Fake Refugees Expelled To Tijuana Via “Lateral Flights” From Texas

Fake refugees are again being flown several times a week from South Texas and quickly expelled in San Diego to Tijuana without a court hearing, due to Covid restrictions. Such flights are called “lateral flights”. This flight came from Brownsville, Texas on August 21, 2021. They are bringing so-called “family units”. Most of these adults have one small child with them, some have two. The child is intended to be used as a free pass into the US, like a human passport, because the policy is to release children and their family members within 20 days. It encourages abuse of children by their parents or people who may pretend to be their parents.

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Trump put Covid restrictions on all those crossing the border illegally, based on Title 42, the Public Health & Welfare Law. Biden has made exceptions for minors and pregnant women. But there is no exception for family units. So, they are still being sent back immediately to Mexico, without a court hearing.

Exploitation of a child in this way is a form of child trafficking, the smuggling of a child for the purpose of using it to commit an illegal act. It may or may not involve sexual abuse of the child, but either way it is trafficking. In this situation, the adult in most cases intends to defraud the asylum system and be quickly released (due to the child) in order ultimately to live illegally in the US.

4 thoughts on “Fake Refugees Expelled To Tijuana Via “Lateral Flights” From Texas”

  1. Since[worldsalaries.org/mexico reports an American $7.25 hourly laborer earns more than a Mexican professor (who also pays 14% compulsory donation and works 42 hours-not 40) we will only stem the greatest invasion in history by vetting ALL WORKERS ON E-VERIFY. We also need to end birthright citizenship with it’s chain migration and levy 100% tax on remittances abroad. 40) we

    1. Exactly, E-Verify is very important, but even that won’t work unless it is enforced aggressively. They have to do a lot of raids. They used to fund the raids from the fines put on the employers they caught.

      Big business and the Chamber of Commerce is opposing E-Verify. The public needs to be convinced that it is needed and get engaged.

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