by more rocks and bottles.

At 7:16 p.m., a deputy was injured and around this time, a group moved into the city hall area, hurling rocks and setting a fire.

At 8:16 p.m., a protester, named Leslie Furcron, was injured by a bean bag round, when she was struck between the eyes.

At 9:12 p.m., police received reports of looting at the Vons supermarket and looting and vandalism occurred at other businesses on La Mesa Boulevard.

At 11:11 p.m., Chase Bank was reported to be on fire

At 11:29 p.m., Union Bank on the same street was fully engulfed in flames, and looting continued on La Mesa Boulevard.

An overnight curfew went into effect at 1:30 on Sunday morning.

This minute by minute summary is a part of a larger review detailing police actions that day.

Police Chief Walt Vasquez said he hopes this will be a tool to help both citizens and police move forward.

Tensions were building in the city before the riots, with the May 27 arrest of Amaurie Johnson at a La Mesa trolley stop. The police department later dropped the charges against the teenager.

The detailed timeline released Tuesday was done at the request of City Council-members.

Tasha Williamson Archive

The woman standing to right of Tasha Williamson in the photo below, is Genevieve Jones-Wright, the candidate supported by George Soros for District Attorney of San Diego County in the 2018 election. To the left is Amaurie Johnson, whose arrest inspired the burning of La Mesa. Tasha Williams was a candidate for mayor in the 2020 primary.

Anarchist/BLM Terrorist Attack On San Diego Overview

This is an overview of the domestic terrorist attack by antifa anarchists and the associated Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in La Mesa and San Diego. A riot is spontaneous and unplanned. These attacks are funded, planned, organized and coordinated via cell phones.

Language is important. It is sad, if Americans have become to politically-correct can not even acknowledge a planned, nationwide attack on them, any longer. In that case, we are just going to have a lot more problems in the future. The Black Lives Matter movement is a part of these attacks, even if they are not carried out directly by the BLM organizers. BLM serves as inspiration for the fire-bombers and as a recruiting front for the anarchist fire-bombers.


Two banks and a building owned by an Architectural business were burned to the ground on Saturday, May 30, 2020. A number of business were broken into and robbed by crowds of people. Vehicles were set on fire. I don’t call it rioting and looting, because it is not spontaneous.

Chase Bank

The photos below are high resolution panoramas. You can right click on the photo, open in a new screen and expand to see more detail.

Union Bank
Randall Lamb Associates Building
La Mesa Children’s Posters
La Mesa Children’s Posters

This is a very good video of the overall firebombing and plundering of La Mesa.


This is video mainly of the plundering of the CVS Pharmacy on Broadway on Sunday, May 31, 2020, one day after the attack in La Mesa. Other than the CVS the damage was mainly grafitti and broken windows all over downtown. No buildings were set on fire that I know about. One officer said a Ross clothing store was looted. I did not see evidence of that. However, there were probably a number of other stores and businesses that were robbed by mobs that I didn’t see. There was a massive number of policemen on duty that night.

This store was tagged with the symbol of Baphomet, another name for “Satan”. I have seen satanic symbols and references to satanism in the past at Occupy encampments. Some Anarchists see similarity between their extreme libertarian ideology and satanism, in their complete, uncontrolled freedom and their rejection of any restraint by social conventions.


On June 4, two Mexicans flying the Mexican flag pointed a gun from a moving vehicle at a group of patriots. See the link below to see the video and learn more detail.
Pro-Black-Lives-Matter Mexicans Point Gun At Patriots


La Mesa is a suburb of San Diego. La Mesa was chosen as a target because a black man, 23-year-old Amaurie Johnson, was arrested at a trolley station and police brutality was alleged. You can see the video on YouTube taken by the police officers body-cam. Loitering at some trolley stations is prohibited.

You cannot see it too well, but at the beginning of the video the black man appears to approach the officer in an aggressive way and the officer says he “smacked him”. This was not police brutality at all, not that that would justify firebombing and plundering the town of La Mesa. You could argue that the officer over reacted, but that does not justify anything, either.

If the black man had just remained clam and had spoken politely, most likely none of this would have happened. It’s not popular to say these days, but people have an obligation to respect the law and law enforcement officers. They have to obey lawful orders. If you think it’s not a lawful order you still have to accept arrest and go through the legal process, with maybe some rare exceptions.

