CBP Rushes To Help Refugee Give Birth In USA

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) rushed the process and bent the rules to allow a woman who had been waiting in Mexico to return and give birth to a brand new US citizen, even without a valid passport. The problem is that everyone just takes it for granted that every expense should be charged to the US taxpayers. Of course, it’s not just happening for this one woman but for millions of fake refugees and illegal immigrants. Who would be surprised, if the woman got pregnant intentionally to aid her in getting released into the US?

Taylor Levy is an activist attorney. Some can pay her salary to encourage refugees to come to the US, but they can’t pay for the other expenses. That has to be stuck to the United States, because progressive lawyers have their anti-American agenda.

Bitchute video: CBP Rushes To Help Refugee Give Birth In The USA

One thought on “CBP Rushes To Help Refugee Give Birth In USA”

  1. It’s a shame real American Attorneys do not expose the fact that Birthright citizenship is not legal for foreign people having their foreign babies on American soil! It is not part of our Constitution! All illegal birth certificates should be null and void as they are illegal as hell!
    The only Birthright citizenship written in our Constitution was meant for slaves in the U.S. left over after the Civil War!
    Stop handing out illegal American birth certificates to foreign babies that have leaders and nations of their own!!

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