Obama Avoiding Average Americans Like The Plague

Obama’s recent public appearances have been at fundraisers, before small radical activist groups for illegal immigration or with small crowds of star-struck high school and university students. In earlier years, he easily attracted crowds of tens of thousands of foam-at-the-mouth followers. Now he has to struggle to gain an audience of a couple thousand naïve college students.

The state-controlled media tries to put this in the best light. The New York Times trumpeted that he was cheered by thousands at Boise State University, when the crowd was barely two thousand and the free tickets were handed out almost exclusively to young college students.

Obama is believed to be a psychopathic extreme Narcissist. Many are confused by the term “Narcissist,” which is often used to describe people, who are merely conceited and arrogant, but not psychologically abnormal. Obama has a serious psychological disorder, the same disorder characteristic of dangerous cult leaders and megalomaniac, despotic rulers.

Pathological Narcissists crave idol worship like a junky craves his drug. This is why Obama is constantly travelling and arranging appearances only before groups, who will likely be delirious, unquestioning supporters. He is trying to restart the mania of support that he had in former years and also to indoctrinate and manipulate impressionable young people. A crowd of average Americans would not provide him with the hero worship that he requires to sate his hunger for adoration. He would certainly be booed by an average crowd of Americans.

Large, energetic protests for Obama’s removal and punishment outside these venues of hero-worship are a good way to disrupt such efforts to reinvigorate the maniacal cult following that he once enjoyed. It may even have the added benefit of causing him to park Air Force One for a while in order to finally stop wasting tax money with unnecessary trips to salve his ego.

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