If you verbally assault the officers and tell them, to “Suck my dick, niggah”, make racial remarks(2:52) and threaten “I’ll beat yo asses” (3:04), you have to expect you are going to end up in a lot more trouble and inconvenience than you would otherwise.

Body-Cam Footage Of Arrest At Trolley Station

Pro-Black-Lives-Matter Mexicans Point Gun At Patriots

Black Lives Matter supporters threatened counter protesters with a gun. A small group of American patriots were displaying the American flag and the Gadsden Flag and holding all-lives-matter signs in Santee California at the intersection of Cuyamaca and Mission Gorge. A black Dodge Ram truck drove by waving a Mexican flag and a gun was pointed at them. As they drove by, the Mexican nationalist occupants yelled “Fuck Racists” and “Fuck the Racist Flag”.

Witnesses reported the incident to nearby sheriffs deputies, according to a Fox5 News report. The videographer was some yards down the street from the protesters. For that reason the gun is not seen in this video.

However, the deputies stopped the car and found a semi-automatic pistol with two loaded clips. The occupants were a man, woman and infant. The man drove and the woman pointed the gun. The deputies arrested the man and woman and charged them with brandishing a weapon and child endangerment.

This occurred on June, 2, 2020, just a couple days after anarchists, communists and street thugs burned several buildings and plundered businesses in the nearby cities of La Mesa and San Diego. The so-called protesters used the George Floyd case as an excuse for their violence and thievery.

Far-Left political activists are often let off easy in San Diego by the legal system. If someone can identify these two, I would check to see what happens with the case. You can message me via the “contact” tab.

Black Lives Matter, Anarchist Flash Mobs Attack San Diego

This is NOT spontaneous rioting and looting, but organized attacks and robbery by flash mobs, planned, coordinated and financed by leftist, anarchist, political interests. Many are, no doubt, getting fat unemployment checks right now, due to Covid-19. They do not have to work so they have more time for mayhem. Participants were being instructed by organizers via cell phone. Terrorism is the use of violence to produce political change. Therefore, this can rightly be called “domestic terrorism”.

A security guard came out (2:00) and tried to stop them from robbing a CVS pharmacy. He yelled at them to “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!”. It is not clear, whether that’s a real gun in his hand or a stun gun. The terrorists started throwing full, glass liquor bottles at him, which could have seriously injured or killed him, if it had hit him in the right place.

There were hundreds of people scattered around downtown San Diego on this night. When the police would show up the crowd would disperse and a new location would be broadcast via cell phone. So, they were playing a cat-and-mouse game with the police. The police seem to be mainly just trying to limit the destruction of property. They did arrest dozens of the hoodlums, though.

During the day there are some people who may be considered legitimate protesters, but the anarchists are using this as a cover for their terrorist attacks. The ones that want to peacefully protest need to denounce and separate themselves from the terrorist anarchists. Otherwise, it seems they are all in it together.

The hard core look like they may be gang members, some possibly from Los Angeles. Then, there are anti-fa style anarchists. Also, there are many younger liberals and progressives, who look like they think it is fun to pretend to be a revolutionary for a day or two.

It seems that the authorities could shut down these criminal rampages by declaring a curfew and/or maybe shutting down the local cell towers, so that they could not coordinate the flash mobs. One police supervisor said that declaration of an emergency would be necessary to do that and they would not want to cut off emergency calls. However, I suspect that the telephone companies could cut off commercial calls and leave emergency lines open. But maybe the situation does not yet rise to that level.

The sensational media makes this sound like the second Civil War. There could be an analogy to the Covid-19 panic, in that the media and some political leaders generate a panic which may make the public willing to give up their rights. In San Diego these criminal attacks are bad enough, but not really a catastrophe like real riots would be.

The damage is limited and the city is not being destroyed as it may appear on the news. I saw a number of broken windows, but only one CVS pharmacy that was being actively ransacked to a great extent, as far as I saw. A police officer said that a nearby Ross store was also being looted, but I did not see evidence of that. Graffiti was sprayed all over downtown and many windows broken.

A Baphomet symbol was seen on the CVS pharmacy that was being plundered. I have seen this goat’s head symbol, also, along with an inverted cross, at the Occupy encampment in Los Angeles some years ago. There seems to be some conscious recognition that they are the spawn of Satan. LoL. Probably they want to use this symbolism, also, to promote satanic panic.

Fuck 12 and FTP, scrawled everywhere, both mean “fuck the police”.