Is FaceBook Addiction Stopping Us From Impeaching Obama?

Facebook and other such social media is a virtual world that makes people feel comfortable and deludes them into thinking that they are getting something done and having an impact with others, whom they meet in the Internet. However, it is a very poor substitute for doing something in the real world. Social media allows you to think you are having an impact, relatively anonymously, without actually becoming engaged in the real world.

In Facebook you are not talking to the entire world, but a relatively small subset of the population, almost all of whom already think very much like you do. It is preaching to the choir on a vast scale. The group that you communicate with is very much self-selecting. Except for a few trolls, those, who are not like-minded, easily drop out of the conversation and go elsewhere.

Many of us feel so good about what we are doing in the Internet that we fail to do anything at all in the real world. That means we do not reach and cannot rally those who are not so concerned as the Internet denizens, who spend most of their waking hours chatting about it with a relatively small, non-representative fraction of the population in the social media.

There are anti-Obama and impeach Obama groups on Facebook that have 100k “likes” or more. But there is very little, if any, sign of impact they are having in the real world. To have an impact on the overall population you have to get together with real people in your own neighborhood and do protests or other activities in public, where those who not in complete agreement cannot avoid you so easily.

Make a photo or video record of what you do and THEN post it on the Internet and share it with others to inspire them to take similar actions. Some are doing real-word activities and then hiding the results in closed groups, where few can see it.

Complete the circle with the real world, do not just chat about it on the Internet. It does not matter so much what you do at first, but that you get started and keep at it at a sustainable pace, not as a flash-in-the-pan, one-time effort.

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