Tijuana Fake Refugee Camp Update – March 19, 2021

Status update of the migrant (fake refugee) camp in Tijuana, which has been growing larger by about 20% per week. Support by the United Nations and other international organizations is indicated. Also, the tension between the migrants and local Tijuana residents is evaluated. This camp is very close to the vehicle border crossing going into Mexico and could be the cause of the a riot or another storming of the border as was seen in 2018. A young girl is spotted with an older man, who at least to me does not appear to be her father. You be the judge.

Coyote Plans To Traffick Woman / Children To US

A coyote and woman describe the details of their plan for her and her two children to be trafficked to the US, presumably to claim asylum. The coyote, of course, works for the smuggling cartels. She is bringing small children, because they are her free ticket into the US when claiming asylum.

Fleeing poverty is not a legal justification to be granted asylum status in the US. So, what usually happens is that they claim asylum just to gain entry and then abandon the asylum process to live illegally in the country.

She talks about being short of money, even to start the journey. What often happens is that the cartel gives them credit. They may have to do something illegal to pay back the loan. The cartel will know where her mother and other children are to make sure that she pays the cartel back. If she doesn’t pay them back her family will be in danger. It is abuse of the children to exploit them in this way. Since she has to pay $5.5k just to start. I suspect the total cost is $11k and half of that will be a loan from the cartel.

The coyote will likely arrange for her to buy a humanitarian visa from a corrupt Mexican official, which makes it much easier to transit Mexico to the US border. The visa also allows her to obtain benefits from the UNHCR (aka the UN refugee agency) as well as other NGO’s, to provide for their basic needs. The UN refugee agency gives them cell phones and debit cards that they can use to withdraw cash from ATM’s to buy items that they cannot obtain from the nonprofits.

Bitchute video – Coyote Plans To Traffick Woman / Children To US

United Nations Role In Refugee Crisis On SW Border

Though there are many groups and organizations involved, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is a key leader — if not the most important leader — in organizing, coordinating and funding the effort to bring economic refugees from Central America and other parts of the world and to help them to cross the border, which will result in the the great majority of them living illegally in America. Without assistance from the UNHCR, these masses of questionable refugees would most likely not be assaulting our southwestern border to nearly the extent that they are now.

This post is still a draft. As more information becomes available, this page will be updated and re-edited.

We have been hearing, since since the Fall of 2018, when the first contingent of the caravan vanguard rolled into Tijuana in air-conditioned tourist buses, that these so-called refugees are able to withdraw money at ATM’s. Also, they all seem to have cell phones. We wondered where they were getting the money and support.

The UNHCR has a program to provide cash assistance to refugees for the daily basic needs when they have enough funds. They also hand out cell phones to refugees. To learn more about the UNHCR programs of cash assistance and cell phone distributions for refugees, go to these links.

There is no doubt much funding for the so-called refugees from Central America, because it is a hot political issue for progressives and others, who so desperately desire to fundamentally transform America. So, they are probably have considerable funds for supporting Central Americans and others to invade the US en masse via our southern border.

Cash assistance gives refugees the power of choice – UNHCR

Planning a mobile phone distribution? – UNHCR

Large and small contributors can designate the use of their donations for specific purposes. So, the UNHCR can be used to funnel money from political special interests to provide cash to refugees coming to the US border. The UN is providing basic financial support to illegitimate economic refugees coming from Central America, the Caribbean, South America and Africa to gain entry to the US.

Most of them are committing asylum fraud, because neither fleeing economic hardship nor crime is legal justification for obtaining asylum in the US. The UNHCR has two offices in Tapachula in Souther Mexico new the border. The fake refugees can probably register with the UN when they cross the border, if not earlier, and are are able to obtain financial and other support from the UN or their associates along the way to the US border.

The cost to purchase a humanitarian visa from a Mexican official at the Southern Border is around $1,500-$2,500, according to a documentary produced by National Geographic, entitled “Blood on the Wall”. With a humanitarian visa from a corrupt Mexican official in hand, this is probably all that they need to register with the UN in Mexico as a “refugee”, obtain a new phone and begin receiving aid.

