Traitors Bush and Rubio Trying To Change Topic Away From Amnesty And Impeachment?

Obama’s dictated Amnesty is a poison pill for America. The worst effects of it may not be apparent for yet a couple of years and by then it will likely be an irreversible, fundamental transformation of American into a banana republic. The two candidates trying to start the election campaign early are the two, who are most pro-amnesty, Jeb act-of-love Bush and Marco “El Cubano” Rubio. The collaborationist Republicans, in general, are not trying to end dictated amnesty, but just kick the can down the road until the clock runs out and amnesty can no longer be overturned. Illegal aliens, given documents by Obama today, will be given the right to vote tomorrow. At that point our fate as a nation will be sealed.

It seems highly doubtful that Amnesty can or will be stopped by congressional defunding, but that topic can be used by the Quisling Republicans to distract and delay any possible effective action against it for at least a year, or so. The longer Amnesty is in effect, the harder it will be to reverse. Do not expect a future Republican president, who will likely be someone like Jeb Bush, to reverse Obama’s Amnesty dictate. They have to do it now or never.

The campaign when it starts will be a huge distraction away from Obama’s many crimes, especially his illegal Amnesty. Obama’s DACA and more recent executive dictates will end up giving legal residency, not just to a few millions, as advertised, but a few tens of millions of illegal aliens. This will allow them to serve as a base for much more illegal chain immigration in the future, totally swamping American sovereignty, which is the ultimate goal of both parties and their financial controllers, who want both cheap labor and cheap votes.

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