Column: Bob Goodlatte’s silly swipe at Obama

Column: Bob Goodlatte’s silly swipe at Obama

From the blog of the Roanoke Times: A week ago Saturday, for a few hours in the afternoon, a couple of knuckleheads hoisted an “Impeach Obama” banner on an overpass above Interstate 581 near Valley View Mall. More than a few distracted motorists must have wondered, “What the heck? Who in their right mind believes the president has committed acts that merit impeachment?”

Admin Note: Who in their right mind, indeed. It’s good that the Obama worshipers are talking about it, though. They are just helping to get the word out. Let them rant.

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  1. Impeachable Offenses (partial listing- tell us more!)
    – Illegal Libyan war
    – Possible illegal wars in Mali, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere
    – Illegal firing of Inspector-General Walpole
    – Failure to Enforce immigration law
    – Failure to enforce DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)
    – Ignoring two orders to resume Gulf oil drilling permits
    _ Unreasonably sequestering offshore and federal lands energy development
    – Unreasonably inhibiting coal industry and coal-fired power plants
    – Ignoring multiple orders to stay Obamacare implementation
    – Violating 1st Amendment freedom of religion in implementing Obamacare
    – Failing to enforce election laws
    – Illegal loan to Petro Brasilia on terms unfavorable to USA
    – Multiple illegal EPA orders on CO2, enforcement of made-up regulations not backed by Congress
    – Illegally overturning Black Panther voter intimidation conviction via DOJ
    – Possibly bribery to buy Obamacare passage votes
    – Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal
    – Overturning centuries of commercial law during auto industry takeover
    – Ceding rights over control of our economy to IMF, via “Special Drawing rights”
    – Possible complicity in over $16 trillion in illegal commitments by Federal Reserve, involving U.S. obligations
    – Felony Document/Identity Fraud
    – Circumventing Congressional oversight via unprecedented scope of “Czars” and illegal recess appointments
    – Illegal arrest, torture, killing of American citizens, without warrants, charges, habeas corpus, trials and other due process
    – Illegally held a foreign office as UN Security Council acting head
    – Illegal and/or imprudent financing to Lightsquared, electric car companies and solar companies, such as Solyndra.
    – Multiple illegal “Executive Orders” and “signing statements”
    – BenghaziGate treason and cover-up
    – Interfering in Kenyan politics, in violation of the Logan ActCollecting data on fellow Americans who oppose healthcare reform with and now, through a new Obama campaign website, again collecting data on fellow Americans who disagree with the Administration
    – Placing the U.S. Census Bureau under the supervision of the White House Chief of Staff, by law the Department of Commerce.
    – His Justice Department’s smuggling of weapons, that the President signed off on funding for.
    – Manipulating jobs by hiring and rehiring Census workers.
    – Creating false districts and assigning stimulus funds to those districts.
    – Violating tax codes by releasing private tax details to the public when attacking Koch Industries.
    – Creating a taxpayer-funded position, Director of Progressive Media & Online Response, to promote Obama’s incumbent candidacy, in violation of the Hatch Act.
    – Obama’s filming of a campaign ad in the White House in violation of FEC laws.
    – Illegal harassment, delay of non-profit status to Tea Parties and other Conservative organizations
    – Illegal electronic spying on Americans
    – Illegal surveillance/wiretapping of AP Reporters
    – Illegal “Executive Orders” and agency actions violating the Second Amendment.
    – Failing make IRS enforce action on illegal use of Social Security numbers for fraudulent employment of illegal aliens.

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