Amnesty by Executive Dictate Will Lead to Citizenship For Millions

I think what many people may not understand is that Obama’s amnesty by executive order is not intended to save millions from deportation. They are already perfectly safe from deportation, because Obama only deports the worst criminals. Illegals demonstrate in front of the White House and occupy the offices of congressmen with impunity.

His amnesty will give documents to illegal aliens and make them legal residents. This will lead to citizenship and voting rights for potentially tens of millions of illegals and it will encourage even more illegal immigration in the future. There are certain conditions to be able to apply for citizenship, but if Obama can make 10’s of millions legal residents by fiat, he can waive those conditions and speed up the citizenship process, also.

Congress and the Presidency will then be controlled permanently by Progressives. At that point, you can kiss a free America goodbye forever. Congress cannot stop him unless they are willing to remove him from office. Obama is already ignoring the law. Writing another law will not change anything, which he would have to sign by the way.

Your country is slipping away right before your eyes.

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