Proud Boys Humiliate Antifa Jesse Cannon at Anti-Trump March

Antifa had a miserable showing at the impeach-Trump protest and march in San Diego, due to the Proud Boys. The sometimes violent Antifa lead was exposed as a local rapper, Jesse Cannon, originally from Imperial Beach, who goes by the handle of “Too Tall 420” or “420 NOiZE”. His YouTube channel is “420 NOiZE”. This post has been updated to include information on ties to communism.

Cannon was seen battering a Trump supporter and tearing up his sign at the Trump speech in May, 2016 in San Diego. 420 NOIZE plays at local bars. Too Tall generally tries to disrupt, assault and intimidate people at patriot events. Would like for many people to recognize him and know who he is, so they can avoid being assaulted and battered by him at such events in the future.

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Antifa itself is an anarcho-communist movement, as detailed by Andy Ngo in his book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy

Some of those with Jesse Cannon also displayed their anarchist and communist sympathies. Two were wearing shirts with emblazoned with “PSL”. PSL stands for the Party for Socialism and Liberation, who’s leadership is open about being a communist party.

In 2018, two Central Committee members of the PSL were interviewed by the International Communist Press when they visited the Communist Party of Turkey.

The following paragraph is taken from page seven of the embedded file below, which contains the text of the interview posted on the PSL website.

'No separate destiny for US workers apart from the workers of the world' _ international communist press

Download PDF file here.

See videos about Jesse Cannon on Bitchute

You can read Jesse’s version of what happened from the antifa view at this link:

Proud Boys & Alt-Knights Try To Invade San Diego’s Impeachment March

420 Noise aka Jesse Cannon’s YouTube Channel

420 Noise Videos:

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  1. I’m a patriot who hates antifa/BLM. I live in San Diego & want to participate in pro TRUMP, flag waves, stalking ANTIFA, ETC. How do I find out about upcoming events & how & who do I contact.

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