Help “Topple” the Monument to Communism in San Diego

Jeff Schwilk, points out how ridiculous it is to dig up a plaque commemorating the Jeff Davis Highway when there are monuments to communists and Raza Razism in Chicano Park.

Who knew there was any memorial to the Confederacy in San Diego? Our progressive politicians managed somehow to find one and destroy it secretly, overnight, without any public disclosure or input. They had to search hard to find one.

However, It is not difficult to find here a huge monument honoring Communism and La Raza ultra nationalism in San Diego. You can see some images towards the end of the video below. If you would like to help us take down this perverse monument, see the contact info for our politicians at the bottom of his page. A short e-mail to all of them would be much appreciated. If writing from another state, tell them so. It will make them more nervous to know that the effort is spreading nationwide. If many write, it will have a big impact.

Carl DeMaio, a local radio show host, interviews a local patriot activist, Jeff Schwilk, about it. Schwilk points out the extreme hypocrisy of our local politicians. They destroy this minor historical plaque, while at the same time continuing to fund a monument to America’s enemies, called “Chicano Park.”

Chicano-ism is an odd mixture of La Raza ultra nationalism, Aztec neo-paganism, indigenous racism and Marxist doctrine. The spiritual father of the Chicano / La Raza movement was Jose Vasconcelos, who was a paid, pro-Nazi propagandist during WWII. Additional information is at the link below:

Nazi Roots of Chicano / La Raza Ultra Nationalism

Vasconcelos wrote a book, called “La Raza Cosmica” (the cosmic or universal race). This book popularized the term “La Raza” (The Race) among Mexicans. It was a reverse racialist book, similar to Nazi doctrine. However, the mestizo (mixed Mexican) race is to be the superior race in his concept.

We realize, the swastikas at Chicano Park, which you see in the video above, swirl in the reverse direction as the standard, Nazi swastika, but they refer to the reverse-racialist, anti-white concept of the Chicano / La Raza movement, which is not Nazism, but has borrowed its racialist concept from Nazism. It is pro-communist at the same time, as contradictory as that may seem. It is actually not that unusual that communist movements also have an ultra nationalist component.

Chicano Park is also a monument to the Aztecs, who performed mass human sacrifice and took part in ritualistic cannibalism.

Please e-mail the Mayor and City Council at these addresses and ask that the anti-American murals at Chicano Park be removed and the park renamed.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer (progressive RINO)

City Council Members

3 thoughts on “Help “Topple” the Monument to Communism in San Diego”

  1. An example of one of the numerous e-mails being sent to the Mayor and City Council from San Diego and the rest of the country, condemning the anti-American murals at Chicano Park.

    Dear Mr. Falconer and City Council Members,

    I had to laugh at the hypocrisy of your actions.

    Under the cowardly cloak of darkness, you remove a so called “offensive” statue in San Diego. Without discussion or a vote. What gives you the right? And if the Confederate plaque offended you so much, why not disband your Democrat party? Surely you are all educated enough to know your party is the party of slavery, segregation,Jim Crow, the KKK and voter discrimination laws. What irony ! Your party put up all the Confederate Monuments !

    By allowing Chicano Park to stand, you open the door for other racist/nationalist parks to be allowed. According to the Chicano movement, the mestizo race is superior to all races, you good with that?

    La Raza means “the Race” and they aren’t talking about my race or all the other races, are they? In fact, the swastikas at Chicano Park are the reverse of the Nazi swastika !

    Lastly, the graphics in the park glorify the Aztec Culture. A culture known for mass human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism.

    Shame on all you and your willful ignorance of the facts.

    Diane XXXX

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