How Conservative Sites Promote Radical, Anti-American Protests

People wonder why it is so difficult to get people to turn out for protests against Obama and his extremist agenda. There are several reasons, but a major one is lack of pre-event publicity, even by conservative news websites and media outlets. At the same time conservative websites and media outlets will trumpet radical, anti-American events days and weeks ahead of time.

Anti-Police Protesters Plan to Disrupt New Year’s Eve Celebrations

There are not a lot people, who will participate in radical, anti-American events and who monitor conservative websites and media outlets, but it just that seems ironic that they report on and publicize radical events a lot more readily than conservative events, before they happen. Neither conservative nor leftist outlets normally publicize such conservative efforts beforehand and probably not even after the event. If conservative sites actually provided more consistent, pre-event reporting to conservative counter-protests as they do for radical, anti-American protests, the events would have a lot more participation. Conservatives often suppress news and events by conservative activists and then pitifully bemoan the fact that we are losing the battle.

It seems sometimes that conservatives are afflicted by an unconscious death-wish for America. A partial explanation for this may be that such sites are influenced by establishment Republican-ism and the establishment does not support activism against Obama and his agenda.

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