5 thoughts on “Congressional Hearing: Are there grounds to impeach Obama?”

  1. Singh, I am not obligated by the Constitution or anything else to give you a platform for your cultural Marxist propaganda. Moderating comments on a website is not exactly comparable to Nazism, sorry. Go comment on HuffPo, where you will be more appreciated.

    1. They tried to impeach Clinton for lying about where he put his penis, just to try to get some political advantage, while Clinton had given them better reasons for impeachment, if they had really wanted to do it. They weren’t serious about impeaching Clinton and it backfired on them. They are scared of Obama, because he is a ruthless psychopathic narcissist and has fanatical supporters, not because of their experience with Clinton.

  2. He should have been impeached a long time ago.what are we waiting for him to totally destroy this country? Well he just about has get him out of here. I don’t think he deserves to live in this country and be called an American. He is not what this country stands for and needs to be stopped. So let’s get off our butts and get rid of him.

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