HONK to free America from Obamacare / Protesters Attacked

A demonstration by Catholic students against Obamacare.

Attackers and bullies, as in the following video are often political operatives and union thugs, who are sent to discourage protests. Protestors must be alert and prepared first to dissuade potential attackers and defend themselves, if necessary. It pays to have pepper spray and a stun gun on hand at protests and to know how to use them. Stun guns can be purchased for as little as $10-12 on Amazon. Just letting interlopers know that you have these things can prevent situations like this from occurring. Commercial stun guns will not necessarily disable a person like this, but they hurt like hell and and displaying an electrical crack from a stun gun, or even reaching for a stun gun/pepper spray, can dissuade people from getting in your face in the first place, much less attacking you. Pepper spray in the eyes is more likely to disable a person. History shows that, if you are not willing to defend yourself and your rights, violent people like this may well eventually do a lot worse than this to you and your family. The police will not protect you in this kind of situation. They will just take a report 30 minutes after you have been assaulted and/or battered and then likely do nothing to the thug that attacked you. Think prevention and defense. Sheep will be devoured by wolves. A passive attitude actually invites attacks like this by trained thugs.

Protesters Attacked by Thug for Opposing Obamacare

This is an earlier demonstration in August.

HONK to free America from Obamacare

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