From top to bottom the banner reads:

Are you MPP? (in the Remain-in-Mexico program)
Did you enter the US, they returned you and you have a pending court date?
Register here to know what the process is.
If not the case, please, wait for more info.
For orientation and support connect.
From Monday to Friday:
Toll free number in all of Mexico: 800-283-2753
WhatsApp: 55 2535 2950
Email: conecta@unhcr.org
UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
ACNUR (the Spanish acronym for the same organization UNHCR)
UNICEF, for every child.

A very large shelter for refugees was opened in in Tijuana in December of 2019, the “Centro Integrador para el Migrante Carmen Serdan” (The Carmen Serdan Integration Center for Migrants). It has a capacity of 3,000 migrants. This and several other such shelters along the border were intended to house those asylum seekers returned to Mexico, but it seems now they will also house those seeking to enter the US, both returned asylum seeker, new asylum seekers and traditional illegal crossers.

It is widely reported that this is a Mexican federal center. The Mexican federal government may be operating it day-by-day, but it seems the United Nations is funding it and is the organizational force behind it as a kind of silent partner. It would not be good public relations for them to have a high profile while helping hundreds of thousands of illegitimate asylum seekers gain entry into the US, the most important donar to the United Nations.

Below is a solicitation in Spanish by the UNHCR for bids to renovate and expand that shelter, posted only days after the 2020 election. I guess it became obvious to the UNHCR that mass asylum fraud was by unqualified “refugees” was about to go forward again.

Most of the solicitation is not of much interest for this post, but here is the translation of the first part of it. They posted this two weeks after the election and apparently wanted the work done before Biden took office.

DATE: 11/18/2020
“REQUEST FOR A QUOTE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A CONTRACT FOR THE PROVISION OF SERVICES FOR Renovation and additions to the Integration Center for Migrants in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
November 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM (Mexico City time)

Solicitation for Expansion of Serdan Center


The reporter in the video states that two of these centers existed at that time and two more are planned. Since that video was made, a third center has been opened in Mexicali, but has been closed in the last year, due to Covid. It will probably be reopened fairly soon. Apparently, one is still planned in Matamoros. If you want to find these centers and address does not work, the geographical coordinates are provides below that can be used in Google Maps or in you GPS navigator to find them.

Centro Integrador Para El Migrante, Carmen Serdan – Tijuana
Nave industrial. 1217 6306, Presidentes, 6306 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Latitud & Longitude (32.4904223, -116.8985084)

Centro Integrador Para El Migrante, Leona Vicario – Juarez
Latitud & Longitude (31.70048198, -106.4480297)

Centro Integrador para el Migrante, Elvia Carrillo Puerto – Mexicali
(not active right now due to Covid)
Calzada, Calle H. Colegio Militar No. 1700, Col el Porvenir, 21220 Mexicali, B.C., Mexico
Latitud & Longitude (32.628136, -115.505562)

Centro Integrador Para El Migrante (planned for Matamoros)

Refugee camp at El Chaparral, Tijuana

The International Rescue Center is another organization that helps fake refugees after they have been released into the US.

Coyotes Recruit Border Jumpers On Facebook

Univision reports that coyotes are recruiting those who want to cross the border illegally on Facebook. Just my guess is that the coyotes are not often reported on Facebook.

YOU CAN TRY THIS AT HOME: To find your own Facebook pages for Coyotes blatantly advertising to help people cross the border illegally, search Facebook for terms like “Cruze Seguro” (cross safely) and maybe cross these words in various combinations with “Coyote”, “Estados Unidos” and “Mexico”. “Brinca Muro” (Jump the wall) is another such term. Feel totally free to report these pages to Facebook. You might find this on other social-networking services, like Twitter, too.

Bitchute video – Coyotes Recruit Border Jumpers On Facebook

CBP Rushes To Help Refugee Give Birth In USA

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rushed the process and bent the rules to allow a woman who had been waiting in Mexico to return and give birth to a brand new US citizen, even without a valid passport. The problem is that everyone just takes it for granted that every expense should be charged to the US taxpayers. Of course, it’s not just happening for this one woman but for millions of fake refugees and illegal immigrants. Who would be surprised, if the woman got pregnant intentionally to aid her in getting released into the US?

