Impeach Obama Overpass Protests in Hollywood, Burbank and San Diego

These clips are a bit dated, but were made by our friends in Burbank, the Hollywood movie producers, and they were just posted. They haven’t been seen before and an impeach-Obama protest in Hollywood and Burbank is not something you see every day. So, here they are.

An impeach-Obama-overpass protest in Hollywood.

An impeach-Obama-overpass protest in Burbank.

A shot of our protest on Independence Day in San Diego. This event was actually organized by Stop Obama Now – San Diego, not by Overpasses for Obama’s impeachment. We are a separate, independent group and pre-date OFOI/OfA by about 6 months, doing overpass demos since January, 2013 (Inauguration Day). The group started on Tax Day, 2009, organizing anti-Obama street protests.

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