How Impeach Obama Movements are Stifled by the Government

The simple answer is this. As soon as political organizations are well established, the leaders normally want to make it a non-profit organization and turn their leadership roles into paying jobs. The leaders of these organizations fear losing their tax benefits, if they should campaign directly against Obama. At least this is the case for conservative organizations under the Obama regime, whom the IRS gives special scrutiny. For this reason, you have few large political organizations calling for Obama’s impeachment and it is difficult to have a large movement without these organizations involved, not to mention without coverage from the conservative media. It is the principle of don’t bite the hand that feeds you (tax benefits).

This is not intended to disparage non-profit organizations, who are using their non-profit tax status for a special issue, without any difficulty with the law. It is just that this is a limiting factor in calling for Obama’s removal. This factor should be considered with all of the conservative Tea-Party-like organizations, whether they are pulling their punches for fear of losing their tax status. An independent movement is needed — that is not beholden to the Government for tax benefits — to demand directly that Obama finally be impeached and removed from office.

You should not expect a non-profit, or some group that is seeking non-profit status, to be effective in campaigning for Obama’s removal. This is evidently the reason that we have groups going to Washington of late, making mealy-mouthed, diffuse and indirect appeals for Obama and others to voluntarily resign, instead of demanding clearly, directly and very loudly that Congress remove him from office. If conservatives do not have the courage to even say or use the words “impeach Obama” in public, how can we expect anything be accomplished? They are just trying to raise more donations for their self-muzzled, non-profit organizations.

Non-profit status can be self-declared on tax returns, even without applying to the Internal Revenue Service. However, if you violate the law for non-profits, the IRS may at some point revoke your tax status. It is a contradiction for an organization that wants to campaign for Obama’s removal to seek non-profit status. It allows the IRS to dictate the political speech possible for the group.

A political action committee (PAC) can do anything politically, even campaign for impeachment, but a PAC has a low limit on the donation size $5-10K and the names of the contributors must be made public.

Many organizations prefer a 501(C)(4) non-profit status. Such an organization can receive unlimited anonymous donations from wealthy donors, who may want to control the organization and/or divert it to another purpose. 501(c)(4) organizations cannot, by law, be primarily about politics and that is why the leadership of such organizations does not want to take the risk of campaigning for Obama’s impeachment and removal, potentially having their non-profit status revoked by the IRS.

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