Taylor Levy is an activist attorney. Some can pay her salary to encourage refugees to come to the US, but they can’t pay for the other expenses. That has to be stuck to the United States, because progressive lawyers have their anti-American agenda.

Bitchute video: CBP Rushes To Help Refugee Give Birth In The USA

Massive Wave Of Fake Refugees Cross Into Texas, Bringing Covid

A massive wave of fake refugees has hit McAllen, Texas and a large proportion of them are infected with Covid or have been exposed to Covid on the trip to the border. Those potentially carrying Covid are being placed in quarantine in hotels, but many are just abandoning their hotel and continuing on their journey to their destination in the U.S. The number that were released just this week is estimated to be 9,000 persons. If this rate were to continue, it would mean nearly half a million a year would be expected, just at this one location on the border. However, the rate of crossing may even increase. It’s not clear that this is not just the beginning of something much larger, here and all across the border. This is happening, of course, because one of first things Biden did as president was to eliminate the new border security procedures and open the borders again.

Bitchute video: Massive Wave Of Fake Refugees Cross In Texas, Bringing Covid

Fake Refugee Camp Growing In Tijuana 3/2/21

The fake refugee encampment in Tijuana is growing bigger. This is the pedestrian crossing that is called “Chaparral” on the Mexican side and PEDWEST on the US side on March 2, 2021. Last week there were about 300 people camped out here. They had a few tents, but not so many, as now.

Now, they have covered the plaza and the sidewalk. I asked, a nearby business operator if there are more refugees now or just more tents. That person confirmed that the number of refugees has grown. It’s hard to estimate how many are here, because many are inside the tents. There may be 400-500 people here at this time.

The Mexican federal government just built a huge shelter in Tijuana two years ago that will house 3,000 refugees, called the Carmen Serdan shelter. I assume they are camping out here, partly because the shelter is not open due to Covid.

The way it looks the shelters will probably re-open before too long and we can expect a mad rush to the border. They don’t have to come in caravans, they can come in smaller groups. A huge caravan would attract unwanted, embarrassing media attention for Biden and he has sent a clear signal to those who organize the caravans that he does not want that, at least at this time. However, we can already see this encampment growing and it is most probably the same in other locations.

Fake refugees are also still coming across the border and surrendering to Border Patrol agents. There are still some places where you can just walk across the border, such as Marron Valley, shown here, which is 16 miles east of this refugee camp in Tijuana. There are about seven miles of border near Marron Valley with no border barrier at all. At the bottom of this valley, the line of trees is the Tijuana River bed which is going to be dry or only a trickle most of the time. The border in this location is 100 yards or so on the other side of the river bed. You can see in this image there is no border barrier. A major Mexican highway is nearby and dirt roads lead down to the border. Fake refugees can just walk across the border, even with small children in two. Whether refugees crossing the border in places like this are being released or sent back, I cannot be 100% sure. However, I suspect pregnant women and families with children are being released, already, even if they are not part of the remain-in-Mexico program. Marron Valley may well become a real hot spot for fake refugees in the near future.

Fake Refugee Camp Growing In Tijuana – Bitchute Video

Fake Refugee Camp Growing In Tijuana – Facebook Video

Using Children As Passports – Jorge Ramos Teaches Mass Asylum Fraud (video)

Jorge Ramos of Noticias Univision (Univision News) actually provides a pretty good explanation of how parents abuse their children in order to (fraudulently) gain easy entry to the US to ultimately live as illegals. Ramos is teaching how to commit asylum fraud. He points out that all they have to do is pass a low-bar “credible fear” test. If they have a child with them they are released within 21 days into the U.S. as required by the “Flores Settlement”, Supreme Court case law from the 1997. At the time this was written, they are often being released within a 24 hours, due to the Covid pandemic and legal health requirements.

Trump proved that this massive fraud could easily be stopped by requiring them to wait in Mexico. But Biden, of course, is overturning that program. The video was made in May, 2019, but is becoming relevant again, with Biden re-opening the border.

