Please, Save Only My Favorite Part of the Constitution

Save Only My Favorite Part of the Constitution - 2nd Amendment

I have often wondered why people protest single issues when Obama is busy destroying the entire Constitution and the entire system, not just one part of it. But this involves a non-profit, Gun Rights Across America (GRAA) or an organization in the process of becoming one. So, in that case, they cannot protest against the Great Usurper, by law, or they would possibly have their tax benefits revoked by Obama’s lackeys at the IRS.

Pro-gun ‘Stand Your Ground’ Sunday rallies set at all 50 state capitals

To me, it is sad that they can’t go to the immediate source of the problem, the Great Dictator, because they are suckling from that bitter teat of the IRS. Preserving their precious tax benefits comes first, while the rest of the country can damn well go down the toilette drain.

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Benjamin Franklin -In the Continental Congress just before signing
the Declaration of Independence, 1776.

Right now, we are insanely offering ourselves up to be hanged separately, just to retain the tax benefits from Big Government of each selfish, narrow interest group, each of which refuses to take a stand directly against Obama, united with other special-interest groups.

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