Buy Supplies for Impeach-Obama Protest Groups

Note: There are no purchases needed at the moment. So no need for contributions at this time. Though if you insist on a contribution, a group can always be found that would welcome a banner.

Impeach Obama groups are starting up all over the country. Some of them could use some help buying banners and/or materials for signs. This page has been created to collect contributions for people, who what to help pay for banners and signs for these protest groups. The help will consist of impeach Obama banners to be shipped directly to the groups and or as gift cards for printing signs at Staples office stores and to buy materials such as cardboard for mounting the signs. This money will only be used for buy materials for signs and banners for a start-up group. You can designate a recipient, if you want.

A 4x6 ft Banner from "Build a Sign"
A 4×6 ft Banner from “Build a Sign”

Impeach Obama Coalition

The types of materials that will be purchased are the following.

– ••••Banners such as the on shown on the right cost about $55 each (shipped)
••- Box of 50 sheets of cardboard costs about $60 (shipped)
– Staples $50 gift card will pay for the printing of about fifteen 2×3 ft, B&W signs

To make a request, please send an e-mail to to let me know exactly what you want, from the list above. Banners and material will be sent to those groups that appear to be

– the most active
– the most in need
– in a good location

To make a contribution, click on the PayPal button below. Suggested contribution is $10-100 dollars. Credit Cards are accepted. Any excess funds will be applied to the next purchase. You can specific a specific group for your contribution, if you want.

Contributors will be put on the e-mail list and will be updated about future events. All contributions are listed on the web page, so you know where your money went. Send me an e-mail, if you want your name or hometown withheld.


Or, mail a personal check to:

Roger Ogden
P.O. Box 60469
San Diego, Ca 92166

Make the check payable to “Roger Ogden.” This is not a business or formal organization. We are just individuals pooling our money to buy materials for new groups.

It may be a few days, before a mailed contribution is posted. The mailbox is not checked very regularly. It would help to let me know by e-mail that a contribution has been mailed.

This is the list of contributors to date. If you don’t want your full name listed, you can identify yourself by initials or a nickname. Just send a message to “” and let me know.

       NAME                          AMOUNT         CITY 
R. Ogden                               $100         San Diego, Ca
C. Bush                                 $10         USA
A. Clare                                $50*        Orange Co., Ca
M. Brzoska                              $50         Warren, Mi
K. Cannon                               $50         McKinney, Tx
L. Kou                                  $40         Ontario, Ca
L. Quiroga                              $40         Ontario, Ca
R. Ogden                               $100
Total                                  $440
*Paid by cash or check

Material purchased and shipped.

NAME             Purchase            AMOUNT         ORG 
B. Burchfield    Banner              $54.74         Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment - St. Petersburg, Fl
J. Neighbors     Staples Card        $50.00         Overpasses Coordinator
J. Neighbors     Banner              $53.73         Overpasses Coordinator
D. Thurman       Banner              $49.37         Houston Overpasses lead
A. Brinkman      Staples Card        $50.00         Galesburg, Il
K. Cannon        Banner              $52.35         McKinney, Tx
D. McGuire       Banner              $53.73         Chicago, Il
Total                               $363.92

Balance                              $76.08

If you send a contribution via PayPal or send your e-mail address with your contribution by snail mail, you will be added to our e-mail distribution list.


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