They are not actually illegal, at first, but only later. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) provides the mostly fake refugees with a document that allows them to live up to a year legally in the US. The are required during this time to start an asylum request with an immigration court. The court gives them permission to live in the US until the asylum request is adjudicated. The CBP document does not, however, allow them to work legally. They have to obtain approval from the court to be permitted legally to work. However, you may assume that many do start working right away. If they fail to file a case, skip their hearings or lose their case, the court eventually issues a deportation order and then they will be illegally living in the U.S.

The glaring problem in the video is that Ramos doesn’t discuss is most of these people are not legally qualified to obtain asylum from a court. The great majority of them will never obtain it. It’s a massive fraud perpetrated on the asylum system, just to gain easy access to the US and eventually live here illegally.

In the documentary, they are called “good people”, but good people do not commit mass fraud and willingly put their children in danger. These fake refugees are also not criticized in the video for exploiting the children and putting them at great risk, just so they will be able to enter the US to ultimately live here illegally.

This is one family that lost their child “passport” into the United States along the way. Of course, when a sad situation like this happens, the leftist media tries to blame the U.S. and not the parents, who are the ones that put their child at risk by exploiting the child as a free ticket into the U.S.

Biden’s Fake Refugee Encampment At Tijuana Border Crossing (Video)

This is El Chaparral pedestrian crossing on the Mexican side on 2/22/2021. It’s closed now due to Covid, however, a couple hundred refugees are camping out here after Biden ordered the return of those sent back to Mexico by Trump. Twenty-five of them are being released every day into San Diego. Expect that number to go way up and the number of refugees waiting in Tijuana to go up, also. More are surely on the way and they don’t have to come in a large caravan that gains national media attention.

NOTE: Not all of the crowd shown in this video are those who were put back to Mexico to await court proceedings. Many are new arrivals from Haiti and Central America. If they think it will be possible to cross, fake refugees are constantly coming to the border, whether there is a large caravan or not. Just because there is currently no large caravan to attract media attention does not mean the border is secured and under control, far from it.

One main point to make, most these refugees are not legally qualified to obtain asylum from a court. They know that if they are released into the US, they can just disappear and live illegally, with little fear of being deported. Most of them will skip their court hearings at some point. Only a few will ultimately be granted asylum. With the help of American radical progressives they are defrauding the asylum system on a massive scale. They are criminally abusing the law and using legal loopholes to be able to gain entry, because they want to live here illegally.

This is why I call it “asylum fraud”. These overwhelmingly fake refugees often say openly that they only want to find work or to escape crime in their homeland, but escaping poverty and crime do not qualify them for asylum in the US.
They often abuse children by bringing them here on a very dangerous journey, because families with children and pregnant women must be released quickly.

There is a political motivation for Biden and progressive Democrats to support mass fraud in the asylum process. They want to bring in poor foreigners, who become dependent on the government, easy to control and who don’t have any commitment to the American system. They believe that the more that they bring, the more progressive voters they will eventually have and the easier it will be to achieve their utopian, progressive transformation.

The answer cannot be to just allow them in disappear into our country, because we feel sorry for them. There are a couple billion people in the world living in serious poverty and crime. Allowing these refugees into the US to live illegally will just encourage more to come and make things worse. They are coming, not just from this continent, but from other continents, as well. We cannot absorb all of them without destroying our own country, which actually appears to be goal of some people.

Bitchute Video: Biden’s Fake Refugee Encampment At Border Crossing in Tijuana

NEWS VIDEO: Catch-And-Release Restart On Texas Border

This is a news report on the almost immediate startup again of catch-and-release under the Biden Administration. The report states that hundreds have come across and surrendered in an hour. The Border Patrol are not allowed to hold them are return them to wait Mexico, so they simply have to release them in to the US. Many are pregnant or have children with them.

The English-language media in the US does not pay much attention unless a very large caravan is coming. However, many people can come as individuals or in small groups. I believe it is generally the case that more come in small groups than come in large caravans. Unfortunately, just because a large caravan is not on the way does not mean their is no problem at the border.

I think the migrant caravans were used as a weapon to embarrass the Trump administration. With Biden in office illegal immigration and fake asylum seekers may be less obvious, but still just as bad if not worse as before Trump was able to get it under control. Biden is undoing much of what Trump did to stop illegal immigration and fake asylum seeking.

NEWS VIDEO: Catch and Release Restart On Texas Border – Bitchute