Ironic – America Haters Protest Fake “Hate” in San Diego

Communist Slogan
“No Wall, No Border
Workers of the World Unite”
Haters of America, Trump and all of Western Civilization ironically march in protest of hate in San Diego. See the local anti-fa lead unveiled. Jesse Cannon has been doxed in videos by this blogger and seen by thousands already, who realize he is trying to be the head of anti-fa in San Diego. Thus the anti-fa hijab he is wearing is not doing a lot of good. San Diego is so laid back that is difficult to assemble a significant group of people who want to engage in violent, socialist-anarchist revolution. There were only 4-5 anti-fa at this event and they were not very physically intimidating.

When they say this was not a communist event, just check out what is written on the T-shirt of the girl who is introducing the speakers at 2:52 . “No Walls, No Borders. Workers of the World Unite.” “Workers of the world unite.” is the most famous slogan from the Communist Manifesto. Stateless global communism is a Marxist concept. The destruction of American sovereignty and institutions would be required to introduce a communist society. There are members present of a number of Marxist organizations or allied organizations. No American flags to be seen. You be the judge. Certainly, there are also quite a few clueless, useful idiots in attendance. This event is a Marxist propaganda exercise, anyone opposed to them they want to brand a “hater” and “racist.” In fact, they want to brand the entire history of America as racist and hateful.

It is called “Fake Hate” in the title, because the protesters are taking the actions of a relatively small group of extremists and trying to use it to paint everyone, who disagrees with their far left political agenda, as “haters”. It is just propaganda.

Those who organized the recent event in Charlottesville set this propaganda opportunity up perfectly for the leftists. For that reason, one has to wonder, if they were not paid to do it by some parties, who are interested in advancing the leftist cause. It did a lot of damage.

The people involved do not have to be deceptive. They may actually be sympathizers of Nazism or the KKK. The people, who pay them would know that it would be very harmful to the patriot cause to have them come to the forefront. So, they pay them and promote them without it necessarily being evident where the money comes from.

Four Anti-Fa members tried to throw this blogger and another person, who happened to be with him, out of the march for no reason, except they know he posts critical videos about the leftist tyrants. The police were there, though, and told them to just move on, as you see in this video.

This event took place at the Museum of Man in Balboa Park. The march terminated at Horton Plaza, downtown.

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