O’Reilly Allows Obama Pre-Game Whitewash (Video)

O'Reilly Allows Obama Pre-Game Whitewash

Bill O’Reilly told the psychopathic narcissist, Obama, that “your heart is in the right place” at the end of his pre-Superbowl softball, well-staged interview.

O’Reilly is just covering for him ultimately, asking supposedly serious questions and letting Obama give evasive answers in an only 9-minute interview. Saudi/globalist-controlled Fox News is just there to make people think that there is a news agency representing real opposition to Obama. Their viewership has gone down considerably in recent years.

Turn off Fox News. It is a brainwash for conservatives. They will never go for the jugular, never do anything that really impacts Obama and helps put him out of office. If they did, it would mean corrupt entertainers, like O’Reilly would lose their tens of millions per year in pay that they receive, serving the agenda of their globalist bosses by blowing smoke of the arses of millions of faithful viewers.

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