Impeach Obama NOW – Organizer Conference Call Recording (1/25/15)

A recording of the organizer conference call of January 25, 2014. Towards the end, during the brainstorming session, it was suggested that we call for recurring impeach-Obama protests, always at the same date, time and place, which would presumably gather strength as more people learn about them.

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Recent Impeach Obama Protests

– Freedom of the Press, Santa Barbara
(Robin Hvidston)
– Boise State University – Obama visit
(Glen Graybill / Dave Pettinger / Quentin Kramer)
– University of Kansas – Obama visit

Strategy Discussion

– Protesting Obama visits nationwide
– Terrorism Hypocrisy Week / Impeach Obama
– Other ideas?

Other topics / Open Discussion

These are Quentin’s notes from the call:

· Maintain a credible web presence – 3 or 4 more professional blogs/sites for core messaging network

o People want to see why they are protesting, what is the objective and issue

o What is the agenda – speakers, etc. – just showing up a and holding a sign gets some ppl, a name draw gets more (get local celebrities involved – Montel?)

· How to create a minuteman network

o Because the schedule is not published long in advance, it’s hard to do much preparatory marketing around events

· Therefore, we need a network of people who are ready to show up on short notice

o Some events might be worth calling in sick over, but not everyone can; have a mix of days and times

o Look into emergency and event notification

o National pager network?

· Coordinate national registries

o 1-2 coordinators per state – digging up groups and liaising

o Identify like-minded civic action groups around the country and coordinate communications

o Identify and create network of conservative bloggers for flash news release/messaging coordination

· Clearly describe our objective and how we get there

o Impeachment

· Why? Make the case CLEARLY with an elevator pitch.

· On what grounds?

· CLEARLY educate

· Resource pool for activists – tools/education for protestors

Even if it were you, me and Glen insofar as a core team, we could easily set tangible goals.

– Set goals for the organization (e.g. impeachment, education about impeachment, etc.) [I also have someone who is great at video editing that works with me]

– Set schedule for weekly/monthly Overpasses

– Publish initial set of marketing literature by Feb. 15th

– Publish resources for organizers and protestors by Feb. 28th

– Gain the partnership of 10 conservative blogs by Feb 28th

– Identify one am or FM radio DJ in each state who will support the cause by Feb 28th

o Look into a protest in Boston last summer on immigration that had est. 5,000 people there – in (large?) part because a ‘no-name’ AM-radio DJ told people to go

– Identify 20 friendly internet radio personalities by Feb 28th

– A plan in place for 50 state coordinators by Feb. 30th ßa plan, not the coordinators themselves, but still ambitious.

– Have someone in place willing to take responsibility for overall ‘political group outreach’ by Feb 1

o For example, Campaign for Liberty is active in all 50 states and potentially each county in each of those states. Who is will coordinate outreach in aggregate?

– Communications plan in place by Feb. 28th

o Conservative blog – “press release” dissemination

o Flash communications network for protestor assembly on short notice

– Community action and subversion plan

o Public posters

o Street art

o Other ideas?

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