Alan Keyes – Impeachment/Removal Database (IMRD) Strategy

Alan KeyesAlan Keyes is proposing that we form a block of millions and vote only for congressmen, who promise to vote for Obama’s impeachment. He estimates at least a couple million voters are needed to begin to exert significant leverage on candidates for office. See this link for more info:

Impeachment/Removal Database (IMRD) Strategy

This is a lot better than signing a petition or writing letters, because it will have teeth. To sign up, all you have to do is the following:

Make your solemn personal pledge to recruit one, two or more people of like mind and heart from among the people you know. Then send an email to me, All you need to do is put “Yes I will” in the subject line. When you recruit others, ask them to reply in similar fashion to your email address, but with a cc to alan@loyaltoliberty, thus adding their name to the central database. – Alan Keyes

You can imagine how much weight it would have, if Dr. Keyes could tell the Republicans that he had 10 million conservative voters, pledged not to vote for them, unless they get serious and publicly commit to bringing Obama to justice.

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